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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Constance Wu on Her Emotional Reaction to Fresh Off the Boat's Series Finale

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-I want to talk about "Fresh Off the Boat."

This is a series finale. -Yeah.

-So it's all over after this. Is it...

-[ Sighs ] -Yeah.

This is your first -- This is your first job, right?

-"Fresh Off the Boat" was really my first-ever TV pilot,

TV job really ever.


-And so, you know, the cast and crew there --

they're really my family and they've seen me go through

six years of change and, like,

the most incredible experience of my life.

It really is the most life-changing thing

that's ever happened to me, so --

-You've done over 100 episodes. -Over 100 episodes.

-Wow. That's a lot of time with those people.

-Yeah. Good thing I love them. -Exactly. Right?

That's your family kind of, yeah?


-Was it emotional, your last couple scenes?

-It was.

I mean, like, at the end, me and Hudson were, like,

on the floor -- Hudson plays my youngest son --

just, like, weeping.

And it was -- Yeah, I mean, I'm just --

I'm so grateful that I got to do it.

And I'm really proud of the kids.

That's one of the biggest things is, like,

those boys have grown up to be really wonderful young men,

and just to witness that has been amazing.

-And at first, you didn't think

you were gonna get the part, right?

-No. They made me jump through a lot of hoops.

They're like, "You're not right. You're not right."

And I was like, "I think I'm right."

You know? -You'd be perfect for this.


-I want to ask you -- what do you think this show

should mean to everybody who watches the show?

What's the --

-Well, that's another thing that's been

so incredibly moving about it, is that it was the first

American network show in over 20 years

to center an Asian-American family's experience.

And, you know, still to this day,

I have people who come up to me on the street,

and they talk about how meaningful it was to,

you know, see their faces represented on TV.

And I think, at the end of the day,

we all just want to understand each other.

And I think that's one of the best things

that storytelling can do, if we invest in stories

from people whose stories we haven't seen before,

and I think that's what we did with "Fresh Off the Boat,"

so I'm really proud of that.

-That's great. I agree. [ Cheers and applause ]

I want to show a clip.

Here's Constance Wu in the series finale of

"Fresh Off the Boat."

Take a look.

-I was out at the mailbox

and I saw the Deidre in the window.

Dummy took 20 minutes to notice my sweatshirt.

What's all this? -Oh, I made dinner -- for you.

-Why? [ Gasps ]

Oh, you put a baby in that redhead, didn't you?

-Jessica! -Whoa!

No. I just wanted to say thank you

for everything you've done for me.


You got a 1500 and you cook.

You are going to make some woman I choose a great husband.

-So, Mom, I was hoping we could talk.

-Sure. What did you want to -- [ Gasps ]

Eddie got a letter from Harvard.

I'll open it so you don't cut your test fingers.

Okay with you? Great.


"Dear Edward Huang, we received your S.A.T. scores

and want to schedule an interview

with one of our alumni"?

[ Screams ]

[ Screams ]

[ Screams ]

-Constance Wu, everybody!

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