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Hi fans of Master Chefs Recipes

Im Jiang Niaoniao

Today Ill be cooking something very characteristic of Shenyang

Chicken carcass- themed dishes

One is deep-fried chicken carcass

The other is chicken carcass salad

Chicken carcass can be found everywhere in a market

Some with neck, some with ass on

Id recommend chicken carcass that has been stripped off everything unnecessary

Remove the skin

Before you fry it

Flatten it on a surface

And make a cut in the middle

But dont cut all the way through

Or it will fall apart very soon

Beat the chicken carcass

With the back of your knife

Until it reaches such a state

There are thousands of chicken carcass stalls in Shenyang

And each of them is different

The difference, I think

Roots in their marinade

Today our marinade

Is designed for home cooks

Let me introduce

This is Teriyaki sauce

Oyster sauce, light soy sauce, chili powder, cumin powder

Salt, starch, the thirteen kinds of spices, bay leaves

And beer

Add everything we just saw into a bowl

Add seafood soy sauce

Chop up some celery

Some onion

And chili pepper

Stir to mix

Add beer

For a nice aroma

Transfer chicken carcass to the bowl

Rub the marinade onto the bones

Make sure its covered in marinade

Cover the bowl with plastic wrap

Put the bowl into a freezer

Preserve for 5-6 hours, better if overnight

Then we can start frying

Remove the marinade from the chicken carcass

Place it on the working surface

Spread corn starch on it


Add a lot of oil into a wok

Heat the oil to about 200 degrees C

Gently put the chicken carcass into the oil

See, its bubbling

Turn down to medium-low heat

It smells very nice

Cook until golden brown

Cooking time depends on the thickness of your chicken

Mine is thick

It needs at least 10 minutes

Ok we are done frying now

Divide it into small pieces

Spread chili powder over it

Cumin powder

White sesame seeds

Shake it up

Fried chicken carcass is ready to be served

The second dish we are making today is chicken carcass salad

We start with boiling it

Put it into a pot of cool water

Toss in scallion section, bay leaves

Cassia bark and angelica root

And star anises

Pour in Shaoxing wine

Bring to a boil

Cover it up

The chicken carcasses have been cooked for half an hour

Smells so good

Dont throw away the chicken stock

We can cook noodles in it, its nutritious

Prepare side ingredients

We have carrots, onions and cilantro

Well you can add shallots too

If you want

Tire apart the chicken carcasses

Then add the condiments

First garlic

Chili oil

Oyster sauce



Light soy sauce

Sichuan peppercorn oil

And a bit of sugar

Then cumin powder

Add plenty of it

Add crushed peanuts

A little bit of sesame

You may feel its too dry to operate

At this time you can add some chicken stock

Our chicken carcass salad is ready

It smells very good

And look at the luster

This is our chicken carcass themed dinner

Hope you like it

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