Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Cast a Love Spell

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How to Cast a Love Spell. Jilted by a would-be lover? Try a good old-fashioned hex and change

his mind. You will need A pink candle and a vase of pink flowers, like roses or gardenias.

Step 1. After sunset, light the candle and place it next to the vase. Step 2. Say aloud:

I ask the power of love and light to bring me opportunities for romance.” Step 3. Next

recite: “I affirm that I participate in love and that I am worthy of love.” Legend

holds that this spell works best on the Friday night before a full moon. Step 4. Then chant:

I am open to love and ask that it come to me for the greater good.” Step 5. End

by whispering: “So be it and so it is.” Step 6. Blow out the candle. Wait at least

one month before repeating the spell. Step 7. Keep the flowers until they die. Once theyve

completely shriveled up, your new love should blossom! If it doesnt, try again, but this

time with a nicer vase. Did you know The songLove Potion No. 9,” by The Clovers, was

a hit song in 1959 and inspired a movie of the same title in 1992.

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