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if you believe that your family members trust has been misplaced as a result of

a medical mistake

that resulted in the serious injury or worse

the law firm Robinson & Associates can help

hi numbers Robinson Robinson & Associates

on the Internet at birth injury medical malpractice

dot com we've been successfully protecting and advancing the rights of

injured victims for over 20 years

in birth injury as in all forms a medical malpractice

including nursing home neglect cases there are a variety of issues that need

to be investigated as early as possible

in birth cases ranging from cerebral palsy and shoulder dystocia

to regular malpractice matters such as wrongful death and failure to diagnose


the defense will be quick to circle the wagons to protect their insured

by coaching witnesses in retaining expensive

hired gun experts to advance their position

in court injured victims need legal representation that will be

equally as aggressive to protect their rights medical malpractice birth injury

in nursing home neglect cases

are expensive and challenging to bring the court as the corporate defendants


endless resources to cover-up did not I and run from their wrongdoing

Robinson & Associates is committed to bring these injustices by the insurance

industry to the light of day victims at negligence have the truth on their side

and no matter how much the defense runs and hides behind expensive hired gun

experts they cannot hide from the truth

obtaining fair and appropriate compensation in both medical injury

medical malpractice and nursing home cases

is our commitment to you as part of our commitment we have a board-certified

OBGYN a board-certified surgeon and a nurse

to assist in the timely and accurate evaluation and preparation i buy medical


when Robinson associates accepts a medical malpractice nursing home or

negligence case

we handle it on a contingency fee basis

meaning that you passed no out-of-pocket fee or expense

until we win we also accept medical malpractice cases outside a maryland

on a case by case basis if you believe you have a case

in Maryland or any other state game Robinson & Associates a call at 410

484 11 11 or click

are lawyers and medical experts are available to help you 7 days a week

so contact us now and in return will give you peace of mind

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