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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Présentation de ma chaîne: GloryOnMyMind

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Hello Everyone Welcome to my channel

No, it's not what I mean

I'm sick of ...

This is the one !

Hello Lights of world

Welcome to my channel : GloryOnMyMind

My name is Daniela Malonga and on this channel I will talk about Faith

So! On this channel you will found 3 requirements.

Firstly , Motivation . As a young

we must be awake !

we have to show that we're here

Secondly, the Christian lifestyle

roughly in these videos , I will show you how to deepen his christian life

as a young person. Cos' many people told me:

being a christian it's lame , it's dorky

But no, it's no that! It's awesome to being Christian !!!

So together we'll see how it's, and how to live with joice this life.

and in third I will show you vlogs it's will be

my activities alone or in the church

I will also show my trips

and actually i'm in Turkey in Erasmus

in the city of Istanbul, so I will show you how it's

so if you want to see how musch it's

christian it's fun , interesting

a big actor

a big booster of your daily life

Simply , Subcribe

Like my videos

aaand don't forget to share

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