Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Super Mario 3D World: Money Fountain! - PART 2 - Game Grumps

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Hey I'm Grump! I'm not so Grump!

And we're the Game Grumps!

Dan: [sings along to the music] Arin: Welcome back to 'Dan sucks at Mario...

D: Oh, you son of a bitch! You told! A: ...and Arin has...'

Both: [Laugh]

A: "I told you not to tell anybody."

A: "It's my biggest secret." D: "You promised."

D: "You promised" A: [Breaths heavily]

A: "Your Christmas is not gonna be as good."

D: [Chuckles] Aaah! Where are you going?

A: I'm getting the coins, uh, giving me all of the points.

D: Oh, I'm back down here! A: That's fine.

A: You can just stay down there and...

A: a loser. D: [Whispers] Fuck you.

A: I got the gold tunnel.

A: Hey, what the fuck, man?!

D: Wheeeyy! A: What the fuck?!

A: You are an a-hole! D: Yeey!

A: I was gonna get the goddamn go- We're going back! D: Yeey!

A: We are going back! D: Whoop, whoop.

A: It got clogged up. D: [Laughs] Yay.

A: You are a son of a bitch. D: Oh, wait...

A: We- we could have gone to a fucking gold world... D: Ye- oh, ooh.

A: ...with goddamn so many coins...

A: ...and you decided, "Ooh, I'm gonna lead the way!"

A: [Under breath] Fucking asshole.

D: Yaaay! A: Oo- Hahaa! Oh, you son of a bitch, you took the stamp!

D: It's cool, right?

D: Whee!

A: [Deep sigh] D: [Laughs]

A: Welcome back to 'Arin slowly realizing that Dan may not be the friend that he wanted him to be'.

D: Oh, this is not good.

A: Oh, I made it to the top!

A: What the fuck, man?! You need to get your ass over here!

D: Where am I right now? A: You're over on the right...

A: ...and you need to not be, because I'm trying to get some secrets over here.

D: Where am I?

A: That's right. Thank you.

D: Whee! A: Thank you, thank you.

A: There's secrets up here, and if you don't get up here, I'm going to stab you...

A: ...with my wiener. D: Arin!

A: What? D: Finally!

A: Yes, I know.

A: It's what we've all wanted to happen.

A: Including the audience at home!

D: [Laughs]

D: Well, judge-- A: Woah!

D: Woah, damn! Where're we going?

A: Dude!

D: Oh yeah. A: We're going to secret world!

D: Oh fuck... A: [High pitched] What the fuuck!

D: I love it! A: Bro, we went to world 2 already. D: Ooh.

A: Let's- let's do it. D: That's great.

A: [Gasps] [Whispering] We got the coin stamp. D: [Whispering] Coin stamp.

A: [Whispering] Gotta make an online fucking post.

D: [Laughs] A: [Whispering] Gotta make a post online with the coin stamp.

D: [Whispering] Everyone has to go. A: [Laughs]

A: Yo, I gotta tweet this. D: Oh, wait. Because...

D: ...Since we skipped the end of the first level, does that mean we didn't save our friend?

D: [Laughs] A: Let's do this stage!

A: Conkdor Canyon. D: Okay.

A: I'm thinking that this is the best stage.

D: Yeah. A: Whooo!

A: Watch this guy, if you- if you step on its head after he does his little face smash, it'll kill ya.

A: I mean, you'll kill him. You'll kill him.

A: That's- that's what I meant to say. You'll kill him. D: Yeah.

A: So just go ahead and give it a try. D: Okay.

A: Hey, green star. D: This isn't good.

D: This game is not as good when you are small.

A: Oh, you should, uh, you should get a thing. This will probably be a thing. Yeah, see?

D: Yaay. A: Why don't you take that mega mushroom and tha bell.

D: Thank you. A:You're welcome.

D: You're a good friend. A: That's some two thousand points for you.

A: But I got the four thousand 'cause I got the green star. So fuck you.

D: [snorts]

D: Yaay. A: If you thought you were good at Mario, think again.

D: Think the fuck again.

A: [Frantic nervous sounds] D: [Panting] Scamper, scamper, scamper.

Both: [Disappointedly] Aaw. A: Can't make it up that far.

D: Really? A: Yeah, I know.

D: Oh. A: I know.

A: Nice. D: Thank you, bruh. A: Nicely done.

A: 200 points for you. D: I'm getting the higgle.- I'm getting the piggledy-higgledy of this.

Both: [Laugh]

A: Look. I don't want you getting all higgledy on me. D: [Laughs]

A: But this piggledy is fucked up. D: Agreed.

A: Ooh, green- green tunnel.

A: Let's see where this- Or, I'm sorry, yellow- gold...

A: I'm getting my colors mixed up. D: Wow.

A: Alright, check this. When we- when we hit this button...

A: Okay, there's-- D: [Screams]

A: Oh god, oh god, oh god... D: [Screams]

A: Uh... D: Oh!

D: Am I getting these?

A: Uh, if you stand above them. D: U-oh!

A: Whoo! D: Did I just die?

A: O-oh god! Oh god! Oh God!

A: Well. D: Well then.

A: If you had stayed alive... D: Yup.

A: ...when I died, I wouldn't have killed us both.

D: I'm having trouble with, like, the depth perception in this game.

A: Oh yeah! This game totally should have been on 3DS.

A: What the ff-- D: That was super nice of you.

D: And now I let the money come to me.

A: [High-pitched] I may be regretting my previous decisions. D: Bells!

A: Alright, fuck you. We're cats now, we gotta work together.

A: We gotta do this together.

A: We gotta do this together, while I steal all the kills and the points. We do this together.

A: You just stay back there and jump around like an idiot. D: I'm trying my best.

A: And I will save us all.

A: So, there you go.

A: Uh, this guy dies. That's 200 points for me.

A: And up here to the gold place. Where we won't die this time!

D: Heugh. Uh, wait. I'm almost there. A: Yeah?

A: [Laughs] D: Made it!

A: So dont'... don't die this time.

A: If you die-- D: Huah! Oh no! No no!

D: Okay, okay. I'm okay. A: Goddamit! Goddamit Daniel!

D: [Laughs] A: Jesus! Jesus!

D: [Laughs] It's very hard not to die there.

D: You're like, "Oh yeah! Money fountain!" And that's, like, the last thing you think.

Both: [Laugh]

A: Alright. This time... D: Okay. This is the one.

A: ...we're not gonna die. D: Nope.

D: Starting now.

D: Oh, that's sweet. It let's you go right from small to cat.

A: Yeah. D: I like that.

A: That's a Mario World thing.

A: Take a super m... Goddamit with the fucking platforms.

A: Don't go too far ahead! There's a green motherfucking bell up here.

A: I mean star, not bell. D: Yeah, that's what that is.

A: And you gave it to me. That 4000 points to me. So thank you.

D: I thought I got it last time. A: Yeah, but when you die, it gets reset.

D: Oh, really? A: You have to get it again.

D: Oh, let's just fucking die then

A: Wh-- Both: [Laugh]

A: Okay. D: I'm not staying alive to fucking help your life, bro.

A: Well, I mean we- we do get the green stars to be used later, so, um, you know.

D: Don't fucking-- A: We still get the green stars, but I get the crown.

D: I see.

D: Oh sweet. It's that part we're allowed to die on.

D: YEEEAH! A: Whee, and whee...

D: YEEAH! A: ...and wheee!

D: Yee- oh whoah.

A: Don't fucking die. D: Ye- oowoah.

A: If you die, I will kill you.

D: That is great.

D: WOAH! Like I go right down. A: [Laughs]

D: Okay. A: With a ground pound into the fucking abyss.

A: Alright, sweet.

A: Oh, this summons eight red coins. If you get them all, you get a thing.

A: Good, you got a thing.

A: I'll take that. That's 1000 points to me. D: You fucker.

D: Oh my god.

A: OH GOD! Oh god! Oh!

D: What a hilarious douche you are.

A: Why don't you kill these guys and get the points? D: Because I'm getting the points from the flag.

A: Oh shit. D: And from these coins.

A: Oh shit, dude. D: Yeah.

A: I didn't even think about that. Dead.

A: Let's go up here and see what this girly girl has to say. Sup!

D: Sup girl. A: Oh, she just wants to show us the rest of the stage.

D: Boink! A: Nicely done, bouncing on her.

D: Yeah well, wanted to show her my nuts.

A: I'm sure she'll never forget it.

A: And she'll hate you forever.

D: Yeah!

D: That was sweet.

A: Alright, yeah, you want- D: Oh, oh no.

A: See if you- see if you get the sta- Fuck!

A: Alright.

A: Uh, it's mine! D: Oh, you fucker!

A: Thank you

D: Get outta here! A: What the fuck! You're an ass!


D: Woohohohoo!!

D: It's a hero of the wedgie!! AAAAHH! A: OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!

D: [Laughs]

A: You almost killed us both. D: It felt good.

D: Felt reeal good. A: Now I am tiny Peach

A: Are. You. Happy? D: Thrilled, actually.

D: Elated. A: I'm gonna jump up this fu- fucking sand castle over here.

A: I'm gonna get whatever this is. D: How did you get up there?

A: Because I- you go into the fucking sand desert. D: Oh!

D: Oh, okay. A: Aw yeah, aww yeah, check this shit out!

A: Yo, I got coins coming out the pussyyy!

A: [Beatboxes] Coins for days!

A: [More beatboxing] Coins for days!

D: I'm not that good- A: Check it, check it, check it!

D: Oh, that was a pretty sweet thing. A: Why did you throw me?

A: [More beatboxing] Coins for days!

D: Ooh, I died. A: Oh, that's too bad.

A: Yo, I'm getting so many coins, bruh.

A: And we're gonna save... D: Hey, I'm back.

A: ...Captain Toad!

D: Sweet! A: Captain Toad's my bro.

D: Whoo! A: Woah! Chill out!

A: That's for green. My green star.

D: Oh, I didn't get that? A: No.

D: Why? A: If it's green, you get it. If it's pink, I got it.

A: Because I'm the one-- D: But it is green.

A: No, I mean...

A: Wh- when the score comes up.

A: If the score is- When it says 4000... D: Whoo-o-ah.

A: Oh fuck, hold on.

D: Wheee! A: Whee- Oh god! Oh god! Nooo!

D: Yaay. A: NO! Oh, you son of a fucking bitch! D: I did it!

D: 200 points!

A: Whoo! D: In the bank!

A: I am a tiny baby.

D: Ooh. A: Everybody loves me.

A: Hey, there's Mario. D: Sweet, got a stamp.

D: That's gonna look good in our collection.

A: [Whispering] Are you- are you going to put it on the first page?

D: Wow, another close one. A: Yup.

A: Looks like I won the crown. And I'm still not as tall as you are.

A: But that's okay. D: That's fine.

D: The crown adds height.

D: Ooh. A: Oh shit, it's a Bowser stage

A: Yo, we're never gonna be able to do that.

A: 'Cause we didn't get enough green stars in the last levels.

D: Ooh. A: 'Cause we skipped right ahead.

D: Shit. A: Oh shit, we can post a Miiverse now.

D: [Laughs]

A: Holy fuck dude.

D: I might learn a trick or two.

A: Do I wanna enable? Yes. D: Of course.

D: Thank you. Wha- I don't know what we just did.

A: Well now there's gonna be people.

A: See? There's a dude

A: He says, "This game is super fun so far!" D: Thanks Paul!

A: Yeah, no problem.

A: Hey, what, uh, what does Klondike have to say?

A: Oh, it's a-- D: That's not a word.

A: That is, uh, that is art. D: Yeah, well done.

A: If ever there was...

A: Alright

A: Let's give it- let's give it a 'yeah'.

D: Yeah!

D: Alright.

D: Are these actual people? A: Yeah.

A: Oh... Oh... Ooh.

D: Ooh. A: I haven't started Miiverse on this. I can't post... D: [Mumbles in the background]

A: Well next time on Game Grumps! D: Oh, Alright!

A: We're gonna do he dark stage! D: Yeah!

D: Yeah! A: Yeah!

D: Yeah! A: Yeah! D: Yeah!

A: Do not fucking jump.

D: Okay.


D: Sorry!

A: [Singing] I am macho madness, I love macho madness, macho madness yeah yeah

A: [Singing] Macho madness, oh yeah macho madness.

Both: [Laugh]

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