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Just a quick disclaimer - this video is very likely to appeal to male viewers and I promise

the next video to be on the same subject but concerning women.

Of course it doesn't mean that both men and women can not learn something from them and

I encourage you to watch both.

I believe it is fair to say that all of us, guys, would want this car.

If you were given a choice between a girl of your dreams, a beautiful house or this

car many of you would pick the car.

Although most people consider owning a car like this virtually impossible it's actually


This is a Lamborghini Aventador and it costs at the moment around $300,000.

There are several methods with which you could actually get this car.

The first one is simple.

$300,000 is actually what you could borrow or get finance for.

It is the same price as for an average size house in a good neighborhood and a mortgage

normally is for 30 years . So it would take you three decades pay it off but you can do


The second method is a bit quicker.

Go online and look up the highest paying job without a college degree and you'll see that

there is a lot of them that can get you to your dream car rather quickly.

It seems at the top you will find the position of the transportation, storage and distribution

manager which seems to be very easy to get to.

You start from the bottom by becoming a warehouse associate and you prove yourself to be reliable,

hard-working and trustworthy.

You commit to 10 hour shifts including weekends and holidays and you make your way up within

the company ranks and from my experience I can tell you that if you are loyal, hard-working

and good at it will take you about five years to get to a six-figure salary.

From then on it's just a matter of your financial responsibility and saving skills and maybe

in the following next few years you'll be able to save up enough money to buy this car.

If you have a degree or if you start your own business it could be a much quicker road

to sitting behind its wheel.

It's all a matter of commitment and sacrifices.

There's also the option of getting a shared ownership for a fraction of the price.

What you probably don't know is that it is possible to create something similar to property

time share where a few people share a car like this . They do the same thing with private

jets and expensive cars.

So that's another option One more thing I can think of would be probably

renting this car at a cost of about $3000 per day, which is not really a logical option

but still it allows you to own it for a day.

What I'm trying to tell you is that it's not as unreachable as you might think but that's

not the real purpose of this video.

You probably realized that this video title is a bit of a click bait because the real

title of this video is not "do you want this car", it's "why do you want this car"?

I live not far from a Ferrari and Lamborghini dealership and I always wonder what is the

type of the person who buys these cars.

What is their psychological profile, what makes everybody want to own a car like this?

I ask myself this question because this has to be the most impractical car ever created.

It's a 6.5 liters, 12 cylinder engine with 700 PS.

It's actually a race car monster that is completely not suitable for most roads and the city environment.

It guzzles about 27 l of fuel per 100 km which is a fuel consumption of about 10 miles per


That's insane.

Obviously owning the car is one thing but maintenance that's a separate issue and you

clearly need to be a millionaire to have this car and not sweat about it because the insurance

is $7000 annually.

The front tire itself costs about a thousand bucks.

Not to mention the cost of any scratches and paint jobs.

Owning a car like this is incredibly dangerous because you immediately become a target for


It's like walking around with a tattoo on your forehead saying take my money from me.

I have a lot of it .

Obviously you could make the argument that you like powerful cars but for this price

you can get 10 Chevy Camaro's.

Not as powerful but still a muscle car of good quality.

Of course if you just need a car for 300,000 bucks you can get about a hundred used cars

so that's also not an argument.

So what is it that makes you want to drive a monetary equivalent of a house, or even

two houses ? $300,000 in many countries, actually in most countries on earth will allow you

to finance one person's 80 years of life.

When you drive this car you literally sit inside somebody's whole existence on earth.

So what makes people want to be in a possession of such an extravagant and bizarre vehicle?

It's a simple yet painful truth.

Someone who wants to own this car wants to be admired for their possessions, not for

who they are.

Not for their personality traits, not for their social skills.

They want to advertise their monetary value which means they don't have much respect or

believe in who they are as a person.

They're either not aware of or do not have anything of value to offer to others.

That indicates not being in touch with themselves.

They want to be attractive to shallow type of people.

The girl who will be interested in them because of the car will also ditch them for someone

with a better car or when the car disappears.

In fact they demonstrate a lot of social ignorance and disrespect towards people thinking that

they will be perceived as valuable because of what they possess.

This is not much different from wearing expensive clothes or faking their lives on social media.

It's pretending to have a value.

Don't get me wrong, it is a stunning design, it is one of my favorite cars but we all know

that's not what the car stands for and that's not why people buy it.

I'm not trying to disrespect anyone who likes them.

But it's not three hundreds thousand dollars stunning in the same way as Claude Monet's

paintings are not $110 million beautiful.

If anything this car advertises insecurity, lack of self-awareness, materialism, shallowness,

selfishness, insensitivity, naivety, financial irresponsibility and ignorance towards own


Do you still want this car?

This car is an ad for a disturbed personality.

Imagine how many lives you can change with $300,000 or how many families' existence would

be better off with you being generous with that amount of money especially that it makes

absolutely no difference to your well-being whether you drive this or a much cheaper car.

It really doesn't matter.

A car's purpose is still to get you from A to B. No one is so rich that they have more

money than there are people in need around them.

There is always someone who will need this money more than you need a flashy car.

Are starting to look at celebrities now?

I am making this video because in England I see people in these cars all the time and

in my opinion wanting a Lamborghini stands for everything wrong with our society today.

It's the ultimate symbol of decadent cultural decline.

Next time you see a car like this on the road ask yourself if you are the person who would

want to own one and everything that comes with it.

Because the driver of a $300,000 Lamborghini Aventador actually needs a hug rather than

this car.

If you see them behind the wheel it is possible that that driver is so poor that the only

thing they have is money.

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