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(upbeat music)

- Woo.

- Cute.

- Look at that dress, what in the hell?

- Oh, this is so cute.

- I love it. - I'm in love.

- Moo, 24 seven.

- If I had a quince again, that would be my dress.

- Yes.

- So today's the morning of our first pop-up shop

in Phoenix.

Oh, hi!

Nice to meet you, finally.

- This is Eileen and Lily.

- Hi Eileen, welcome.

- I love your guys's outfits.

- I'm super nervous for my first pop-up shop.

I don't really know how I would feel if nobody

showed up.

(upbeat theme music)

- We're gonna have to setup like asap.

- Okay, yeah, we have to setup because we're running late

because somebody thought we weren't supposed

to check out from the hotel.

- You always have one.

- Everybody has a Lily.

Okay, cute.

Lily, didn't think that we had to pack

because literally right after the pop up shop,

we have to drive to Vegas.

So yeah, Lily made us late.

- First of all, how is my fault that we're late when,

wait was it?

No, no I was there.

- All right were gonna get started 'cause we don't wanna.

I know we saw girls out there.

- Thank you.

- Bye.

- So I think the nerves kicked in right when we're about

to walk in and I realized there's only one person

waiting for us.

And the pop up shop opens in 10 minutes.

And I started kinda getting worried.

I'm like, oh, my gosh, what if no one shows up?

- Wait, can I, where's the bathroom?

Oh there it is, he he.

- You need to help us setup.

- I need to go to the bathroom.

- Okay, my amiga, we'll you better not be getting

excuses, you can look at yourself in the mirror later.

- Dude, Lily, I'm so upset that there's mirrors here

because this one's gonna be looking at herself all day.

- I think all of our emotions are just so high right now

you just don't know what to expect.

We're nervous, we're excited.

- We're literally the worst.

Like we came here late.

- Lily!

Wow, that's so cute that she's busy right now

in the toilet.

Didn't she go to the restroom when we left the hotel?

I like to plan things and one thing I realized

is I didn't visualize how I wanted the table to setup.

I'm trying to get my thoughts together

and Lily just walks away,

like where's the restroom.

And I'm like, no, I didn't think about it

so I need everybody to put their two cents

and be like oh, this goes here.

This goes there.

And then Lily just wanders off to the restroom.


And then also, did Lily check to see how much

we're supposed to sell these things for, the CFO?

- No, I don't know.

- So I decided to make you a CFO, Lily.

- Okay, a Chief Financial Officer.

A senior executive with responsibility for the

financial affairs of a corporation or institution.

Financial affairs homegirl,

so if anything, I should be taking care of the money.

- Exactly.

- I can't open this.

- You know what, exactly what I told you,

we could have done this without her.

Oh, there you are.

- Where's my purse?

Oh there it is.

What do I do?

- [Eileen] I'm dead, what the (beep) you mean?

- Help us setup Lily, remember I told you.

Better do something Lily.

I don't care what you do there's already people

waiting for us outside.

- Okay.

- Oh, my God, I'm dead.

'Cause look at her.

She's gonna be doing that all day.

- Don't worry about your body right now.

Don't worry about your coochie right now.

You need to worry about setting up.

- Anytime there's a mirror my tia always has to look

at herself and check herself out.

And that mirror is a big distraction right now

for my tia Lily because she can't stop looking at herself.

And we honestly, do not have time to waste.

- I don't know what to do.

- Okay, well, how about you, can you open these boxes

and see what's like in there?

(upbeat music)

- This is exactly why I had concerns of inviting her

in the first place because with Lily,

she runs like a little turtle.

She just takes forever to do things.

That's Lily.

- Where do we put these papers at?

Like on the table?

- Lily, that's trash.

- This is not trash.

Look, it literally says right there.

Crinkle cut paper shred.


This is for decoration purposes.

You think I really, oh, I'm gonna throw this in the trash?

What the hell.

She was being a bitch (laughs).

- Lily, don't setup yet.

That looks messy.

Let us setup this.

- I'm not done yet.

- What the (beep) is this?

- I was gonna spread it out.

- Everything that we can setup,

you wanna setup trash on top of that stuff.

- You know what.

- I'm already getting annoyed about you girlfriend.

You are getting me annoyed.

This is not it.

Why don't you help me find the lip glosses.

No, 'cause you're taking care of the ...

Did you count the inventory for stuff Lily?

To make sure that we were-- - Yes.

- How may do we have?

- We have $4,000 worth of lashes.

- Are you sure?

- (laughs) You're like, you kinda stuttered there

for a bit.

- Yeah, no you didn't Lily.

That's was not the final invoice.

- (foreign language).

- Lily didn't even have a price list ready.

Like are you serious Lily?

Aren't you the CFO of the company?

- Okay, honestly, I'm really trying to do something here

and you guys wanna figure it out on your own.

Then you figure it out on your own.

- Nobody's figuring anything out on their own Lily.

- Eileen is taking out lashes.

So how the hell am I supposed to count lashes?

- Okay, how 'bout you relax honey.

- I'm only responsible to taking the money.

Never in my job description did say, oh, setup.

- [Eileen] Okay, then, you don't have to setup.

That's what I'm saying, relax.

- What about the inventory?

I told you are you sure.

- What do you want me to do?

I counted them already.

- Some of these boxes are missing like a row

of lip glosses here.

- Okay. - Did you count them?

- Yes, and that's fine.

- Here, Lily, can you put these over there?

- Literally, you can tell me what I have to do

so when I try to do something,

you don't be like, no, don't do that.

- Look at this mess that you did.

(foreign language).

- Wait, what do you guys think?

What are you guys arguing about?

And it's just like such a mess.

My mom's upset, my my tia Lily is not doing anything

and I'm like kinda in-between them.

And I'm just like ...

- And where's the box that has?

- I got the money.

- Somewhere.

- Somewhere?

- Lily, for reals, where is the box that has the money?

The little cash box.

- It should be there.

- The CFO should know where the cash box is.

And everything else that came with it when it comes

to financial responsibilities.

Bring Lily, they said.

It will be fun.

- You know what first of all,

it is fun.

- Mom, are you having like regrets of bringing her?

- Where's my box, Lily, the cash box?

- I don't know.

It should have been in the boxes.

- (foreign language).

- Whoever helped us bring stuff,

should've had it.

- Here all the lashes.

I'm dead.

Okay, just in case.

Here they are.

Wait, we actually.



Dude, I can't. What are we?

Maybe this was a mistake.

- You know what, let's just, that's fine.

Let's just accept that little, whatever.

- Maybe this was a mistake.

- I'm over this and we haven't even started.

- We shoulda like hired people to like help us.

- But I said it would be fun, Amiga's Tour us three

handling all this by ourselves.

- Like if you didn't want me to be come.

- Ouch my finger.

- You could've just told me.

Dude if.

- I didn't say I didn't want you to come,

I just need your help.

- And I'm trying to help but every time you're just like,

no, don't do that, how about you go do this instead.

So do you want me to just chill?

- I'm so annoyed with Lily right now.

I can't even deal with her at this point.

- Okay, I need to show people that they sell

eyelash glue and applicators.

I'm gonna go like this.

I'm like sprinkle them a little bit.

- Oh yeah, that's a good idea.

That's cute, Eileen, good idea.

Very creative, instead of putting trash on there.

- It's not trash.

- I just took charge because we didn't really

have time to waste.

My mom's arguing and my tia's arguing back with her.

And they don't know what they're doing.

I think it was just time for me to step up

and start doing my job.

- I turn around and Eileen kinda took charge.

And that's what calmed me down.

And I was like, okay, good job Eileen.

Like you're really taking this serious.

I'm ready and we kinda like both of us just followed

the lead with Eileen.

And we just made this happen and made the stand

look beautiful.

(upbeat music)

- Oh, my God, there right.

- There is so many.

- Next thing you know it, I hear that there's a line

around the building.

And it was such a relief to me and it just made me

feel so good.

And we're ready to go out there and greet all these girls

that were waiting for us.

- Hi, amigas!

- [Lily] Hi!

- Woo!

- Oh, my God, I'm so excited.

- Oh, my gosh, thank you guys for coming.

Yeah, we'll let you guys in and come in with us.

Come on Amigas.

(upbeat music)

Nice to meet you.

- Hi, nice to meet you.

Oh, my God, how exciting.

I'm realizing that there was people there waiting for us.

That changed my whole mood.

Like that was like okay, this is worth it.

Who cares about that, we're here for our followers.

- Hi, Abby.

- When I saw all the people come in,

it just made me so happy because my fear

was just nobody showing up.

And to see people actually show up and people come

and all these people are here for us,

it just made me so happy.

- It's so cute.

- Sorry, girl.

- Well, thank you amigas, for showing up.

We're so excited to have you guys here.

And yeah, so these are the eyelashes.

These are the lip glosses that are amazing.

And lash applicators, lash glue,

any product you guys need let us know.

- And then feel free to take pictures whatever.

We'll hang out.

- Hang out have an amigas day.

I was honestly overwhelmed a little bit.

But like I was happy 'cause I was like wow,

that's crazy in a whole other state people came to see us.

I was happy, I was happy and excited to meet everybody.

- Hi, amigas!

- Hi amiga.

- Hi.

Yes, amiga.

- It was exactly what I wanted it to be.

Seeing all these people just made me so happy.

And just seeing that we were making sales

was another thing that made me happy because

you know, that was another concern as well.

(upbeat music)

- Hi!

(foreign language).

Yes, amigo.

Yes, whoa!

It's really nice to see how these girls took their time

out of their day to come and hang out with us

and take pictures and look at the product

and actually purchase the product as well.

Because there was no obligation to purchase the product.

But they really were showing support and contributing

to our business.

So I really appreciate that.

- Yeah, grab Eileen everybody.

Oh, she has them too.

- Hi!

- Where's Eileen?

Hi, hi guys.

How are you?

- Hello.

- Hi, how are you?

Hello, hello.

There you are.


- You made it. - Love your vibe.

- Sorry I'm late.

- Oh, my gosh, I wonder why you were late.

- I know guys, sorry.

- Wonder why, wonder why she was late.

- I know.

- I definitely think that the night before brought us

closer together, me and Airam.

My friendship with Airam, is one of kind because

we've both had the same experiences.

We both understand that work is work

and then, having fun is a different thing.

And just like the way she is.

She's very real.

I don't associate with fake people and she is one

of the realest people that I've honestly ever met.

- Okay, fun fact, Lily, has never worn a Quince dress.

- Never worn a Quince dress.

- I wore a white one.

And you know what girl,

I am not about to wear white again.

I wanna color.

- I know I wanna wear an extravag,

okay so I wanna wear an extravagant one.

- That says you're not a hoe.

- That says, I'm 15, nut I could be 26.

You know what I mean?

Okay, so yes, so let's go find a Quince dress.

- [Lourdes] We're on the hunt for the perfect Quince dress.

- Okay, lets go.

- So Lily, went to go look at the Quince dresses,

and we came up with idea to wear a Quince dresses

to surprise Eileen.

- [Lily] This Quince dress is everything.

- Oh, my God, yes, yes.

Now is this my dress?

- [Lily] No.

- I wanna wear Cahuna long sleeve one.

(foreign language).

What size are these dresses?

'Cause we're gonna have mom bodies so.

- [Lily] Yeah, we have mom bodies.

Okay, this one, this one is me.

- That is your, it says Lily.

- I literally love this one.

- Lily, flowers, yes, Lily this is your dress.

- [Lourdes] I love that dress.

Mine has to say, soy mama.

I want this one.

Yes, (foreign language).

- [Lily] (foreign language).

- Pero, I'm so extra.

It's cute.

This is me, I love the color!

I'm obsessed.

- [Lily] Dude, yes, it matches pink lips.

- I know.

- Okay, so we're gonna try on these dresses

and we're gonna surprise Eileen.

- I get to see Lily for the first time ever

dressed in a Quince dress.

Because she did not wear a Quince dress for her birthday.

She didn't even have a Quinceañera,

she had a sweet 16.

- I am in love with dress.

- Oh, my God!

You look so pretty, sister.

- Yes.

- Are you living your dream?

- I'm living my dream right now.

- Your Quince dream?

- My Quince dream, the one that I always wanted.

- Oh, my God, sister.

- (foreign language).

- I'm dead, I'm dead, I'm dead.

She, oh, you got your aunt.

- You guys like it?

- The Quinceañera's have arrived.

- I can't with them.

I can't with my mom and my tia.

They're so much to handle.

- My signature is like a dark lip.

And that day I was wearing the burgundy lip,

which is my favorite.

And definitely, that dress said, bomb ass (beep).

- The dresses were like so us.

Literally her with her extra bright ass,

and me with my cute little princess flowers.

I guess that I can say that our bickering ended there.

The cool mom and the cool tia collide.

You know, like we're super heroes and (beep).


- I feel like after we tried on the dresses,

all like the bickering from the road

and getting there and everything,

it just made us feel good and just right there

dancing and enjoying the moment.

And typical me and Lily.

Like we get mad at each other and then five minutes later

we're okay with each other.

So, definitely that's us.

- We just wanna say thank you all girls for coming.

- Thank you guys for joining us.

Overall, the pop up shop was a great success.

This vision is actually coming to life

and I'm excited and I'm ready to just take Vegas

and run with it basically.

We got this.

- The Arizona pop up shop was a huge success.

I am so happy with the way it turned out

and now I just can't wait to take over Vegas.


- What you doing?

- We're about to go out.

- What, it's you two by yourself in Vegas?

It's a casino area.

- Right.

- You could get drugged.

I don't care what they do.

- Well, if I go out, what are you gonna do?

- Be mad as` (beep).

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