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(man) Previously on "Floribama Shore"...

(Gus) This has been a very emotional week for all of us.

Sorry for the fact I had a goddamn miscarriage

and I can't (bleep) have a kid! My (bleep) bad!

Maybe I was (bleep) happy when I thought I was pregnant.

(Jeremiah) It breaks my heart that she's going through this right now.

My grandfather just passed.

Oh, Jeremiah...

Dude, I am so sorry, dude.

(man) Welcome to Panama City Beach!

(men) PCB!

Sweet home Floribama

Where the skies are so blue



(Candace) What's wrong?

Uh, Jeremiah's grandfather just passed away.

(Candace) Oh, no.

(Codi) Yeah.

Oh, my gosh.

(Codi) I know. He just got a phone call.

(Candace) No...

He was really close with him.


(sniffles, sighs)

(Jeremiah, tearfully) It, it really doesn't seem like it's real.

How I'm gonna go home and...

my grandfather's not gonna be there.

Oh, my God.

And you know, my heart's just breaking for him.


(Candace) It's like, what do you really say today?

You know what I mean?

(Gus) There's nothing.

There's nothing you can say.

You can't, it's just one of those things.

That's what sucks.

Just pray for him, I guess.



(Candace) Jeremiah, we're so sorry.

(Jeremiah) Thank you.

That's hor... I'm so sorry.

(Codi) Candace, you wanna lead us in a prayer?

(Candace) Yeah.

We've all had our arguments and tiffs with Jeremiah,

but none of that stuff matters.

We just need to be there for him.

He's going to need all of the strength and support

he can get right now.

God, I just wanna ask that you uplift Jeremiah

and his family right now.

Keep him strong mentally, physically

and spiritually, Lord God...

(Jeremiah) Nobody ever tells you in homeschool

how tough life will be. (chuckles tearfully)

Situations you have to go through.

But it's extremely huge to have all my roommates' support.

I mean...

that's all that matters in life,

is the people that you affect

and how you affect them.

Bring us together in that we're able to put aside

all these meaningless things that happen

on this earth and in this house,

and remember love and remember the value of life, Lord Jesus, amen.

(all) Amen.

Thank you.

(Gus) We love you, dude. We all love you.

(Jeremiah) Appreciate it, guys.

(Candace) So what do y'all think is, like, the best thing to do today?

I think he's gonna go home tomorrow.

I think maybe we should just go to a nice dinner

or something together.


Whatever he wants to do, you know?

(Gus) Jeremiah's obviously having a rough day,

but I feel like,

with this situation, there's not really

any words that can help it, you know?

Saying you're sorry a hundred times

is not gonna bring that person back,

so we need to do everything we can

just to clear his mind.

Anything you want to do today, man?

Get your mind off anything?


(Jeremiah) Just wanna get out.

Like, go shoot pool, drink a beer for my granddad,

and just hang out with you guys.

You know I'm down. That'll be fun.


I'm in.

Well, I'm gonna go put on a skirt

and then I'm ready.

My roommates are really rallying behind me

to try and get my mind off of it.

Just go have fun.

I mean, it's hard for me to do that,

but I know getting out will be the best thing for me

instead of staying in my room sulking all day.

(Aimee) Jeremiah, I love you.

I feel so bad.

I appreciate it.

I love you guys, too.

(Kortni) Tonight is all about Jeremiah.

It's whatever he needs or wants.

I'll always be your sister,

even though I might be attracted to you.



(Gus) Well, all righty then.

(Aimee) Wow.

Where did that come from?

Kortni, the man just lost his grandfather.

Like, can you wait till he gets back

and don't have as much on his mind

before throwing poonani at him?

(Gus) That escalated quickly.

(Kirk) "Even though I'm like your sister,

I wanna (bleep) you."


(horn honking)

(all shouting)

Whoa oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh

Whoa oh oh oh, oh oh oh...

(Aimee) Y'all wanna know something funny about me when I was born?


The cord was wrapped around my stomach and my legs,

and so all in my baby pictures

I have blue (bleep) feet.

I was dead when I was born.


That's-- you know what?

That might be what's wrong with us, Kortni,

that we had, like, lack of oxygen to our brains.


Just a thought.

Oh, Lord, take my hand

Lead me to the promised land

Oh, Lord, I need you now

Heal my heart, don't let me down now...

Tonight, we're going to the Salty Goat

because that's where Jeremiah wants to go.

I'll play pool with you all night, Jeremiah.

I'm here for you, buddy.

His favorite beer,

favorite liquor of choice.


(Nilsa) For Grandpa Bob.

Oh, (bleep), man.

(Gus) Wanna sit outside? We can sit outside, bro.

Oh, (bleep).

(Kirk) Get some fresh air, brother.

Y'all watch my beer for me.

(Gus) It's all good, big dog.

(Kirk) We're here for you, dude. We're here for you.

(Gus) You know we love you, bro.

(Jeremiah) All the emotions are hitting me, like, at once,

and it's really hard.

But the fact that I have these guys here

helping me through it,

it means a lot.

Love you guys. You guys bring it in.

(Kirk) Hang on, brother.

(Gus) Brothers for life, boys. Brothers for life.


Look! I'm gonna be on a huge ball, y'all.

I'm gonna be on huge ball.

Hey, Bill.

How are you?

What's up, beautiful? How are you?


(Bill speaking indistinctly)

Oh, well, good to see you.

Guys, that guy used to work with my ex-husband.

Say, oh, Lord.

Which one? That guy?


Honestly, seeing my ex's old work buddy,

it kind of brings me back and I'm thinking,

"Well, now I've got to get drunk

to take my mind off of my ex."

I gotta go take a shot.

Two lemon drops.

You gotta drop this

Another vodka cranberry.


Aimee, let's go take a shot.

I think Jeremiah wanted, like, a chill night.

That's why I'm not even drinking.

I'm just drinking a beer.

Like, I'm sipping on a beer, that's it.

We need some... Shots, shots, shots

Shots, shots, shots....

That's all I'm talking about.

I think Nilsa is being very selfish.

Hey! I'll see y'all in the morning!

(Aimee) Instead of being calm and there for Jeremiah,

she's getting hammered and looking for guys.

Like, tonight's not about you.

It's about Jeremiah.

Nice shot.

Good shot.

Another lemon drop. And some nachos.

(no audio)

Love the hair, bro.

Appreciate it.

(all laughing)

(Kirk) What was your name?


Nice to meet you, Rich.

(Rich) What were you drinking that night?


Everything. (laughing)

(Gus) She's hammered.

Just let her be. She's hammered.

She's just drunk.

Whatever, man. It's all cool.

So this guys comes up to me and Kirk.

He's just trying to talk

and just make conversation at the bar.

It's what you do at the bar.

You make conversation with the people you're next to.

And there's Nilsa over there.

(Nilsa) Bye.

She's doing all this (bleep), like,

"Ooh, that guy's not (bleep), don't...

Ooh, don't get him over here. I don't wanna talk to him."

And he's seeing her do this.

All right, so, guys, take care, enjoy yourselves.


All right.

Thank you.

Why are you being like that?

He's a super nice guy.

(Nilsa) Please.

There's no cute boys here.

Nilsa, you're being a (bleep) bitch.

You ready to go?


Where's the taxis?

Out front.

(Nilsa trilling)

(Nilsa) Well, I'm good to go.

We said, "Jeremiah's grandfather passed away.

We're gonna go out and have a few drinks."

This bitch has still got tore the (bleep) up.

(Jeremiah) Night, guys.

(Gus) You going to bed?

(Nilsa) Good night, Jeremiah.

(Kirk) I love you, brother.

I'll see you guys in the morning.

Goodnight, Jeremiah.


Thank you, guys.

Hey, you were being mean as (bleep) to that random guy.


Um, the guy at the bar.

Which one?

The restaurant.

The one that was talking to us, with the tie.

Yeah, the guy, the guy with the tie.

What was she saying?

He was, like, talking to us,

being cool, and Nilsa's over here, just like...

like, doing that to him and I was like, "Shut up."

(Aimee) Nilly...

What was I doing?

Yes, you were literally, like, pushing him away like,

"He ain't (bleep). He ain't (bleep)."

And I was like...

(Aimee) Nilly...


What bar?

Oh, God.

Uh, the one we were at all night.

Salty Goat?


The one we were at...

The whole night.

But, yeah, you were being mean, honestly.

I would never do that to somebody,

so I have no idea what you guys are talking about.

(Kirk) Just keep it real, please.

(Nilsa) No, keep it real because I would never.

(Codi) You did. You did that.

'Cause I saw you do it.

(Kirk) Nilsa, Nilsa.

I love you, but you really did do that.

(Aimee) You know I don't like

when you hurt people's feelings like that.

I don't ever hurt people's feelings.

And he was honestly being nice as (bleep) to all of us.

(Codi) Yeah.

I'm telling you,

I have no idea what you're talking about.

And I know, 'cause you're drunk.

I am not drunk right now.

Yes, you are.

No, I am not.

(Aimee, laughing) Yeah, you are.

Yes, you are.

All right then.

You are.

Okay, cool.

But you did-- I'm just...

(Aimee) Nilsa, you are drunk.

No, I am not.

Nilsa, are you mad?

I am not (bleep) drunk right now,

and I will tell you straight to your (bleep) face,

I am not (bleep) drunk.

I would never in a million years

degrade someone like that.

Nilsa, you did that, I promise.

Okay, all right, then I will leave.

You can even ask Candace.

Okay, cool.

She'll keep it real.

No, cool.

(Codi) Nilsa's acting like a two-year-old,

throwing a temper tantrum.

"I would never do that.

I would never do that to somebody."

Well, you did.

I need to call someone.

They're all down there saying I degraded someone.

So I'm gonna call Shayla, have her come pick me up,

pack my bags, and I'm leaving.


Please don't leave.

No, when you get off the phone, I'm leaving.

(Candace) Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Nilsa, Nilsa, Nilsa, Nilsa...

Earlier we just had a prayer for Jeremiah,

saying that we are gonna be family

and stick this out together.

You're not leaving, so stop.

Yes, I am, 'cause they're down there saying

I degraded some guy, so I'm gonna go home.

(Aimee) This is crazy.

You can't be mean to people you don't know,

and you can't just break and run

when somebody confronts you about it.

(crying) Shayla?


Will you come pick me up, please?

(Candace) Nilsa....

No-- I, I will be waiting...

I will be waiting outside.

Stop! I'm leaving! I'm leaving!

Shayla? Shayla, please come pick me up.

I'm leaving.

Let me hug you.

Shh! No! Stop!

Nilsa, we trying to help you.

Shayla, please get in your car and come pick me up right now.

I'll see you in three minutes.







Y'all can have my (bleep). I do not give a (bleep).

(Kortni) Baby...

Nope. Shayla's coming to get me.

Nilsa, tonight really ain't the night for that.

I love you...

Well, it is the night for that.

So, love you all, but...


(door slams)

(man) Coming up...

As the day goes on, it pisses me off

more and more and more.

If she's upset that I hurt her feelings,

I don't give a (bleep).

And that's just how it is.

(banging at the door)

All of a sudden, there's a knock at the door.

It's flowers.


Please, no. Please.

Oh, my God.

(Nilsa) Y'all can have my (bleep). I do not give a (bleep).

(Candace) Baby...

Nilsa, tonight really ain't the night for that.

Well, it is the night for that.

So, love you all, but...


I can't deal with that (bleep).

Love her to death, though.

Nope, nope.



(Nilsa) I don't wanna hurt people's feelings,

so if I'm hurting people's feelings,

let me leave so I can stop hurting everyone's feelings.

'Cause I don't wanna hurt people's feelings.

So-- Then I'll just leave.

Right here. Right here, Shayla, right here.

Right here.

I just need a hug. I just need a hug.

What's wrong with you?

(crying) I just need a hug.


I just need a hug.

(Aimee) Candace, do you think I'm a bad person?


Her emotions are out of whack.

(bleep) look at me.

(bleep) whatever everybody else thinks.

Okay? I'm here for you if you ever need anything.

I love you.

It feels really good to have Kortni, you know,

in my corner,

telling me that she has my back.

Like, she tells me she wants me here.

Honestly, I think all I need to do right now

is to take my ass to bed

and let it blow over.

(Nilsa) Let's go inside.

You okay?

I feel so much better now.


Whatever's on your mind

Say it to me, brother

'Cause I got all the time in the world

For you

(Gus) Jeremiah's gonna leave us today,

so I wanna send him out right.

Hey, Codi.

Jeremiah's leaving soon.

You wanna help me get breakfast ready for him and everything,

so we can have a final breakfast before he leaves?


(Gus) I know he likes to eat.

I'm gonna scramble some eggs,

I'ma cook some turkey bacon,

'cause I know he likes to be healthy.

I'll cook some regular bacon for the people

that don't care about being healthy.

So I'ma whip up a big breakfast for the whole family

so we can enjoy one last meal together.

You wanna just start putting plates on the table?


And if you can't decide

Play it for me, sister

'Cause I got all the time in the world for you

(Nilsa) What are you doing, Kortni?

I'm writing Jeremiah a note.

That's nice.

(Kortni) I kinda feel bad for everything that happened last night,

so I'm writing Jeremiah this note, you know,

just so he knows that I'm there for him,

and he can call me at any time

and I'm always gonna be here.

(Codi) We ready?

Yup. What's going on, brother?

Morning, guys. (indistinct)

(Gus) Hope you're hungry, dude.

(Kirk) Yeah, we gotta send you off right, bro.

We gotta make you a good breakfast, brother.

Thanks, guys.


That's awesome.

Y'all ready for breakfast?

(Candace) We are ready!

(Gus) Let's do it. It's all ready.

Uh, Kortni, could you pass me the grits?

What'd you put in 'em?

My foot.


(Gus) I know we made jokes about Jeremiah being

the father figure of the house, but I really don't know

if the house can function right without the father figure here.


Now I gotta work overtime 'cause you gone.

(Jeremiah) Sorry, mama.

Just don't stay gone too long.

I don't know if we'll make it.


(Codi) I know what he's going through.

It's dj vu,

and it makes me think of my grandfather.

Hey-- Hey, Pa.

(Codi's dad) Uh, Papa passed away last night, about 3:00.

Oh, no.

I think Jeremiah's holding up as best he can be.

He's trying to be strong.

You can tell he's trying to be strong.

(Codi) Wanna talk?


Coming from somebody that's experienced it

and been through this,

just get ready.

'Cause the worst is yet to come.

It's just, be prepared.

Just try to be strong and be prepared.

I'm happy that Codi's, like, here for me.

And, like, the fact that, like, me and Codi are actually, like,

starting to bury the hatchet

and get over some of the old differences...

It feels good.

I appreciate it, Codi. (clears throat)

It means a lot, too. I mean,

last year was rough for us, too.


And, like, I'm just happy that we're at this point

where, you know, I was able to forgive

just as much as you were.


You know? For whatever we did to each other.

Just know I'm praying for you, dude.

I'm here, I'll do anything I can to help you out.

Thank you. I understand what you're saying.

Let me know.

It also teaches you that life's too short

to be holding on to drama.

Thanks, brother.

All right, man. I love you.

I love you, too, dude.

I don't like how (bleep) people act.

(Kirk) Is she being a bitch today? Why?

That (bleep) last night, that pissed me the (bleep) off.

And I'm still mad about it.


Are you talking about me, Aimee?


What happened?

The way you acted

was insane.

Because y'all were hurting my feelings by saying--

Because they told you the truth?

I would never just do that to someone,

so the guy had to have said something to me.

You don't remember nothing last night?

I went off on Nilsa because

when I tried to be real with her

and tell her that she was wrong for doing that,

and she was wrong for throwing a temper tantrum

while Jeremiah's grandfather just passed...

Instead of learning from it, she plays the victim.

If she says something as far as, "You hurt my feelings,"

I'm gonna say, "I don't care."

Hey, will you all come in my bedroom?

(men speaking downstairs)

Candace, you said you saw me do that to the guy?

You did. I saw you do that,

and you was like, "Bye-bye."


Bye. See you later.

It was just how you said it.

So that's what it is.


Hey, guys? Jeremiah's leaving.

(Candace) All right, y'all.

Now, Lord God, equip Jeremiah with

the emotional strength to be able to get through this,

and that you just-- you keep our family member safe.

We love him. Amen.

(all) Amen.

Thank you, Candace. Appreciate you guys.

Don't you forget me

(Kortni) As the days go by,

I feel like I'm getting closer with Jeremiah.

I left the note in his luggage, just to let him know,

"Hey, I'm here for you.

Hey, I care for you and I'll do anything for you."

Don't you forget me

(man) Coming up...

No one can talk to you because,

when someone is real with you,

you get butt-hurt and you wanna leave.

So if that's how you feel, maybe you should just leave.

(Gus) What's up, girlie?

How you doing?

Just working out a little bit.

Let me tell you something.

Treating people like that that you don't even know,

or just people that want to be nice,

I think that that is so wrong.

And let me tell you.

I think it's disgusting.

Yeah, but the thing that bothers me the most about it

is that hurts their feelings.


So when I holler at her and I hurt her feelings,

can you imagine what those people feel like?

This morning, Nilsa is just acting like

nothing ever happened

and that she has done nothing wrong.

And I'm like, no, ma'am.

You're not gonna get away with it that easy.

She was acting funny this morning.

She knew she did something wrong,

but she's not gonna apologize for it.

After I (bleep), you know, I snapped...

I'm sorry if I was rude last night.

No, you're good.

After every person snapped last night

and she went outside and was trying to leave,

Kortni's the only one that tried to stop her.

If that don't speak on your character,

I don't know what does.

And let me tell you something.

As the day goes on,

it pisses me off more and more and more because...

If you're my friend and you're my real friend,

you should come and talk to me about it.

If she's upset that I hurt her feelings,

I don't give a (bleep).

And that's just how it is.

(Gus) Nilsa and Aimee, they're supposed to be best friends

but there's so much beef.

And they won't even talk to each other?

I never thought it would get to the way it is right now.

(Jeremiah) On my way back home,

I stop to eat my lunch

and I find a surprise note from Kortni.

There's just a lot of heart in these words,

and I really appreciate it from Kortni.

It's really meaningful.

But back of my mind I'm thinking,



I don't know where this is gonna go.

I'm literally just so confused,

like, how she thinks I'm such a horrible person.

I'm not gonna sit here

and be made to feel like I am a horrible person

when I know I'm not.

It's kind of a (bleep) feeling

knowing that Aimee's mad at me.

And then, last night, she wasn't anywhere to be found

when I was really hurting and wanting to go home.

Kinda hurts my feelings.

She (bleep) hates me,

for literally... I have no idea why.

(Candace) I don't really know what to do.

(Kortni) Me neither.

If you don't get your ass...

(Kirk) 'Sup, dudes?

(Candace) Just trying to make her feel better.


So what did she do?

She's not mad at anything she did personal;

she's mad because she's seen the type of--

(Kortni) Characteristic.

Well, I don't want y'all sitting here thinking I'm a horrible person.


I don't think anybody in this house is a horrible person.

I just think that y'all need to talk.

Well, this is how I feel about it.

Maybe one day we can talk about it,

but I just don't wanna talk about it right now.

If that would have been my grandpa...

(Candace) Yeah.

You have been unapologetic the whole time.

And that made me see you in a whole new light.

I was hammered drunk.

Drunk or not, you should have known

that that was wrong.

And that's what pissed me off, too.

I was like, "Nilsa, you're drunk."

"Oh, I'm drunk? Oh, (bleep) it, I'm leaving."

No one can talk to you because,

when someone is real with you,

you get butt-hurt and you wanna leave.

So if that's how you feel maybe you should just leave.

Right now Nilsa and Aimee, they're exploding.

It's like, they are friends,

but, like, I don't think it will be the same.

Because, usually, they're holding hands,

locked arms, sitting by each other.

"Sit by me." "Sit by me."

This is a recipe for disaster, straight up.

I don't wanna talk to you because I'm angry,

and I don't wanna talk to you when I'm angry.

Maybe in a couple of days I'll be able to talk to you,

but I don't wanna talk to you right now.

I don't wanna be friends with you right now.

(Nilsa) I'm gonna give her her space

and I'm not gonna talk to her,

and, you know, do her like she's doing me.

It'll get to the point where I don't care anymore,

and then I'll just be done with the friendship, period.

We just had this coming to Jesus moment

about how little things don't matter,

and how we need to enjoy each other's company.

And then ba-boom.

At this point I'm thinking, "Look.

Right now, I just need for everybody to get on the same page."

I don't know what that entails,

but we need to do something big.


You know what would be hysterical?


You can go to, like, an academy

to, like, be a mermaid...


...and they teach you how to be a mermaid.



That exists?

I swear to God.

What city is it in?

It's, like, right outside of Tampa.

You know what that mean? Hashtag...

Road trip!

Road trip!

I don't care what anybody says.

The four of us is getting in the car,

and if y'all wanna fight, fight in the back seat.

But we will be going to Tampa.

We're gonna just force them in the car together.

'Cause that's a lot of tension.

In one car.

Oh, God, yeah.

(man) Coming up...

Big hug.



The guys get the house to ourselves?

Boys weekend!

You know, they need to get their (bleep) together tonight.

Operation: They Need to God Darn Talk.

Operation: Get Nilsa and Aimee...

...Friends Again.

We'll talk to Aimee first.

Why y'all smiling?

'Cause you look beautiful.

No, what's wrong?

Can we go to your room, please?

We're gonna tell Aimee and we're gonna go

to Mermaid Academy.

There's this mermaid academy

where you get to go to a school,

and you get, like a certificate,

and you can become, like, a legal mermaid.

We have to go there. We have to go there.

And then we'll be like, "Look...

we want it to be a girl's trip."

Before you pack anything,

it's a girl's trip.

It's a full girl's trip?

A full girl's trip, mama.

Ugh, Jesus, okay.

It's gonna take a lot of convincing for Aimee.

You need to talk to Nilsa.

I don't wanna talk to her right now.

It's only fair if Nilsa comes, too.


I wanna go regardless if she (bleep) goes or not.

So pack your stuff.

You about to become a mermaid.

I'm ready to leave now.


So, talked to Aimee.

So what do we tell Nilsa?

Nilsa's easy to switch around.

You're going on the trip.

Aimee doesn't want me to go.

This is a girl's trip and guess what?

Last time I checked, you got a vagina.

So you need to be in the car.

Well, you're right, so.

Go pack your (bleep).

I think we should handle it that way.

They'll be fine.

No one will die.


(seagulls squawking)

(phone ringing)

(Jeremiah) What's up?

Oh, my God, hi!

It's Jeremiah. How are you?

I'm doing good. Doing good.

We all went to my grandmother's house last night.

Hey, I wanted to thank you for the letter.

Aw, I love you.

It means a lot. I love you, too.

So when do you think you're gonna head back?

The cremation ceremony's Saturday,

so I'll probably head out the next morning, so.

I wanna talk to him.

What up, brother man?

What's up, Gus?

Tell your mom I'm sorry for her loss and everything,

and, you know, I got her in my prayers.

Yeah, I'll definitely send my condolences, brother.

I appreciate it.

Well, it's good to hear from you guys.

I'm sure I'll see you real soon.

I'll tell you guys when I'm gonna be heading back.


All right, man. Peace out.


I don't know what to expect on this trip.

And I don't know if this fight's gonna be one that lasts forever

and we never talk to each other again.

But at the end of the day, it's Aimee's dream to be a mermaid,

so that would be heartbreaking if I, you know,

had to miss out on seeing that.

Also, Candace is really intimidating.

When she tells me to pack my bags, I'm going,

I have no other choice.

Please don't burn the house down while we're gone.

And I just wanna tell you guys that I know

I have things I need to work on.

Sometimes I say things and I don't even think about it,

and it might come off a certain way

that I don't want it to.

That's why I have you guys.

'Cause I know you guys will help me.

Yeah, of course.

We all got things we got to work on.

It's not just you. I got things I gotta work on.

So we're all gonna help each other with it.

That's why we're here.

We're all here to grow and to be better people.

It's all good.

Bye, y'all.

(men) Bye.

Bye, Kirk.



Hey, y'all drive safe, please.

Hey, we'll make it through it, all right?

Y'all have fun.

This girl's trip couldn't come at a better time.

Because they're gonna be in the car ride for, like,

six hours. They're gonna have to talk.

Here, you need help getting out?

Come on.

Don't do that.

Come on. I'll get the door.

I'll get the door. Come on.

Get my chicken. Get my chicken in the microwave.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

And then the guys get the house to ourselves?

Speed hug, speed hug.



Yes! Thank you! Thank God.


Have fun!


Go get 'em, tiger!

I can't eat my chicken...

(cheering continues)

We just get to go out and get (bleep) up

and not have any drama in the house,

because all the drama surrounds the girls.

Y'all lowdown.

I bet the guys are already in there

spraying beer everywhere.


Dude, let me close my eyes first.

(Codi) I love a good beer shower.

(Nilsa) Are you gonna eat chicken wings and drive?

(Candace) Girl...

I need to go to the bank.

Go to the bank, gym, come back, shower,

eat, bar.

Bank, come back, eat, then bar.

No, you bastard.


So bank, bar, bar, bar.

(Codi) Yes.

Let's bank, bar, bar, bar,

Whatever, dude, all right.

Love you, buddy.

We'll go to the gym tomorrow, I promise.

(Gus) You said that yesterday.

Nah, but we really will.

We really will go to the gym tomorrow. I promise.

Let's see, gym or day drink?

Uh... day drink.

All right, let's see. Let's flip through here.

Bars and clubs. Harpoon Harry's.

You think there's gonna be one cute girl in there?

It's happy hour; there's not gonna be any cute girls.

I'm not like y'all, dude. I don't just drink to drink.

That's stupid.


That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my life.

Why waste all that, and put your body through that,

when there's nothing...

Oh, 'cause it's amazing. It's so much fun.

It's like-- it's exhilarating.

(Kirk laughing)

God almighty.

(faint rhythmic bumping from road)

(music playing faintly)

(Candace) We've been driving

and I'm just like... I'm just so frustrated because...

Nilsa and Aimee have yet to talk.

This is a complete disaster.

We having some fun...

(Kortni) Yeah, what's up, bitch?

(music slows, stops)

I hope Aimee don't rip Nilsa's hair out,

because I can't give her none of this.

This was too expensive.

This was $56.

(Kortni) Can we stop up here and pee?

You tried the vodka?

Wait, wait, wait, wait.

I gotta wash it first, it's dirty.

(Gus) I know it's been a while since I've had some protein intake,

and it'd be a perfect time

for a protein alcoholic shake right now.

G sauce is basically just a healthy drink.

You know, I don't like drinking a lot of calories

when I'm drinking alcohol,

so I'll throw some fruit in there,

I'll throw some protein in there.

Should I put more?

No. God, no.

Some G sauce?

Ooh, God.

You're right, that was more than enough.


Do you wanna splurge a little bit?

We got protein ice cream.


That's gonna be nasty, I bet.

We're gonna drink it either way.

(Gus) Basically, anything healthy you can get your hands on,

you put it in a blender, mix it together and chug it.


Yeah. (bleep) it.

No, I don't want... I don't know if I like it.

It don't matter, you're gonna chug it either way.

Oh... (bleep) you... baby.

(all gulping)

(Codi groans)

Ooh, it's not good.

Ooh, it's not good.

(Kirk) It's not.

Ooh, it's (bleep) horrible.

It's, it's not, it's not good.

It's not good at all.

It's, it's very... it's very bad.

(Codi) Looks disgusting, smells disgusting,

but you know what? I can get zooted out of my mind.

First of all, how much fiber is in that goddamn thing?

Actually a good bit.

Yeah, no wonder I gotta (bleep) (bleep).

(Gus chuckling)

Don't leave me.

(Gus) Some boys just can't hang.

It's all good.

(flatulence, toilet flushing)

Jesus, son.


You need to get that checked.

(man) Coming up...

(Codi) Somebody left flowers at the front door.

"Dear Kortni..."

Oh, my God.

It's from Logan?

Dude, if she sees this,

it's gonna (bleep) with her head.

I turned, you left

Loved you a lot, girl

Hey girl

And I'ma stack it up and I'ma stack it up

Damn... where are the cute girls?

It's a (bleep) Monday.

Nobody goes and does (bleep) on Mondays.

We walk in and the vibe's obviously a little slow,

but we're gonna have a good time with it, man.

I'm gonna enjoy spending some time with my boys.

Do y'all wanna say a prayer real quick

for baby girls?


Thank you for letting us

have us boys enjoy a good evening out.

I pray that you bless us

with some baby girls to look at tonight

and I pray that the girls are having a good time

and they don't kill each other. Amen.



Big thanks.

(Aimee) They still came with the cameras.

(Nilsa) The car ride here was probably

one of the most awkward car rides I've ever been in.

Aimee and I have not spoken one word to each other.

Kortni, you just hand me my bags.

(Aimee) I wanna talk to Nilsa in the future,

but I just don't wanna talk to her right now when I'm mad.

I don't think it's a good time.

The only way that Nilsa is gonna get back in my good graces

is if she gives me a sincere apology

and tells me that she really wants to try to work on herself.

I need some alcohol so bad.

What's this?

What is that?

This is really sweet.

Listen, come here.

It says, "Aimee, I know I have things I need to work on.

"I'm human, I make mistakes.

"I know I am not always

"the easiest person to deal with,

but that's why I need your friendship."

(Aimee) Nilsa wrote a note,

and it literally brings tears to my eyes.

It was really sweet.

"You are one of the kindest, gentle

"and big-hearted people I know.

"If I wanted to give up on us,

"I wouldn't still be fighting.

I believe in us."

I think me being mean to Nilsa

kinda put her in shock and kinda made her realize

you can't make everything about you.

"I know it will take time,

but please don't give up on us.

"You are beautiful inside and out,

and I will always love you."

Oh, that's so sweet.

That's... it made me cry.

(Kirk belching)

I'm throwing up tonight, 100% fact.

For sure.

I don't give a (bleep).

Nothing I'm so sure about.

I've had plenty of times where it's just

me and Jeremiah hanging out,

but I've never actually had the time

where it's just me, Codi and Kirk,

and honestly, I'm bonding with them more

than I ever thought I would.

Would you guys ever let the girls

plan a road trip for us?


Kortni'd be like...

I feel like Kortni hasn't left Panama City.

She'd find something off the wall.

Yeah, that's what I was about to say.

Kortni would say, "Y'all go to Ugly's."

She's a baby girl her whole (bleep) life.

(Gus) Yeah, that is true.

That's what happens when you're a parent

and you treat your kid more like

a best friend than a kid.


(Gus) My dad was hard on us.

(Codi) I got my share of whuppins, but I was never beaten.

I was beat down.

But my thing is...

I was never taught to be your own person.

I was taught to be a certain way,

and if you weren't that certain way,

you were beat into being that way.

See, that's (bleep) up.


And that's why I have problems now

with, like, being who I am,

because I feel like I can't be who I am

without being judged about it.

I'm sorry, Gus, I really am.

It's all good.

Gave me tough skin, you know?

In order to understand the type of person that I am,

the reason I get upset

over things that I get upset about in the house,

then you have to know my background.

You have to know what pushed me to that.

Like, growing up...

my mom, she starts having a freakin' affair.

I get home from school,

I walk in their bedroom, I walk in on it.

I tell my dad and what does he do?

He leaves, and he leaves with another woman.

And leaves me with kids and my mom...

and I hated my mom...

because I walked in on her with another man.


And so my dad,

he comes back a week or two later,

I say, "This is (bleep) up,"

and he says, "Well, if you don't (bleep) like it,

you can get out."

We ended up getting into a scrap.

I'm bigger than my dad.

I ended up winning that.

Because his pride was hurt, I was (bleep) kicked out.

I've never told anybody the whole story.

I hate being vulnerable, I hate opening up,

but you have to be vulnerable.

You have to let, you know, your walls down

and open up to people.

Right after that fight happened...

he looks me in the eye and says,

"You're a piece of (bleep), you're not a good person,

you will never amount to anything."

And so that's why, in this house,

when people come at me for my character,

it takes me back to that.

I don't feel like I can have the conversation with the girls

in regards to why I am the way I am,

why I get upset when you call me sensitive,

because I don't feel like they listen.

I feel like I can have this conversation with Kirk and Codi

because they actually listen to me when I talk.

I did not know that about you

and I am so glad that you have explained that to us.

Because if anybody (bleep) tries you over that (bleep)...

I'ma go in.

...I'm going in.

I'm going all the way in.

I'm going all the way in

and I don't give a (bleep).

If the girls heard Gus's story, they would all be in tears...

and they would never, ever, make fun

or judge his character again.

Well, I'm ready to pay our tab.

I gotta finish the rest of this.

Well, you better start drinking up, bitch,

'cause we're done.


I poured a little bit in yours, from... into mine,

I'll be honest with you,

while you were in the bathroom.

Okay, well, here...


All right, let me help you.

Three, two, one.

(Gus) So instead of going out to the bar

and drinking and finding baby girls...


...we ended up at Harpoon Harry's

drinking fruity drinks and talking about our feelings.

(laughing) It's not really how I thought the night was gonna go.


(glasses clink)

To a hell of a boys' night...

and it ain't over yet.

(Codi) It's not over yet.

Things have been crazy as (bleep) in the house,

so I'm glad to be here.


It's been World War III.

Only between me and you.

You wanna go talk?

No, not just...


Just not yourself.


(Kortni) Have fun.

Our fight was really bad.

I just want you to know

that sometimes you're so (bleep) extra.

I am. You've known that since day one--

I know.

--and you loved it.

I, I am, but it gets on my nerves,

and I love you, but I want you to work on your... sensitivity.

'Cause when I'm saying things to you,

I'm just trying to be real with you.


And I know I need to work on my delivery.

I need to stop being such a bitch.

But last night was crazy.


We are (bleep)-up human beings.

We are (bleep)-up individuals.

But let's be (bleep) up together then.

Let's just be (bleep) up together.

I love you.

It feels really good to clear the air with Nilsa.

I finally got my best friend back,

and plus, I'm becoming a mermaid tomorrow.

And I just want you to know

that I would have been so upset

if I had to miss out on your mermaid day.

I love you.

I love you too.

I don't wanna... it was like a b... a breakup.

It really was.

I, like, woke up last night--

Let's never break up again.

What about friendship? Are we back together?

Yeah, we're back together



Okay, let's go.

(Kortni) I don't know what...

What the (bleep) are you doing?

I don't... (laughing)

Kortni, what the (bleep)?

Bitch, I have no clue.

Boo when I need Codi in my life.

(Nilsa) Oh, don't ever say that.

We're on girls' trip-- no boys allowed, no boys involved.


(dramatic music)

(banging on door)

(banging continues)

What the (bleep)?

(Gus) Kirk, get it.

All of a sudden, there's a knock at the door...

Let's see who it is.

...and I'm thinking, "Oh, no, the girls done came home early."

Please, no. Please.

It's flowers.

Somebody left flowers at the front door.

Is it for me?

I don't know.

I don't know who it's to.

Oh... "Dear Kortni."

Oh, my God.

"It's been a week since I've heard your voice.

"I miss it.

"I hope you know I love you and I did this so...

(together) ...we could last."

It's from Logan?

What the hell? What is Logan doing here

at 3:00 in the morning when he's not even invited?

What do we have here?

"You're picture-perfect, just like in art school."

What the (bleep)?

"Happy fourth month."

He's been stalking her.

(Codi) Just when you think things are back to normal,

Logan is back at the house...

Dude, if she sees this,

this is gonna (bleep) with her head.

...and this mother(bleep) is crazy.

The Description of Girl, Bye