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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: สัมภาษณ์งานภาษาอังกฤษผ่านได้ ฝึกแค่6เดือน Ft. UNFOX English

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Tina: So, hi Lacta.

Lacta: Hi.

Lacta: Hello, hello. Tina. Tina: Hi.

Hi. How are you today?

Lacta: I'm good today.

I just woke up, so, maybe...

Tina: Maybe, a little bit confused. What's going on? Lacta: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Forgive me.

Tina: It's okay, it's alright. So... Lacta: How are you? How are you are you now?

Tina: I'm good, too. I'm good, too. Right now, it's 9:00 p.m.

Tina: in America. Lacta: 9:00 p.m.?

Tina: Yeah. Lacta: Now, it's 10:00 in Thailand.

Tina: So how long have you been learning English?

Lacta: I've been interested in English since I studied in University.

But I actually...actually learned it...

Tina: Uh-huh. Learning it. Uh-huh.

after I graduated.

Tina: Oh really! So you actually learned after you graduated. Okay.

Lacta: Yeah.

Tina: For how long would you say that it take you to be able to speak fluently?

Lacta: Less than one year.

Tina: Less than one year! Lacta: Maybe, maybe six months.

Tina: Wow! Wow! That's so nice. So I saw on your YouTube channel...

Did you just literally watch 'Twilight'?

Lacta: Yes, and no because I also do something else...

to practice my English, but I did learn from 'Twilight'.

Tina: Alright, so you watched 'Twilight' and let me...let me ask you.

Why do you like Twilight? Cuz usually, you know, girls like Twilight

but not a lot of guys because it's like a romantic movie.

Lacta: Maybe I wanted to be a vampire.

Tina: Okay. You wanted to be a vampire?

Lacta: Yeah, yeah. At that time I was like...

When I...when I saw a vampire...

and when I walked somewhere else, I would go like...[action sounds]...

like the vampire did in the movie.

Tina: You do things fast. That's what you say. Lacta: Yeah.

Tina: Okay. Okay. Lacta: Maybe I like fantasy.

Tina: Ah! Like fantasy movies something like that, too.

Do you like any other kinds of movies?

Lacta: Yes. Yes, I like...


Tina: Uh huh, 'Avatar', okay.

Lacta: Uh huh. And also 'Harry Potter'. Tina: 'Harry Potter'.

Lacta: But at that time, I wanted to learn American English. So I chose 'Twilight'.

Tina: Ah, okay, so 'Twilight'.

Okay, so how many times have you watched 'Twilight'?

Lacta: I didn't even count it.

Tina: Maybe, like, more than 30 times.

Lacta: Yeah, yeah more than that because at least...

twice a day.

Tina: Twice a day!

Lacta: At least twice a day.

Like when I go to work, when I'm back from work. I mean in the bus.

Tina: In the bus, you listen to the movie.

Lacta: Yeah, yeah, when I was commuting to work.

Tina: Uh-huh, and you didn't get bored.

Lacta: No.

Tina: Really? Wow, wow. Okay. Very interesting.

Lacta: Because I didn't focus on like...

on the movie, but I focused on the language that they speak and I wanted to speak like them.

Tina: Okay, okay. So you repeat after them, too when you watch it?

Lacta: Yeah.

Tina: Okay, okay. Tell me one of your favorite sentences.

Lacta: I forgot.

It's the sentence of the...

the opening of the movie.

Tina: Okay. Who says it? Who says it?

Lacta: Bella, Bella.

Tina: Bella says it, okay.

Lacta: Bella, she was saying...

"I'd never given much thought to how I would die.

But dying in the place of someone I love seems like a good way to go".

Tina: Okay, okay. Okay, that's deep, that's deep.

Lacta: Yeah, deep, deep.

Tina: Okay, I can see anything now.

So why do you want to learn English?

Why after you graduated?

Why not before? Why right now?

Lacta: Actually, I've loved English since I was a...

since I was a child.

but I didn't do anything to improve my English until I...

I got in the university.

But one day in my...

how to say...the fourth...the fourth year... the last year in university,

I went...I went to AIESEC. Do you know AIESEC?

Tina: No, what is it?

AIESEC organization

Student organization. Students who study in universities

and do exchange students from other countries to exchange culture, to exchange languages.

Tina: So it's just kind of like AFS something like that.

Lacta: Yeah. Yeah, something like that. Tina: Okay, okay.

Lacta: But just run by only students.

Tina: Oh, okay.

Lacta:Yeah and non-profitable.

And yeah, and when I got in

to the organization, like we did some exchange students,

like we invite the exchange students to do some project in Thailand.

Yeah, and I was a buddy of the exchange students,

maybe, two or three months in that project.

Yeah, and I felt like I needed to improve my English.

Tina: Okay, so that motivated you to improve your English.

Lacta: Yeah. Yeah, and I skyped with them every day.

Tina: Okay, okay. So you did... Lacta: At that time I could say only a few words.

Like I'd say, "I'm hungry..."

"I want to go there and there," something like this. But not in a long sentence like now.

And when I finished that project, I, yeah, I needed to learn...

more English and I practiced more.

And after graduated, when I was seeking for a job...

that really pushed me to keep learning and improve... Tina: English.

Lacta: Because that was the first time that I...

like I interviewed for my job... Tina: Uh-huh.

Lacta: Uh-huh, and I got a job.

Tina: Ah! Okay. Because you can speak English.

Lacta: Yeah, and it was the first time I interviewed with foreigners, like native speakers.

Tina: Wow, wow!

Lacta: There...there were maybe five or six candidates.

I was the only one who didn't graduate from English subject.

Tina: English major, something like that. Lacta: Yeah, yeah. English major.

Tina: Oh! But you can speak English.

Lacta: Yeah. And in that school we...

we speak English. We need to speak English. We have many Thai...

Tina: Thai people. Lacta: How to say...

Yeah. Thai people in the company, but we need to only speak English.

Tina: Wow. Okay. And it doesn't have to be perfect.

Lacta: No. me now. I think I'm not perfect yet.

And I think it quite dropped from when I was working because when I was working I...

Tina: You spoke English every day.

Lacta: Yeah, yeah, I spoke every day but now like one year already I haven't spoken to anybody.

Tina: Oh. Okay. Lonely.

Lacta: Yeah, maybe this is the first time I talk to people in English.

Tina: Oh! Okay, okay. I feel honored.

Lacta: Yeah, but only with the camera.

Tina: Okay, I see. I see.

So what encouraged you to do YouTube? Like why do you want to...

share your experience and teach others to do like to speak English, too?

Lacta: Because I am the one who learn English by myself.

I've never gone to any...

school. I to say...the private school,

something like that. Tina: A tutorial school.

Lacta: Yeah, a tutorial school.

But I...I try to learn by myself.

So when I was working in the English school

and my friend, one of my friends, he started to do a YouTube channel,

and I felt like I should do, too.

Tina: Interesting. Okay.

Lacta: Yeah, yeah and I asked someone

on Facebook, and he said, "You're working in an English school and you are...

quite good at English. Why don't you do something...

like teach people to learn English too."

So I, yeah, I picked that topic because it's like...

so close to my life at that moment.

Tina: I see. I see. Okay.

Okay. All right before we go, do you have any suggestions for young people or something like that

who maybe or somebody who don't have much time,

you know, to learn English

because you learned English very fast.

What would be your advice? You know, for somebody who is like, "I only have six months."

"I only have one year." "I have to do something".

Lacta: I think...

one problem... the only problem that they need to

to get out of it is...

their mind.

Tina: Okay. Okay.

Lacta: Like just clear your mind if you love English enough.

If you want to improve your English enough

to learn it.

If you love it, if you like really really want it to be your language,

you will do anything to get it.

Tina: That's true.

Lacta: Even...even you...

Tina...even if you see, you watch

someone on YouTube or someone like the teacher, gives you much advice

but you don't think you have to do it.

You don't think you need it. You don't like really really want it,

You wouldn't do anything. You will come up with like...



Tina: Uh-huh. Yes, yes. Uh-huh.

like "I don't have time.", "I sleep late." or "I work all day" or something like that.

If you really love it and you want it so much,

you would get over these excuses

and you'll find the time

and the day, and anything you will do and you will learn like me.

Because when I was learning at that time...

Actually I didn't have any time to learn English

if I could say. Because after work, I needed to...

like help my mother to to do her business.

Tina: Uh-huh. Okay.

Like I worked from...

9 until 6 or sometimes 7.

And then I'd come back... come back at home around 8 or 9 p.m.

And at that time I needed to help her to do her business until midnight.

Tina: Oh! Wow!

Lacta: Yeah like this every day.

But I really really wanted English because I wanted to change a job

to be in ...

an English company or foreign company.

My time that I didn't do anything was...

when I was sitting on the bus.

Tina: I see. So you spend that time...

Lacta: when I went to work, and came back from work.

Yeah, and before, I slept, maybe, one hour or 30 minutes.

I can use those times to learn English, to watch the movie.

Yeah, at least twice a day like I said.

Tina: Ah, okay.

Lacta: Yeah like that and it was...

I didn't feel tired or anything

because I really wanted to get it.

I wanted to get English. I wanted to be able to speak English.

Tina: Yeah, I see. So no excuses.

You know, if you want it bad enough, you will find a way.

Lacta: Just find your reason why you want English, why you want to learn English.

Is it important enough to you...

to take your time to get over any excuses to learn it?

Tina: I see. That's a good...that's a good advice. I like it. I like it.

Alright, so thank you so much for today. Oh my god. It was fun.

And please promote your channel,

your Facebook. What do you have?

Lacta: UNFOX ENGLISH, YouTube channel.

You can watch. Maybe, you put the link.

Tina: Okay. I will. I will. Lacta: In the description for me, right?

Okay. Yeah. My channel is UNFOX ENGLISH .

If you want to learn English with us,

you just go check out my channel and you'll see like many many videos that

can help you improve your English.

Tina: I see. And you have other channels, too. I saw it. What is it?

Lacta: Yeah. Yeah. I have other two channels, But I would do some vlogs.

Tina: Vlogs? Okay. Lacta: Because at first,

Yeah, at first I wanted to do the channel that I could do anything in my channel

but I found out that maybe I should do only English for UNFOX ENGLISH.

And if someone who wants to follow me, just follow me in the other channel.

Tina: Ah. Okay, okay.

Lacta: It's just my name, "Lacta Warakorn"

Tina: Yeah, that's it for today. Thank you so much.

If you guys want to follow Lacta, you can go... I'll put the link down below.

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Tina: Okay. So... Yeah, I'll see you guys next time. Bye.

Lacta: Bye.

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