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Hi guys!

What's up?

We are Interesting

and Ficus

Our four-story house from duct tape got so many likes and comments

That we simply couldnt stop continuing our construction further.

As you know that we have a car

So we decided to make a garage for it

And also well make a huge passage from our house to the garage.

At first we need to do make the framework of our garage and the room that will connect it with our house

Well, weve recorded all the exact dimensions its width should be 2.4 m, height 2.1 m and length 4.7 m

plus well add about 1 and half meters to both the sides so that around the car we have an additional space and we can comfortably get in and out of it.

Actually we have so many plans for the arrangement of this house and everything around it. We want to make a Disneyland here

But to make this idea real we need your support which you can give us through your likes.

I can already see how cool its going to be.

While Ficus is working on the garage I decided to make the roof because it rainy and cloudy weather and at any moment it can rain. So at least in the tunnel we could hide

Life hack if it is not convenient to make a roof in a duct tape house, put the boat from filling foam underneath.

Alright now I'll show you what have changed on the set since the last time. I have put four angle fillets in our garage. There they are

These are the future walls of our garage and with the help of these angle fillets we can cover it around with a duct tape.

Well, Sergey has already done with the roof of our corridor, but there will be one more section which is yet to be done.

Well, now Im going to cover the walls with red duct tape

Wow Im Genius

Guys we are no more video bloggers, now we are builders

It looks cool. Here well have a door. Yes everything is good so far but still we got a lot of work to do. We are now going to cover the garage and this part also needs to be covered

Well, our construction is going in full swing and now its not just house but its a Duct tape kingdom and we are the Duct tape kings

In our neighborhood grows such amazing berries. Guys, you have 30 seconds to write in the comments what do you think it is. I tell you its not Feijoa

Another interesting thing, it tastes very much like a Mulberry

Now this is real construction

Wow! Here as usual its bright and warm. I think youll agree that because of the yellow color in this room it seems that it is so warm, cozy and bright here, although it's very cold outside.


Lets see on the fourth floor what has happened so far

Well its kind of staggering a bit

Here is this thing that flashed remember when each floor was flashing. Well its because of this.

The whole set in the palm of your hand

Young man, take your cash on delivery

YouTube Express

It would have been awesome if we could walk there from the balcony, passing through the roof.

We have run out of Duct tape so now were going to buy some more.

Were roaming around everywhere in Kiev because we cant find all those colors that we need together in one place

We took yellow


And black one

And the red one?

Well we have to buy the red and green one in another place.

Were back to the location and continue to make the walls but it started raining heavily here

Well, its good that we made the roof as you can see Im walking around inside without any problem.

Im a Duct tape man

In the morning usually, we sum up what else is left to be done in our big construction and as we see almost everything is ready except two more walls

This part, that part and also need to put the gates.

You just look how amazing and colorful it is here

But the most important thing is that our huge garage is almost ready

Well, the garage is almost ready because the walls are already done. Its a cool shed for vehicles but were missing the gates.

Well, well make an accordion gate because the ordinary one will not open because of trees.

Finally after three days of rain here it is sunny and now weve a completely different atmosphere and it's getting warmer and cheerful.

Look, because of the tress these 3 parts will fold like this and from this side as well.

and from this side as well.

You just see how cool the gates turned out, so bright and colorful and its like an accordion gate

This is quite practical

And it can be folded even from inside

Well, welcome to our garage, get in

For greater convenience, we put the floor from OSB

In order to make it more comfortable here, we put a bean bag

here is the YouTube icon. Who remember its from which video, write in the comments. Here we hanged a paper lantern in the style of Halloween and weve a guitar.

And now the most important thing is to park the car in our new garage

Im stunned. Its really hard to believe that this huge garage is from Duct tape

And you can enter the house directly from here

Yes and now its raining a bit outside but we dont care.

Guys, weve been making this kingdom for four days and I'm very glad that we finally finished it, but well continue expanding it if you give it a lot of likes and comments

For the construction of this kingdom it took 250 rolls of duct tape of 50 meters. Well, totally this much it took to build all this.

So it's like twelve and half kilometers?

Yes, twelve and half kilometers and this is only for the construction of these sectors and garage, excluding the house

Damn! Twelve and half kilometers. Its like from one end of the city to another

Guys, weve a question for you today. Look, weve a light bulb here that seems to be a standard 220 volt bulb, but I turn it on this way.

Write in the comments, from what these lamps work?

So guys how do you like our cottage with a garage?

It surpassed all our expectations and turned out simply awesome. If we get lots of likes and comments in this video, well continue the construction of our Ficusland.

Because we have a really some cool ideas.

So hit the likes

Leave your comments what you liked about our garage and about our mega house that we built today.

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