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Hi my name is Barry Osser from North Coast Role Playing in Eureka, California and Im

here today to talk to you about the basic game play of role playing games and specifically

today, Dungeon and Dragons. When youve got your game master set, that lucky sod whos

going to be running the game for you and youve got your players set and everyone has got

their characters done. Youve got a nice comfortable setting set up and everyone is

ready to play, the next step is play. Now the game master is generally going to set

for you the setting, if you saw my earlier part, the setting would be youre in the

forest and youve got this campfire and you see some eyes in the distance. Now if

everyone reacts immediately to everything you the game master do, youre going to

have a crazy situation that youre not going to enjoy and theyre going to get frustrated

at. So one of the things that Dungeons and Dragons has always offered is the collar or

lead. This doesnt mean that this is the character who is the captain, were not

talking about Bill Shattner in control on Star Trek, what were talking about is the

person that speaks for everyone else in an ordered fashion. So one of the things you

can do is elect a collar, if youre the game master have the group elect collar or

leader and thats going to be the person who is going to talk most of the time until

theres something where theres character to character interaction, thats a point

where lets say you the thief have decided to go talk to the king of thieves in the town

and you can actually speak with him directly, then youre going to have that interplay.

So this character has now chosen to go out into the woods, youve got to decide what

it was that had those red eyes, was it a wolf? Was it some kind of crazy dragon? Pick what

it is, your next reaction is to tell them what happens, theres going to be a point

which dice are going to be used, its a big piece in most peoples mind of role

playing and it is a big part of the game. Youre going to have to set up the situation,

at some point the game is going to switch from a dialogue to a combat. The point when

its a combat again that leader or that person calling for the rest of the party is

going to help a lot, that person can talk about who is going first. Now in Dungeons

and Dragons theres an initiative system that allows for specific characters to go

1st 2nd and 3rd, I recommend you use that in the beginning for play, it makes things

easier, theres not a question of hey youre picking on this person and youre not helping

this person, its a simple fact of numbers, so I recommend using it. But youre going

to move down the line in a combat in the same kind of orderly fashion that youre moving

through the dialogue of the basic game. So the first person with the highest initiative

is going to go 1st and so on down. Try and keep everything stream lined, try and keep

a lot of the discussion about the rules as opposed to the discussion about the game that

theyre in to a minimum. If you can do this, you can kind of continue that suspense of

disbelief, youll enjoy the game more and so will your players.

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