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[instrumental music]

- Hi. - Hey.

Ooh! How was teaching last night?

Oh, it was great!

Yeah, you get to say stuff like

Hey, the bell doesn't dismiss you.

I dismiss you.

- Oh. Nice. - 'Yeah.'

Oh, and guess what? I got an audition for all my children.

- Oh, yay! - 'Yeah, it's this great part.'

This boxer named Nick.

I'm so, so right for it, you know.

He's just like me, except, but he's a boxer

and he has an evil twin.

[knock on door]


Dum ta da dum

Hear ye, hear ye.

Delivery from The Mattress King.

You Miss Geller?

- Okay. - Sign here.

Oh. Do I have a middle name?

Alright. Monica Faloola..


It's that bedroom there.

Hey, Monica bought a bed from The Mattress King?

Yeah. So, please, please

please don't say anything to Chandler.

You want me to lie to Chandler?

- Is that a problem? - No.

Oh, hey, hey, Nick, the boxer.

Let's see what you got.

Alright, yeah, put them up, come on.'re pretty good at this.

Yeah, well, I had to learn. I was staying at the Y

and some of the young men weren't acting Christian enough.


Hey, now. Hey!


- And I'm bleeding. - Oh. Oh..

Okay, great.

Wow! And I'm the vegetarian.

Alright. Well, I'm sorry.

- We'll put some ice on it. - Okay.

- Put your head back. - Alright.

- I can't see. - Oh, I have you.

Oh, God.

(male #1) 'Which bedroom do you want it in, Miss Geller?'

Oh, it's, ah, it's the compulsively neat one

by the window, okay?


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