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7 Amazing Inventions You Must See Hi guys! It s not a big secret that humans

are the most curious and inquisitive creatures on Earth. Perhaps that`s exactly why we see

new gadgets every day. In todays episode you guys will see 7 super cool gadgets that

you might wanna lay your hands on. 1. LINE-X protective coverage

Due to it s high resistance this thing is ready to take heavy damage. The guys in this

video decided to test the products and covered a few objects and in it. Right now, you see

a brick that falls from quite a height. Aaand it breaks. But thats because it wasnt

covered in that magical Line-X thing. Now take a look at what happens after they covered

it with Line-X. Damn, it works! I certainly didnt expect that! Lets have a look

at some other things. A watermelon, a bottle, a beverage can, and even this.

2. Sunscreen detecting camera When you apply sunscreen theres usually

one very significant problem: you just cant spread it evenly and you cant really tell

where you ve got enough and where you should put some more. There may be parts where you

ve put too much!? That s just a nightmare isnt it ladies? But fear not there is a

super tiny sunscreen ultraviolet camera that shows all you need to know about your cream.

See? When you ve put too much it looks darker. 3. baKblade 2.0

Hey guys! Check out the new razor. Shave your backs like you ve never shaved them before.

Actually I think some ladies might find this tool useful. Come-on guys, shave your backs

without any assistance! Its handle is so big that you could probably reach your ass!

Maybe I am a little old-fashioned but I dont really get it. Why the hell would you wanna

buy that thing? 4. Deluxe Biomechanical Spinal Armor

When you see this thing you sort of think like wow! This thing is dope and probably

useful! But I have bad news for you guys its just a Deluxe Biomechanical Spinal Armor and

its a cosplay thingy. Although this thing has one distinctive feature: it feels your

heart beat and it throbs in real time in accordance with your heart. To keep this thing goin you

ll need five AA batteries. The kit consists of the collar and respiratory mask. It costs

about 200 dollars. 5. GoSun Grill

Not long ago another brilliant idea has found it s way through kickstarterit s the

Grill called GoSun. Perhaps they should have launched it on indie GOGO. Anyway, this grill

is 100 percent eco-friendly because it s got solar panels. So you put the food into a special

glass where it heats up by means of solar energy. The temperature varies from 93 to

288 degrees. By the way you can use this thing whenever you please. Be it frosty or be it

rainy or be it the nighttime, you can always count on your GoSun Grill.

6. I don't know what this thing is but I definitely want one of those!

You can easily make loads of glasses out of empty bottles. Not the most sophisticated

stuff but you know looks kind of cool. 7. R&D Hikvisionsmart parking

Guess what? You dont need to spend hours trying to find a place to leave your car.

All you have to do is to drive up to a special sensor and just order one parking area. Hikvision

robo-platforms will take it from there. They will take your car and put it in the right

place. Shiish, that s all for now guys. Hope you

enjoyed today's episode! Which gadged did you like? Share that in the comments guys,

dont forget to subscribe and press the like button. Good luck and we ll see you soon!

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