Practice English Speaking&Listening with: (ENG) 고양이들에게 둘러싸인 행복한 엄마 집사

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chubby cheeks~

His ears are flying~~

Lily! Lily's doing this. and..

Benny's next to me, too.(happy)

humm?!! Berry's face! lol

Look at her expression! lol

Her face was so funny.

The screen is dark, but it will turn on the light soon.


Pansy is here

Mom is happy.

Benny's face is so cute

She always enjoys putting her paws on her mother's face.

Where is Benny's neck? lol

aaaaaaa so cute!

The light is dim.

Should I turn on the lights on?

so cute. Yes, please turn on the light.

(She is being moved by them for coming to her side.)

soooooooooo cute

Benny's eyes are dazzled by the lights.

It's so cute to know that these little eyes are dazzling!

They are by my side like this. Yes, I'm showing off. XD

Benny! Berry!

What happened?

The whole family is here to me.

(mother cat)

(father cat)

I'm so lucky! happy!

I'm so happy!


(Daughter cat)

He leaned on me for his precious little paws.

If Pansy had come, everything would have been perfect.

(Human greed is endless.) lol

an earnest gesture of wanting to stroke

the position of the arms that are difficult to stroke them.

ohhhhh so cute

so cute!

sooooooooo cute!!!

I'm so happy!

Everyone, I'm so happy.(It's a beautiful night.)

This is why I live with cats.

Lily told me to be quiet. (She's covering my mouth with her front paws.)


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