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Difficulty: 0

Keria looking worried

Driver: There is only one engine left

Captain... Is that the problem..? -DO-

DRX Keria: I wanna ride here

DRX Pyosik: Me!

DRX Deft: Let's go jet ski!

Start of situation Deft and Pyosik off to jet ski

What happened to them..

An hour before everything happened

Without realizing their future Players are riding jet ski

(Done under instructors supervision)

Chovy learning how to ride jetski from the chairman

Our Mid Chovy rides the jet ski well

Pyosik rides faster

Peacefully Team Captain Deft riding peacefully

Deft stopped in the middle

(looking back)

(What do I do)

(It won't move)

(I am ready to go...)

Deft asked for help

Deft came back with much difficulties

And there is our General Do

General Do

Meanwhile Chovy ran to warm water pool

DRX Chovy: There's water in my ear

Pyosik also trying to get into another water pool

Manager: Want to try sand bath Pyosik?

DRX Pyosik: Huh?

DRX Pyosik: Sand bath?

Manager: Take your vest off

Pyosik getting buried under sand to escape coldness

Manager: Is it not warmer now?

DRX Pyosik:Yeah haha

Front staff burying Pyosik

With the twig on top. He is buried fully

DRX Pyosik:Ahh

DRX Pyosik: Ahh! Hahh!

(Putting all the energy on his face)

Pyosik got himself out from the sand

DRX Pyosik:WOAH It's suddenly so cold

(shaky) (shaky)

DRX Pyosik:Ah - Wow-

Running away into water to escape cold

There is no giving up Pyosik digging up again to survive

Along with Pyosik Chovy came to find warm water

DRX Pyosik: Don't come in don't come in

DRX Pyosik:I am in the middle of construction

(failed to steal)

DRX Doran: Is it warm there?

DRX Pyosik:Get out get out

Doran also joins in to the water pool

DRX Pyosik: Youguys are ruining it all

DRX Chovy: I'd have done if it's gonna be like this

Chovy takes a spot beside Pyosik

DRX Pyosik:Keep digging with your feet

DRX Doran: Like this? this?

DRX Chovy: Can't I stay like this?

(depending) DRX Pyosik: Stop!

DRX Pyosik: Do it over there

DRX Doran: Let's do it together

It is becoming a mess lolol

DRX Pyosik:What are you doing!

(Why is our jungler so stubborn)

(fighting) DRX Doran:Ah I am trying!

Pyosik giving away his spot

(you always take mine that's a bad habit)

DRX Chovy: Wow that is so easy

DRX Doran: I dug a lot

(splashing to staff)

DRX Doran: I am sorry

DRX Doran: Do I use hand?

DRX Chovy: Use hand

They digged hard until they left the spot

Pyosik became the king.jpg

After water excursions, They are trying to go back to hotel...

Driver: There is only one engine

DRX Keria: I wanna ride here

DRX Pyosik: Me

DRX Deft: Let's go jet ski!

DRX Keria: How many people can ride here?

Driver: Up to 10 but the yacht is just going slow

DRX Keria: I wanna ride here

Nobody knew till then

The things that will happen to them

Before it gets dark They are trying to leave asap

DRX Keria: Get on ! Get on! We have to go!

Due to cold Vibration mode is on naturally

DRX Keria:We are getting pushed back

DRX Keria:Mom mom

Keria' mom appearing often

DRX Keria: One should sit on this side. Not 3 here. Our staff over here is skinny

People's eyes are naturally going to

DRX Doran: It will work out that way

DRX Museong: What'd you say?

DRX cvMax: You have to sit over there..

DRX Doran: It's getting swayed to this side

(finally stood up)

DRX Museong: Much better?

DRX Doran: Now its' getting swayed that way lol

(having fun teaching coach)

Driver: We have to sail now

DRX Keria: Like a what?

Yacht started to leave But the weather is getting colder


Manger: I..I feel so cold

To make matters worse The sun has gone down

Gave Keria hand warmer

DRX Keria: Doran hyung, wanna have it?

Keria trying to give it to Doran even if he also feels cold

DRX Keria: I feel fine


40 minutes after departure

Explanation of the current situation

start - destination

1. Yacht is going slow so jet ski went ahead

2. Jet ski and yacht team went different ways

What do we do.. It's getting dark..?

3. It's getting dark so people are worried about the jet ski team

Only if our yacht was properly working..

DRX cvMax: One of the engine is not working so we are going slow

DRX cvMax:So we are slowing down but...

cvMax is tonguetied with the situation

An hour and half after departure

The problem continues and we don't know where jet ski team is

DRX cvMax: If you were on the other team, what would you be doing right now?

DRX cvMax: Try to think of their thoughts

DRX Museong: If I was riding jet ski

DRX Museong:First of all, I'd not be riding jet ski but why didn't anyone who knows the route go together?

Due to yacht weight 5 people who don't know the route have gone together

DRX Museong: Our CEO is at the front right?

DRX cvMax: I think they'd have tried to find us first but weren't able to find us

DRX cvMax:So probably was like I think we have to go on our own

DRX cvMax: And you see these walls?

DRX cvMax: I think they'd have followed it. I think it is the most plausible

Due to route differences They cannot tell the situation of jetski team

DRX Museong: You think there's gonna be someone who'd have thought that?

DRX Museong: We have to go find them that is the only way. I don't wanna think of worse

DRX cvMax:If they didn't arrive yet..

cvMax and Museong worried for the other team

2 hours after departure

Manager: We cannot see the jet ski

Did they arrive at the destination

Trying to zoom in rapidly

Are there people here?

They are there! there!

Everyone is there!

DRX cvMax: Are they here?


DRX cvMax: W..WAIT..

Manager: They are in the suv car


DRX cvMax: Our CEO, nice job!

DRX Museong: What a relief

DRX cvMax: What a relief

Two of them finally smiling happily

Thankfully Everyone arrived safely

CEO unaware of the situation and smiling happily lol


They arrived safely And cvMax is telling the story on the journey

DRX cvMax: We were just drifting, and was thinking should we call SOS?

DRX cvMax: Did you see their faces? Museong and I were like


DRX Deft: We went to roam around like 6 times because youguys didn't come

DRX cvMax: It started to fog and sun was going down..

DRX Chovy: We thought we'd arrive by now when we turn around here. And we did

In fact

This was not the real destination..

It was supposed to be here!

Jet ski team was right!

DRX cvMax: We thought you guys weren't going the right way when it was the other way around

DRX cvMax: Don't go that way!

DRX Pyosik:I said the exact same thing!

DRX cvMax: But! You were going the other way! So I thought you all went to hell gate

DRX cvMax:But it was us on the other way

DRX CEO: People didn't realize something

(what is trying to say?)

DRX CEO: Among the 5,

DRX CEO:I was one of them

DRX Pyosik: Yeah-?! Vroong-

DRX Pyosik:I can't see well where is our CEO. Hey.. Our CEO..

DRX Pyosik: Did he fall?

DRX Chovy: When we turned right, Uh why can't I see him?

DRX Pyosik:Uh why can't I see him?

DRX Pyosik:Did he fall?

DRX Chovy: Did CEO go without us? Like in the front, should I go ahead..?

DRX Chovy: Vrooong

Chovy and Pyosik making a joke with CEO comfortably

DRX Pyosik: There was some nest, I thought it was our manager

Chovy and Pyosik excited teasing CEO

End of today's diary

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