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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How To Remove Ink Off A Doll - Bratz Rock Angelz Jade Makeover

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Watch me remove the ink stains off Rock Angelz Jade

Like it was never there!

[Music: Rosie's Tea Party theme song]

Bratz Rock Angelz Jade Makeover

I bought this Bratz doll from the thrift shop for 3 ninety nine

There's a big ink mark on her cheek

And there's smaller ink marks all over her face

I was thinking, this was my opportunity to show my viewers how to remove ink marks off a doll

Let's get her out!

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]


She's in great condition in spite of the ink marks

The ink on her cheek looks deeply embedded

There's an ink stain over her eye

Some on her chin and nose


This hand is ink stained

There's some on her arm

Some ink on her finger tips

That's a clear elastic on her wrist

Her hair is in great condition

I love the 2 tone hair colour

I was looking at this doll and it dawned on me!

This is the same doll as the smelly doll

from my worst Bratz doll haul video!

Here is ink stained Jade

And here is smelly Jade!

They're both Rock Angelz Jade!

The smelly Jade was beyond repair

The hair was cut and it smelled like urine!

Some dolls just can't be saved!

This one can!

With patience, these ink stains will disappear!

Like magic!

Okay. Before I start, let's get the clothes off

I don't want to get anything on her clothes

I'm pretty sure this is her original outfit

Check out her diamond belly button!

Alrighty! Let's do this!

First, I have to clip her hair up and get it out of the way

Ink is really hard to remove if you don't know what you're doing

You can scrub it with every cleaner in the house

and you will not be able to remove it

But there is one thing that will remove it

like magic!

And that's

Acne cream!

This is the generic brand from the drug store

This brand is called Clear Action

but it comes in a lot of names

One common brand is called Clearisil

The ingredient that it must have

is Benzoyl Peroxide

This brand has 5 percent

but if you can get it higher that would be better

Younger kids should have adult supervision for this

even though this cream is commonly use on skin and

it's suppose to be safe

Okay. Now, apply a small amount

You really don't need much

This is probably too much

Cover all the ink stains

I'm using a toothpick to spread it

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

There's some ink on her lips

Now her hand

and her arm

and any where else where there's ink stains

Okay. All the ink stains are covered with the acne cream

The chemical, benzoyl peroxide is activated in heat and sunlight

So put the doll outside on a hot sunny day

and let the benzoyl peroxide work it's magic

The chemical only works for about 2 hours

It will dry to a white powder

These stubborn ink stains will need a lot of applications

You might not even notice any difference after 3 applications

But be patient!

Here she is at the end of the first day

It looks like it has faded

And here she is at the end of the second day

The ink has significantly faded

Her hand and arm is looking good too

I wiped off the white powder and here she is in the studio

so we can get a better look

The ink over her eye is gone

The ink on her nose and chin is gone

The ink on the arm is gone

There's still ink on her cheek and hand

and a little bit on her lips

Okay. Let's go one more round!

I think a few more applications is all that's needed

This is after the second application of day 3

I think this is it!

Let's go in the studio

I'll wipe off the white powder with the Lysol wipe

The powder gets everywhere

She looks good!

Wipe her hand


Let's get a close up!

Check this out!

The ink marks are gone!

It took 3 days but it worked!

She looks so awesome!

The benzoyl peroxide took off her blush too

So I'll have to put some colour back into that cheek

Let's have a look at her hand

Looks good

There's still a faint hint of the ink

So I'll just give it a few more applications

And it'll be perfect!

Jade really is in great condition

So I'm just going to do a quick hair fix

and get her back in her Rock Angelz outfit

Fixing her hair will be easy

Her hair won't require curling or styling

To de-tangle her hair

I'm using one tablespoon of fabric softener

mixed with hot water

You could use hair conditioner of liquid soap

Spray it all over her hair

Comb out the tangles

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

All done!

Now to wash out the fabric softener

I use dish soap and hot water

And here she is!

Beautiful 2 tone hair

Comb out any tangles

I want to put the hair the way it was meant to be

and how it was rooted

From the photos I found on the internet

She has a side part like this

So that's how I'm going to let her hair dry

I leave her hair to air dry overnight

The next day


Look at this!

No frizz and it's so soft!

There's a dent in her hair where a clip or an elastic was

but that's no big deal

I see there are shorter layers here

Okay. Now that the hair is done, let's move on

For her blush, I want to match it to the other side

I'll be using pencil crayons

but I think you can use chalk or pastels

or even real make-up

as long as you can get the colour you want

I have 2 shades of red

Not sure which one will match

So I'm going to take a piece of paper

and fill in a small area with the colour

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

Hmm. I think it's this one

I'm going to rub my finger in it like this

and pat it on her cheek

a little at a time

Here's a closer look

Pretty good!

I think it needs more

[Music: Sunbeam Waltz]

How's that?


She looks gorgeous!

Now for her clothes!

Check out these rock star jeans!

Belt with rivets

and a chain

Such awesome details

Edgy plaid pattern

and rips

Scrunched up flare bottoms

Raw edges. Very cool

Next. Her Rock Angelz tee shirt

There's a bit of glitter

It's lined with netting

Very cool

Next. Her white ankle boots

with black straps

Very stylish

So I have this leather jacket that belongs to Rock Angelz Jade

but I got it with another doll!

How lucky was this!

Let's get these clothes on her!


Tee shirt

Leather jacket

And boots!

Alright Jade!

Looking very cool!

Her hair has some short layers

Not sure what I'm suppose to do with them

Maybe the short layers are suppose to be pulled to the front

Like this

I think this makes her look edgier

I can't decide which I like better

Which do you like?

The hair off her face?

Or the hair over one side of her face?

Post your answer in the comment section

or click on the icard and take our poll

Whichever way her hair is

Jade looks amazing!

Remember what she looked like before

Covered in ink marks!

Did you ever think they would come off?

Yeah! They did!

Like magic!

Jade looks brand new and beautiful!

Another doll saved!

Thanks for watching!

And see you again soon!

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