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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A LIFE IN A DAY OF A TEACHER: AT WORK

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hi guys welcome back to my livestream so

yes guys this is English theatre in


live here in my in my classroom everyone

said yeah I just would like to show you

guys how my day is as if the trivia so I

actually just finished my work yeah I

just finished my work right now I just

finished my my first class I only have

one class in the morning

Saeko yeah after this I'm gonna go home

and then my next one will be in the

afternoon everyone so yeah welcome


so right now everyone I'm actually just

you know I'm before I go home I would

like to record the score of my students

and then after recording I need to check

the the exercise of my students from the

other class yes because I've got two

classes which which actually have

exercise so I need to finish checking

so yes guys how are you everyone it's

actually 9 8 MP right now so my trick is

very early guys I start at 8:00 a.m. no

I work at 8:00 p.m. it's never early

right I think I miss something need to

record the score of one class which I

already finished


trying to put this core of my students


it's already very cold air guys you're

in France is cold do you know that it's


yes it is cold as a teacher has blanket

with her Blanca Blanca teacher yes nice


so right now guys I'm trying to record

this core of my students and then after

this I'm gonna continue checking the

exercise of my other students in another

class so yes guys

and after this I'm getting coal everyone

so yeah I don't want to move this home

today because it's very yeah hello

cooking in a more oh good morning

it's morning here in France how are you

thinking you know how are you all ready

my dear I'm at work right now

thank you so much for coming ok nomu how

are you looking at


so like I'm a teacher guys like this

it's very cool dear guys

I forgot to bring my eyeglasses everyone

so yeah that's it cough it dying million

hello welcome to my livestream how are

you I am here at work right now I just

finished my class you I am checking my

students paper the exercise which we had

and it wasn't able to finish checking

yes God fake time million she is

actually from Vietnam right hello how

are you I am just here at work I am here

in school right now I just finished my

class so before I go home I would like

to finish checking the paper here

okay Nexus yes thank you so much cooking

in a more

actually the receipts are here but I

want to come back


yeah I feel like I'm I feel like gotta

go guys or I have coffee because my

throat is a bit dry okay I think okay

here we go here we go again

we go again I think I should just like

okay they may be better

sorry guys oh yeah I forgot to bring my

water okay no more thank you so much

good morning red zone how are you rocks


here's the very conscious about her hair

guys oh wait goalies as always



guys thank you so much cooking enamel

how are you is you don't have many

videos yet right okay no more but it's

good that you not started going life

because you know it's hard to get the

watch time but it's easy to get the

friends you know


so yes guys in one class guys I have for

this class I have 26 students the class

which I just finished and the other

class there are 25 students in one class

guys yes so it's not really a lot so

it's easy you know I mean it doesn't

take a long time to check something

oh yeah it's okay okay you know you just

need to enjoy blog vlogging you know

only when you have time but it doesn't

really matter as long as you know you

start going live because going live is

actually the best way to work on our

much time because of course we are not

that famous so yeah we are not like

actresses or something most people they

can easily get those you know because

you know they have a lot of viewers they

always have fun girl videos ok don't

beat your gloomy gloomy nah so friends

yes it's very cold here guys but I'm

here in the classroom right now and

there's heater here so it's quite ok

you know what guys I'm so sad because

yesterday I went live actually yesterday

night or yesterday night that was the

continuation of my live streaming

two days ago it was about grammar but oh

my god

accidentally guys I deleted my video I

didn't get that streaming so I just sent

an email to uh you know the graters

group on white teeth and yeah until now

I'm waiting hello giant sorry I am here

at work right now I'm actually checking

my my students paper this is the

exercise I gave them so yeah I'm

checking it right now I want to finish

checking this before I go home yeah so

like that when I go home I'll just focus

on my baby and house yesterday

how are you John has Daktari Sanka bus a

friends the truth I am here in verden

Rockville I am two hours away from Paris

two hours away from Paris how about you

Rexel you are in a thing you've told me

are in China my correct China not sure

if I'm even correct I'm not even sure if

I remember it right


sorry guys so please feel free to meet

friends everyone I think you'll what do

you know what to do right

oh you are in France you're in France

raxil Wow rule when I'm not so familiar

with that place how far is it from Paris

how far is it from Paris on Rockville

summer road man hello summer run a big

showed up to you hello summer run season

yes thank you so much cooking in a moon

thank you so much so yes guys you can

visit your friends if you need to okay

and if you want to come back it's okay

I'm just here I'm just checking my

students paper really guys I think I I

have goth and somewhere about my hello

welcome to my livestream

oh my god guys this is terrible

I have cuff

our art to Paris by taxi oh it's not

really far have you visited freedom very

dumb moose yeah I visited here on rocks

oh wow I wish you could visit either in

a raid on Russell reading is actually

popular as a historical place so a lot

of places here a lot of historical

places here in verden so in fact this is

one of the tourist spots here in France


oh my god you really has no old weather

makes people sick

thank you so much guys and yes if you

like streaming please don't forget to

hit that like button over there thank

you so much my new cleavage but okay

what is your shine amen I am here in my

classroom right now shining man I just

uh I finished my class twenty minutes


yeah my first class with 8 a.m. to 9

a.m. so yeah right now it's my break

time my next one plus it's actually 1:30

p.m. but I don't want to go home unless

I finished checking the paper so I just

thought I would go live because it's

very boring to be alone here in the

classroom so yeah I'm here

one day long comunità 70 surely my


oh yeah because you work on a boat to

write practice oh oh it's good for you

but I hope you're able to you're able to

visit some tourist bus here in in France

I mean you're one hour away from Paris

so you should visit Paris Rock so it's a

beautiful place actually how are you

shiny Mandy Jabra

having coffee right now always

appreciate it

Oh coffee I wish I could help hot

chocolate hot chocolate right now but

I'm gonna do that when I could when I

get home because I want to finish

checking this paper everyone I don't

want to check papers at home because I

want to spend time with my baby and

doing stuff in this in the house what

I'm having for breakfast shiny minutes

best eyes ooh Yaka hello besides ooh

Yaka welcome to my livestream

because not me is it correct best Izu

yucca yes that's a Lopez


there's no music guys I'm sorry I wish I

could help music here but yeah music

Sunday Norway and all Sunday normally

welcome to my life's dream how are you

Sunday Norway oh I'm almost finished

checking you guys so yeah I finished

this so I only have four more papers

still check no not for its up high

I still have five papers to check and

then after that I'm going to return this

portable bicycle so my eldest Amina

Amina boy I hope I passed i zu Yaka Yaka

it sounds like Japanese name are you

from Japan or your husband is Japanese

or what hello and in Norway thanks for


teacher I just googled picture of a man

drinking coffee many answers so you can

get one for your video but shiny man if

you remember the lesson which needed a

picture of a man drinking coffee you


already finished I mean the video is

already finished yeah it was finished

few weeks ago remember that video I

showed you about the example was I was

drinking tea and in the example sentence

I Neiman son Amon used to drink coffee

yeah that's why I asked you a photo

because I wanted to put the photo there

in that example sentence but it's okay

shining I respect


CPR mmm hello welcome to that livestream

how are you Sunday money uh I know Maron

host nothing I'm just here at work as

you see in the title a life in a day of

a teacher so yes this is just uh I just

would like to share my day as a teacher

here in France

yeah after after working you know

teachers even if they finish working

they finish the class even if they have

great time they cannot really have their

break time because they use it for

checking papers and softs you know

recording the scores of the students yes

it's just like me right now it's

actually my great time I had my one hour

class today for from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. so

right now is actually 937 am here in

France and my next class is 1 1:30 p.m.

I'm supposed to go home right now but I

decided to stay a little bit's maybe for

an hour because I want to finish

checking all these papers like that when

I go home I had nothing to think about

anymore so yeah I want to finish work in

school because I want to spend time with

my my kids I mean my baby at home and

doing some housework

Thomas Tyagi host English tutoring

friends come stale gum I don't

understand what you're saying c BR f cpr

mm I'm sorry is it French I'm not very

good at French yet so maybe shiny men

can answer this one shiny man okay II

thought you wanted to do about French

people to do a video oh for French

people I'm gonna do that later shiny men

but I don't really need photos because I

will just be there talking alone how are

you doing today ah si come on Sava I am

great CPR n and I am work I mean this is

work anyway checking be first I'm very

good but you know it's very cold here

sorry guys it's very cool hello welcome

to my life strain I my first time you

might read what's it like living in

France well living in France fix this

channel is quite ok very good

I mean here in the place where I live

it's very clean very fresh air I mean no

pollution because I'm not in the city

yeah yeah this this place is two hours

away from the city so it's quite ok but

you know in Philippines we only have the

wet and dry season so most of the time

it's warm but here oh it's autumn right

now and it's about to be winter so


cold because his channel just joking

host don't worry alone cause of

friendship I'm fine even they say five

degrees here in Paris today oh yeah I

think so

it's called shine amen

thank you so much for dropping by

everyone I really appreciate the process

didn't this is Shannon's 4 degrees

Celsius here in the UK we have had lots

of rain and floods - oh really

actually a Pyxis channel we have a

friend there and talk if you can screw

up life in UK with buds

she's a Filipina she's also in the UK

right now yeah but she hasn't told me

about it oh that's too bad

what I hope you are safe there yeah here

actually today it has been raining as

well when I woke up the rain is very


yes so I actually brought my umbrella as

you can see maybe you can see there my

umbrella is over there so yeah


I'm finished checking everyone

I just finished checking so right now

I'm going to record the score of my

students but first I'm going to arrange

the score according to the highest score

because usually I recognize the students

who get the highest score so usually the

perfect but if nobody gets perfect I

only read the names of those people who

get the highest score but there are some

people who got perfect so I usually put

it first and I announce to them and I

let the students give applause to those

students who actually get very good

sport yes so I will arrange it first

fixes channel we're okay it's in the

next town to us that have had really bad

flaws one month of rain in 12 hours no


let's do bad daddy daddy J TV vlog hello

welcome to my livestream how are you how

are you wearing from daddy J TV vlog so

guys I'm just here at work right now so

yeah so someone got 1919

I just need to put some green buttons

because it's very cold my gosh

it's very cold I need to put cream

what's the connection cold and green

teachers no teacher not put cream

because my hand gets very dry everyone

switch rice China excess shadow hello

when I was young I used to have summer

vacation in England bath the temperature

very seldom went over 23 degrees Celsius

in August but the place was beautiful

yeah I heard there are a lot of

beautiful places in the UK shiny metal I

would love to visit there really in the

future because it's near France I think

yes it's not really anything but it's a


yeah in the future I will start

traveling to other places but for now

it's still impossible


byxis channel shiny men bath is the long


way away from me I'm in south bath is

down south which gets warmer then oh

okay that age atvs long where are you


so actually this class guys nobody got

perfect but the other class many got

perfect but this class the highest score

is 19

one mistake Chinaman oh okay B system

must be pretty cool that your play is as

a great country like 20 minutes away

mixed for me 20 minutes away to make

great photographs a lot to take great

unrest oh I see so how long have you

been living in the UK fixes channel how

long have you been living in the UK okay

I'm going to put the score now nice yes

it can be cold in the winter but

somewhere it can get in the 20 degrees

Celsius but not very often

oh I see all my life I'm 47 years old

okay nice to meet you pick this channel

so right now guys I've finished

arranging the papers I mean the

according to the highest score according

to the score the highest score is on top

so right now I'm going to record the



take is that

okay so now put it down here

pianist really guys I forgot my

eyeglasses I usually use glasses when I

use the computer in school fixes channel

said are they all good students or is

there a bad apple among fixes channel is

actually normal to you know to have a

different student I mean a unique

student compared to many of the students

yes there are many good students but of

course there are always you know

opposite opposite once if there is

something good there's something

positive or there someone positive

there's always someone negative so it's

normal in life so yeah shiny man nice to

hear about your big sis channel so

you're not far from the Beatles oops

these rules never heard of it uh-huh

okay so how long have you been living in

the UK Pixies channel I think you did

not a so all your life I think that's

your answer you believe in there for 47


Wow that's very nice too

I wish I could hear your British accent

the band The Beatles in from Liverpool

um okay yeah because shiny men fix his

channel he likes music

yes the students name I can't find his

name huh okay here we are

oh my god without glasses that is


can you guys actually hear my voice

because I'm not speaking so loud I mean

yeah oh my god it's mine is up I've got

a goal so I think I can't finish this

one I'm not sure if someone is going to

use the classroom unless nobody because

you know we share classroom America's I

hope nobody is going to use the



beetles you mean about one and a half

hour away you like the Beatles that my

music is mainly rock music oh well you

like music as well this is gentle can

hear you fine thank you

vixx's china shine meet it's nice you do

papers now so go we don't have time for

love love the ash line game and that's

why i really want to finish it here

before I go home because I don't want to

get stuck on papers when I'm at home

yeah cheers guys cannot see clearly guys

because anyway the computer is far from

me and the letters are small you know

um Chinaman this is chanel saying here

more rock in hardware well yes he likes

rock music shiny exists channel hard

work as you can see in my About section

lots of different music actually I have

to go now this is a nice dream I'll have

to come in again bye for now

okay have a great day big sis channel my

signal to you thanks thank you so much

for dropping by I hope you can leave a

message on any of my videos so I can

check you out later okay thank you so

much see you later I hope to see you

again position have a good day hard

ground yes hard rock

justgo fee for breakfast everyone may I

have a tad breakfast

oh my god there

sorry everyone

Nikhil Bert I'm looking for my students

pinning okay here we go

hello so no duly empty chests around how

are you

shiny Minh City sure my writing is not

better in the morning than any evening

is there any difference nine even I

thought there was no difference at all I

get teacher yes let me touch you ready

Danny I am didn't you know that this way

I always give English lessons online in

slender etcetera and I am here in the

classroom right now

Oh Sunday chat reveal Jana you always

offend my livestream but you didn't know

I was a teacher I am a teacher as you

can see my channel name the name of my

channel is English teacher in France yes

I am a teacher


I'm hungry guys teachers hungry but you

know teachers sometimes they don't want

to eat because they want to finish what

they are doing so ever

our teachers there are you guys the same

as me if you are you can comment below

I'm not so happy with the score guys not

so happy

mr. Smee I can't even read

I didn't even read the name okay later

okay did I miss you hello rubies for

eventually handle thank you for coming

how are you dear Ruby likes rural hello

welcome to my live stream I'm actually

at work

hmm guys I think I have coffee I have a

Cosmo my throat is very itchy and dry

and I don't have water here

it's very cool advice knowing you're

lying yes can I poke Inez welcome to I

like mystery Mario I am live you're at

work I'm checking papers here so I just

finished and now I am actually recording

the score of my students yes happy and

no with clap your hands


good morning Ruby how are you nice world

hi everyone my first time here yes

welcome home thanks Robin

yes what this emo is there excreting

people while I am busy yes guys after

this I'm gonna go home everyone so I'm

not so sure if the view outside is

beautiful when I go home or I mean the

connection will be clear right yeah I

think I would just be live from here not


I just finished recording the school

everyone so that's really it

I think I have been lied for 40 minutes

now for 10 minutes or so

so yes buddies and it's my pencil case

there is something pink as well

everyone I'm making you my mirror


I just need to close this team is doing

the same share the stream in found

computer thank you so much cannot of

kindness thank you so much so yes guys

um anyway I'm almost about to end my

screen okay I'll just be live for an

Albert so yeah is it now what has it

been hello everyone it has been 49

minutes so I only have 11 minutes

everyone I'm gonna go yes so you guys my

throat is really bad I'm gonna go live

again so I put crepe again ganas hand

cream because it's very dry my skin is

dry my hand is right I'm gonna go live

again at 6 p.m. my time so right now

it's 10 a.m. so 18 8 hours from now I

will be life against but today I'm gonna

go home and then I might go to the shops

now that my I'm liquid I have to go

because I need to change my whiteboard

my whiteboard at home is very small do

you want a whiteboard like this should I

have a class here I actually have my

class here right now no I need to go you

guys I need to spend time with my baby

nobody is happy to see all people are in

oh thank you so much for visiting can

act of kindness I think it's your first

time to visit me here 21 I screaming or

second time can't remember exactly

acha wake up over the time off and on

three am retired so free to be

we're blessed yes we can act of kindness

actually shiny men is the same yeah

shine amen

is not working yes so he is at home

right now so I think he can wake up

anytime he likes

yes shiny men can act of kindness my

summer a channel where I princess save

necks fine Waynesboro thank you so much

for dropping by my squirrel if you guys

I get to my channel please don't forget

to subscribe and click the bell button

below to get more updates about my

channel everyone and if your you yes

please leave a message for me so I can

check you out later and yes everyone if

you like this streaming please hit that

like button for me yes thank you so much

everyone I'm not most know where he is

yes thank you so much cannot complain is

in Nepal and yes so yes guys I still

have 9 minutes now yes you're gonna end

the stream shiny even said please can

you get me some awesome if you go to the

clear Oh actually yes I'm going to go

clear because they have the whiteboard

there thank you so much once well thank

you so much have a good day wasa I will

try shiny medication but you can go to

look Claire because we can see each

other there eight point seven minutes

we'll hang out for a cow get credit yes

thank you so much can act of kindness

but it's okay if you need to do

something it's okay because I really

don't need the watchtower now because

you know I already completed my watch

time yes oh yeah

just want to talk with people yes and

horrors to have use as well yes guys


think you can make a kindness

have a great day small amount help it go

keep on eat ice cream yes thank you so


I can occupy the small and balance

doesn't really matter because you know

what it's from your heart so the most

important thing is it's from your heart

yes in yeah it doesn't really matter

whatever it is okay thank you so much

connector kindness by the way kindness

shining man he is married to a Filipina

and as you can see he's trying to speak

Filipino a little and he has started

going in life as well but mothers can

see hello welcome to my livestream hello

from the blackberry shout out to you so

yes guys I'm actually about to go down

so I only have six minutes more and I'm

gonna end this dream

if you follow bloggers no problem my

umbrella explained teacher is fixing her

clothes really in front of you guys so

yes guys you know what first time I was

here in France the first time I used a

scarf I didn't know how to put the scarf

in the neck because you know it now I

know and I think I'm sure do you notice

I was never shy I really asked the woman

from the shop I told her how to put this

one on my neck because I didn't know how

to put it really say yeah well big scarf

it go professional yes because it's very

cool here can act of kindness it's

really very cool

I love the outfit you're always pretty

oh thank you so much thank you

thank you whole day I come again ah ok

follow bloggers have a good day at work

you implants yes I'm in class but I'm

going home right now

I just finished work nice and I just

finished checking papers to do so right

now - three oh my god negative three

you see I'm inside I still actually

heater here but because I'm thinking

about the coldness outside I feel cold

now it's amazing it's they light yes

it's the time here that kid this morning

it must be cold hopefully you don't get

sick yes thank you so much that kid

Sawa works in bakery so benign heat beam

I hate doing laughing a little and it's

not very cool so yeah guys that's really

it is my outfit we're going out so I

want to post this because it's really

freezing this oh my god because I'm

thinking about the cold weather outside

so right now I am freezing I'm shaking

guys just thinking about the coolness

see that third tall guys I am a Turk

you'll know I can only see my neck

turtle turtle turtle turtle cool nice

look no worries be night power always


I see the bunny yes sad kid I'm going to

wear clothes

no I am I'm here in the classroom right

now for all the bloggers I'm going home


respawn family mwah

I'm gonna go home everyone those C's yes

that's what that's why you turn right no

offense it's right right

let them in u-turn right side kid yes I

don't like bad chat I don't like rude

chat I don't like dirty chats so yeah I

easily get mad sad kid when people start

to get ridiculous in the chat room even

in my friends chat room many people know

that that's how I am sad kid so I don't

think we have to do that do you know in

people's chat room specially a white

decorators as you know it's not allowed

it's against the community guidelines so

we shouldn't do that yes sad kid maybe

you can remember I deleted one of your

messages in my friends live stream right

so yeah because of that I'm a teacher

and even if I'm not a teacher I don't

like I don't like what disrespectful

messages yes can act of kindness can act

of kindness guys it's very respectful

and he is also very supportive I have

seen him in many of my friends live

streaming you had turned around like you

your booty I'm sorry I can't help it ok

even if you're right huh teacher even if

you are at home it's a game ok

oh my god shiny man I broke my monopod

so I need to buy many things but I think

they're doesn't have so I'm gonna buy

okay one minute more everyone so yes

everyone this is really please respect

and because everyone thank you so much

rubies porn family so yes guys thank you

so much for dropping by and yes guys

this is once again this is English

teacher in France everyone and I hope

you guys like this live streaming if you

do please don't forget to hit that like

button for me everyone yes so I hope to

see you again

in eight hours yes eight hours from now

everyone I will be live again and that

will be in that live streaming I will be

giving English lessons because there are

some students who actually attend my

live streaming everyone thank you so

much so yeah have a wonderful day

everyone have a wonderful afternoon

morning afternoon evening yes and enjoy

your breakfast lunch dinner guys so you

have to go okay yes this is my bed I

have to prove the computer first yeah

thank you so much everyone bye bye wait

guys yes take care everyone I'll just

close the computer before I go move this

here okay and there you are

that's my classroom guys there you are

bye bye everyone bye bye everyone this

is my classroom here is my classroom