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Only stupid people drops out Strength of materials and fluid mechanics

That you cannot leave.And thermodynamics also, to a huge extent.

Introduction of Mehta.Ok .Who is with me?

Anshuman Mehta,

we were in same college for 4 years. We studied in SMIT.

We are students of a very private and average college

second, he was with me in Made Easy, Super talent batch for one year.

He is a very intelegent kind of guy.

How many research papers have you published? Six!

Was involved in GoKart

Got a rank of 5000 in GATE 2016

Without any coaching

He did'nt even give test series properly

I gave two test series of two different coaching institutes. Still what was my rank?


We had very high expectations from him. I thought he will rip it apart.

But he got riped.

His rank dropped from 5000 to 7000

No worries. Where did he reach? IIT Madras. Because no one can stop a talented guy.

Now how did he reach here?

And how good of a place IIT Madras is.

Right now I'm in IIT Madras

I'll Show you these posters later.

How to reach here?and after you reach here, how many

opportunities you have. This you do not know.

That is why you are not working hard. Right now you have to work hard.

He will tell you why. But first I'll tell you

what is the way to get in here.


Form of MS is filled in a separate website

Separate from M.Tech form.

It is same site in case of IIT Bombay. You just have to tick in R.A. checkbox.

Here you have a different site.

So you have to go there to fill.

and it closes very soon. SECOND.

You can fill the form twice in a year.

You can fill the form twice in a year.

So if you forget once you can fill it the second time.

THIRD. They might not inform you through email that you have to attend.

They might not inform you through email that you have to attend the selection process even if you are shortlisted.

You have to regularly check the online portal.

Rest, Anshhuman will cover .Let's say you are shortlisted.

If first 3 steps are done correctly. You have reached here to give writt en test and interview.

So what to do in written test, you tell them

Tell them what is the pattern

Look, you don't have to worry

Since I had a rank of 5000 in 2016

rank 7000 in 2017

The rank with

which I am here

that is 2016's 5000 rank

Then you can reach here

Like Ashish said, you can apply twice in a year.

For both odd and even semester

you can check the website for form dates

then you can apply in it

Keep one thing in mind

If you can somehow show them that you are interested in research

If you can proof this

in form of some work

what you have done before

Which is related to research even a little bit

In my case it was easy

that I had written research papers

Or even in projects if you can explain them in detail

That I have done this. So that you can prove them

that you are a little inclined towards research

Then you will be highlighted very quickly

Even if your rank is 5000

even 7000

Even people with GATE score 500 got selected

Here the don't put much weightage to GATE score

IIT Bombay has a fixed weightage

It is fixed

here it is very vague

it mainly depends on your interview

This college is mainly know for research

Rest, placement and all

now it has started because of NIRF ranking

Very good placements are coming. But mainly it started with the research only.

So if you want to do research.

This is the best place you can be.

After you

apply this

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