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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: What is the Flying High Challenge?

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We're seeing more and more stories about drones in the news every day and not

always in a positive way. People have some genuine concerns about what impact

they could have on our communities.

There's a lot of emerging technology

entering society at the moment and we're most interested in how we harness that

for public good and drones are no different. So we see them buzzing around

the skies, we hear news stories about how they're interfering with airports,

that's why we believe that cities and the public should be involved in shaping

how drone services are developed.

We're working with cities, members of the public, industry, public services

and other stakeholders, to help us design what future drone services might look like

that benefit all of us.

Using drones could change the way that we transport medical products between hospitals

and help us respond quicker to emergencies.

If developed properly, drones could save money and save lives.

We are challengers.

We are innovators.

We are game changers.

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