Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Friendship_Hippie_slays_the_mighty_Cyclops_and_hates_God.apples

Difficulty: 0

"Go back to Russia you Hippie Canadian, Frenchie, Scottish"



"I joined this crap just to kill the Cyclops of Greek Myth"

"Uh, not you Demoman"

"Huh, what?"

"Aw, am I to English for ya Scottish Drunk?"

"Aw, no"


"Consider yourself dead, you Scotch son of a bitch!"

"You were loud and ugly and now you're a scum fucking fruit maggot..."



"Words cannot express how much I hate God right now!"

"What's up, Soldier?"

"I. Hate. God!"


"Queen, save the fire apples!"

"No, sir!"

"Now I have to make fire apples again"

"Sniper, you're not a real camping kangaroo fritz oktober noise maker bas-bo bibby bombbibomb matron, are you?"


"I am a bloody God, mate!"

"I am the God of Fire Apples!"

"Ya rocket-hoppin' simpleton!"

"Fire is for cookin' s'mores, son"

"Get a real fruit"

"Mortis Kabalto!"

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