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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 Phrasal Verbs: Listen to, Look at, Talk to or with - Go Natural English Online Lessons

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hey guys I'm Gabby Wallace

and this a quick tip from gonaturalenglish

I want to remind you to use prepositions after 3 very popular verbs

in grammar we call verbs plus prepositions Phrasal Verbs

so you know that when you use these verb you need to include the preposition

the first verb is listen, I listen... music

what 's the preposition that we need?

that's right I listen to music

always always always I listen to something

I listen to music every day

so when you hear people speak at a natural speed, you barely hear the preposition but it's there

I listen to music it does't sound like to it sounds like T

very brief but it's there. So it's important to include it, if you want to have really perfect english

ok the next one is talk, I talk to my friends on the phone

you could also say I talk with; either one is fine. They have little bit different meaning but there are basically synonyms

so I talk to my colleagues, I talk to my friends about something

just remember I talk to, I talk to my friends

and last look, I heard so many people say "look this"; that is incorrect

we need the preposition between look and the object

so what is it? at ,that's right 'look at this'

or look at me or look at her or look at John

look at something always look at then the object

you can also use the verb 'to look at' to mean your thinking about something

like I'm looking at changing schools or I'm looking at changing majors

or I'm looking at moving to another city

so you are thinking about doing something

so there are 3 verbs that I reminded to you to use prepositions with today

hope you can remember them listen to, talk to, and look at

so please remember to use prepositions with these verbs

so that you can perfect your english

that is your tip today from gonaturalenglish and I'll see you all next time


The Description of 3 Phrasal Verbs: Listen to, Look at, Talk to or with - Go Natural English Online Lessons