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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: INTIMATE. Folge 15 - FREDDY (English subtitles)

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Tom Sielski: Still waiting for the extra.

Should be here any minute.

Oskar Belton: Hi

Tom: Hi. Extra?

Oskar: No. Actor.

Tom: Did nobody come pick you up?

Oskar: No, I walked. Somehow nobody came to pick me up.

Tom: Yeah, whatever. Name?

Oskar: Oskar

Tom: Bolton? Or what?

Oskar: Belton. Yeah.

Tom: Belton? Okay. Alright.

Listen. You have to go get make-up and costumes done.

I'll bring you to your trailer. You'll join Jan there.

Oskar: Yes

Tom: So, you've been walking for a while?

Oskar: Yeah, was exhausting. Long way.

Tom: Sure. There's worse things.

See there? Upfront, second door.

Oskar: Thanks

Tom: Alright

Jan-Josef Liefers: Ahh. Would you bring me another coffee? Thanks.

Oskar: Actually I'm an actor.

Jan: Ohh. Really?

Couldn't tell.

Jan: Did you study that?

Did you study that?

I mean: is it fun? Do you like acting? Do you like being an actor?

Oskar: Yeah. Sure.

But, you know, I wasn't ... I didn't attend acting school.

Jan: If you like it so much, you know, then why don't you study it?

I'm serious.

It starts at zero. Voice, language ... you know ... body, HAAAH


Oskar: Did you actually study it?

Jan: Of course.

Of course!

Oskar: In acting school?

Jan: Of course! You think otherwise I'd sit here?!

Jan: Never mind. You're sitting here as well.

* Jan makes weird noises *

Jan: Can you do that?

* Both of them are making weird noises *

Jan: ballless!

Come here! Come here with me! Knee down!

* In unique mantra manner * "Had I just trusted my mother!"

"Ohhhh had I just trusted my mother!"

Jan: Not bad for such an amateur.

Oskar: I also think you can ummm ... your're one of my favourite actors!

Jan: For real?

Oskar: Yes!

Jan: Appreciate it!


Means a lot to me.

You're funny!

Oskar: Do you know the series "Intimate"?

Jan: Sure


Oskar: No... Youtube.

I shoot the series with my friends. It's about -

Jan: No, I don't know

Oskar: - love, girls...

Jan: Nope, don't know.

No, I don't know

I do not know

Oskar: I mean, if you wanted to you could totally join us on set.

Jan: Are you kidding?!

No, no, no, no.

Can't do that.

Really, cannot do that!

Really can't. I'd be immediately out of this biz ... business.

... for real ...

Oskar: Why?

Jan: Internet?! Hello??

It's like participating in "I'm a celebrity ... get me out of here!"

No, no no ... I'm already imagining the interview "Mr Liefers, after your performance in ... what's it called?!"

Oskar: "Intimate"

Jan: " ...- performance in "Intimate", it got a little silent around you."

Let's be real ... Who watches such crap anyways?!

Tom: "I'm right in front of it!"


"Yeah, sure, that's fine."

Oskar * from inside *: Yes?

Tom: Yes? What yes?

You can go home. Your scene got cancelled.

Oskar: Okay

Do I get a ride?

Tom: No, you know the way already. Don't have a driver, sorry.

Bye, thanks!

Katharina Schüttler: Max, would you please put away your phone?

Emil Belton: Thanks

Katharina: There you go, Max.

Did you hear Emil? Just now?

What he just said? If you heard it?

Max Mattis: No? What did you say?

Emil: Thanks?

Max: Thank you, mom.

Katharina: You're welcome, Max.

Charlotte Martz: Aww, thank you, beloved mommy!

Katharina: Aww, honey! Welcome!

Katharina: I know, it's hard saying thank you...


How's it going? With the girls?

Emil: With the girls?

Yeah, it's alright.

I mean ... it's okay...I mean ... currently single.

Katharina: Didn't you see the super cute one ... Paulina?

Emil: Yes. yes!

But it's been a while.

Katharina: Yes?

Emil: Yes.

Katharina: You guys were such a cute couple.

Emil: Yeah, think so, too.

Katharina: With Max ... I don't know.

It's literally been a while.

Emil: With Max?

Katharina: Yes! I mean that we met a girl...

Did we ever meet a girl here? At home?


Emil: Did you ever have one?

Katharina: Ella? Was that her name?

I'm sure it was Ella. Back in elementary school.

Charlotte: Which Ella? Do I know her?

Katharina: Umm, no. You weren't born by then.

When was that? No, it was ... late 90s?

Sorry, Max. Think it was 3rd or 4th grade?

Charlotte: I had five boyfriends already.

Torben, so my last boyfriend, he was four grades above me.

Katharina: Torben? The private tutor?

Charlotte: No, not the privtate tutor. That was my 4th boyfriend.

Max: Four grades older than you?!

Charlotte: Yes. Why?

Or maybe three? Not sure.

* Alexander Wipprecht explains math functions *

Alexander: Have they been sleeping for longer?

For such patients we're more than prepared.

* whispers * "You should cover your ears!"

Good morning, gentlemen!

Had a good time last night?

I understand, it's not easy being a student.

Bruno, now that you're among us, please do us a favour and quickly solve that exercise.

Bruno Alexander: Nooo, sorry.

Bruno, come on! Come down here. Big applause for Bruno! Come on!

There you go!

Katharina: Max, okay, maybe that's gonna sound weird, but I just wanna have mentioned it once:

You know, just to - oh god

just to have said it.

Doesn't have to be - you know - doesn't need to be a woman!

Max: Oh no...

Katharina: No, I mean, it's true, though!

Emil: But she's right! It really doesn't have to be a - doesn't have to -

Max: Yeah, of course she's right, but I'm not, no -

Katharina: But Max, I'm serious!

You know -

Maybe it sounds stupid, but you, if you -

If you'd like to bring home a boy, you could totally do that. Really! Would be perfectly fine!

Max: I know that, mom.

Katharina: Would be absolutely fine, if you -

Emil: - were gay!

Katharina: If you were gay that would be totally okay with me.

Max: Yeah. But I'm not.

Emil: If he were gay, I think, I'd like it better.

Because I think men among themselves understand each other better than women among themselves.

I mean women understand each other and men understand each other better than with the opposite sex.

Therefore I just think that -

Katharina: Because they know each other?

Emil: Yes. For example Max. If I was gay I'd totally date him.


Katharina: That's because you guys know how your genitals work.

Emil: Yes. For example.

Katharina: Sounds silly, but yeah.

Sorry, Charly.

That's because the unknown scares people.

You've always been such a frightened child, so...

Max: You women are not unknown to me!

I already had two -

Katharina: But sometimes that's why! We also run around naked in the apartment

and then that might, I don't know, changes the relation

or that you, don't know, see a woman and then you're like "oh that's my mom or my little sister" or when you took a bath together ... which is super normal -

Emil: - kinda blunts the senses.

Katharina: Yes! Really! ... I mean ...

I just wanted to say it.

Max: Recently, umm, sooo ...

Recently I met somebody on the street that I only know from the gym

and I'm sure you know that, too: you don't greet the people when they are training.

But then there was this weird moment, where we were looking at each other

and didn't know if we say hello or like what, because both of us knew we know each other. Was super weird, because we felt there's something, but now I don't know -

Katharina: - and he's gay?

Max: No!

Katharina: Ok ... Wait, then why are you telling us this?

Max: Don't know. Awkward.


Katharina: Ohh, we have to leave for ballet! Totally lost track on time!

Max: Bye.

Katharina: Tell me, where are the ballet shoes?


Emil: It really wouldn't be a big deal, if you were gay, Max!

Max: Dude! I am NOT gay!

You know that!?

Emil: What did she say about ballet?

Max: My little sister goes to ballet classes.

Emil: Max, that's the solution!

Max: That's bullshit!

Emil: We are totally doing this! We're taking ballet classes!

Max: We can't even dance!

Emil: Of course we can dance! I can dance!

Max: You're flexible like a cow!

Emil: I'm not flexible like a cow!

Max: Of course!

Emil: Bro, in the end of the day it's about meeting girls!

Let's go, Max, come on!

Bruno: Okay, not sure how to solve this ..., but ... I have an equation that you can't solve either.

I'm writing the equation down here and if you really can't solve it, then I also don't have to solve the other one, deal?

Okay, you're allowed to add one single line and it has to equal what's written. What are you doing?

You don't know?

You don't know it.

Wipprecht: Yes, I do not know.

Bruno, Bruno

Bruno: Yo.

Wipprecht: You know what, Bruno?

Every two semesters, there's always a guy like you.

You come to my class, fall asleep - I prepare myself! You know! I prepare the class in the evening ...

I wanna teach the students ... all your class mates around you: they wanna learn something!

And you? You just come here, sit down in the center of the room with your buddy and decide to SLEEP for fifteen minutes?!

Look at me! How should that make me feel??

Bruno: Not good. Sorry.

Leo Fuchs: He didn't mean it like that.

Wipprecht: Ohh, so now he didn't mean it like that?!

How's that? "Oh sorry, fell asleep, but didn't mean it like that."

Never mind. Actually it's pretty funny. Gonna steal that one from you.

When I was your age, I was maybe 2nd semester, back in Cologne, studying maths, we had this professor ...

... he was like ... nobody took him serious. There was kinda the same situation, same as with you.

I had to come up to the board, draw this graph

and then from underneath, I just -

Yeah, yeah, penis jokes never get old.

Bruno: Mr. Wipprecht, I think they didn't laugh because of you.

Or did you? No.

They laughed, because Leo threw something in the basket.

Alexander: Thanks, that's it. You're dismissed.

Bruno and Leo, you stay here!


I really feel like kicking you two out!

I really, really feel like reporting you to the dean!

Leo: My mom's gonna kill me! Please, don't!

Bruno: We would do anything! Really, is there anything we can do? For you?

Wipprecht: Hi, honey.

Lea Zoe Voss: Hi. Can you give me a ride to my ballet class? Have to get going now.

Wipprecht: Sure, just wait a minute outside, I'll be right there.

You'd do ANYTHING?

Bruno: Yes!

Leo: 100% everything!

Wipprecht: Maybe there is something.

Tonight 8pm. My place.

Bruno: Okay. Thank you.


Bruno: Now that's a little unfortunate.

Leo: Very unfortunate.

Bruno: Don't feel like it, Oskar!

Oskar: Sure! We're doing this!

We're doing this!

You with us?

Leo: No, gotta work.

Oskar: Alster?

Bruno: Yo Leo, 7 pm!

Leo: 7 pm.

Bruno: You wanna head straight to the Alster?

Oskar: Yeah.

Bruno: Where did you get the boat from?

Oskar: Won it at the fair.

Bruno: At the what?

Oskar: At the fair. Dom. At the DOM.

Bruno: Pedal left, brake right?

Oskar: Other way round.

Reverse gear, slowly release the clutch. Slowly!

Bruno: If we fall into the water, we really do have a problem.

Oskar: Yo, pull over! Pull over!

Anna-Lena Schwing and Hanna Binke! Reverse gear!

Oskar: Hey, we follow them, Bruno. We follow them! Where are they going?

Bruno: Yo, "Kaifu Lodge", they go train in the gym.

Oskar: Yo, we're also going!

Bruno: Shall I just park here?

Oskar: Yeah, just leave the car right here.

Max: Here it is.

Emil: Yeah, here it is.

Max: Looks a little empty.

Emil: Max, I'm pumped!

Max: Yeah, we go inside and ask.

Emil: We have to take our shoes off.

Max: Whatever, we just wanna ask!

I really don't wanna join them right away.

Yeah. Look inside.

Let's leave.

Emil: Let's take a look!

Max: Whatever, we can't just go in there.

Julie Pecquet: Yes?

Max: We just wanted to get some info on how -

Emil: Yeah, we just wanted to ask, if we could maybe join once as a trial session?

Julie: For sure not with these shoes. Experienced in dancing?

Max: Umm, my little sister dances here...

Julie: Great.

Emil: I was clubbing yesterday?


Julie: We continue! Left and one, and two, and three...

Max: Yo, I'm so not gonna wear this!

Emil: Max, you ARE wearing this! Go!

Max: No kidding, these are leggings!

Emil: Whatever, put them on now.

Max: Bro, just look at us!

Emil: That's sexy, Max!

Max: But that's not what the girls like!

That you're into this that I know already!

Emil: Bro, that's so sexy, I'm telling you!

I'm sure girls also like that.

Okay Max, let's do this!

Max: If that's not what we are hoping for, we're leaving!

Oskar: Bruno, Bruno. We won't get into the gym like this!

Bruno: I have an idea, follow me.

Oskar: Take this.

Bruno: Oskar! Press "stop"!!

Press "stop"!

Bruno: Hi

* Julie gives instructions *

Max: Yo, what the?!

Emil: I got a question: I once watched a show on ARD about this Adonis-like guy and a girl

and she ran towards him.

Julie: You mean the Dirty Dancing - lift?

Emil: Exactly, Dirty Dancing.

That's why I wanted to ask if maybe we could do that, because I got this special move.

I'm sure I could easily do that with a girl

to spice things a little bit up in here.

Julie: Yeah, yeah, totally.

Young-Adonis here and the other Hercules are gonna show us the Dirty Dancing lift.

Emil: Actually I wanted to do that with a girl.

Do I have to do that with Max now?

Julie: Actually you do.

Julie: Go ahead.

Emil: You run towards me, I grab you on your belly and lift you up.

Run like you mean it!

Max: Ready?

Julie: Good, then let's gather in couples.

Okay, pick a partner. One in the front, one from behind.

When going up, I go through the arms, follow the movements. Not too fast, not too slow.

In terms of dancing,


Okay, find a partner.

Go, go, go, go

Julie: Pick a partner.

* Julie gives instructions *

Zoran Pingel: If you wanna dance, you gotta flex your butt. Come on.

Here you have to be free!

As I said, I know a few very good hip exercises. Try being super strong!

Max: Yes. I am super strong!

Come outside! Now!

Emil: I'll be right back!

Max: Dude, I'm so done with this shit!

Emil: Max, what's going on with you?! I almost hooked up with her, didn't you see that?!

Max: Yeah, I also almost got hooked up, but did you see by whom?!

Max: He has more hair on his chest than I do! What the?!

That was not the plan, was it?!

Emil: You can at least let yourself in for that! As your mother said!

Max: I'm so not into such experiences!

Emil: Bro, in the end of the day we're here to hit on girls, or what?

I wanna hook up with that blonde chick! I really wanna bang her, did you check out her body?!

She drives me crazy, she really does!

Max: Okay, we'll get it over with, but then -

Emil: We'll find you a new partner!

Julie: What do you actually want here?!

I'm listening?

What is it?!

Emil: We came to dance.

Julie: I just heard to hit on girls.

Hitting on girls? What is that??

This is a holy hall!

Respect it!

I'm gonna hit on you!

I'm so gonna hit on you!

* swears in French *

Get out of here! Out!

Max: Good.

Julie: Okay, we continue.

Bruno: Wanna take a few more?

Oskar: Yes more. More.

Bruno: You can do it, right?

Oskar: Of course.

They're watching already.

Bruno: Come on.

Oskar: Are they watching?

Bruno: Yeah, they are.

Oskar: Bruno, maybe it's a little too much.

Bruno: Just chill a sec.

Bruno: Hey.

Oskar: Bruno, Bruno!

Anna-Lena: We're almost done.

Bruno: What?

Hanna: Two more sets and we're done.

Bruno: Oh no worries, just wanted to say hey.

Bruno: Hey.

Anna-Lena: Hey.

Hanna: Oh god, is he alright?!

Bruno: Yes, he's fine.

Hanna: What is it?

Bruno: Nothing, he's fine, no problem!

Oskar: Oh, that's nice. Really!

Bruno: Oskar, bro! I got you! I got you!

Good that I came!

You okay, Oskar?

Hanna: Wow, you're for sure more often here than we are.

Bruno: Yeah, I come quite often. Like a lot.

I can totally show you a few exercises if you guys wanna.

Oskar: My throat, my throat!

Bruno: Naw, you're fine. Lay down a bit.

Oskar: Water would be great. Cool.

Bruno: I could show you a biceps - exercise.

Hanna: Oh no, it's really red!

Bruno: There's also -

Hanna: It's a little swollen.

Bruno: There are great exercises for -

Hanna: You should really see a doctor!

Bruno: You're fine! It's okay!

Oskar: I have to chill for a bit. Is there anything I can do?

Hanna: I don't know, maybe drink some water?

Hanna: Luis! Hey!

Anna-Lena: You know each other?

Bruno: We were just talking, Luis!

Oskar: What are you doing, Luis?

Luis Lauschner: Dude, that's my shirt.

Oskar: What are you talking about, that's mine!

Really thats mine, I just bought it.

Bruno: That's Oskars favourite shirt.

Luis: Torben! Torben!

Oskar: Stop it, really, I'll give it back to you!

Torben: What's up?

Luis: That shirt. You didn't find it, did you?

Torben: Is that your shirt?

Bruno: That's his.

Torben: I've never seen you guys.

Bruno: We come here a lot.

Torben: Show me your membership cards.

Bruno: Luis has my card.

Luis: No I don't have your card.

Torben: Show me your card!

Yo, are you guys kidding me? Get the fuck outta here.

Bruno: Luis, fuck you, dude!

Oskar: Yo, I'll keep the shirt.

Torben: Shirt stays here, buddy.

Shirt stays here I said!

Take it off!

Bruno: As if he really has to take it off.

Torben: Take it off I said!

The shirt stays here!

Take the shirt off!

Get outta here!

Anna-Lena: We wanted to go for a sauna, will you join us?

Luis: Sure!

Torben: Luis! Have fun!

Torben: Did I say pause or what?! Keep going!

Pause when I say so!

Low, lower, boy!

Wipprecht: So. Are you feeling well?


Bruno: No, thanks.

Wipprecht: My family

has a situation


this creature, which is the most important to us

is about to die.

The worst is seeing Fredericks eyes.

They stare at you

wanting to

wanting to say something, but it's not possible anymore.

My daughter almost caught me

as if her father was a murderer

and that's why I thought that maybe you can finish the job for me.

That you just take a pillow, until

he stops breathing. Exactly.

The room is at the end of the hallway.

Thank you.

You may leave.

Bruno: Leo, what's wrong with him?!

Leo: He's a fullblown psycho!

Bruno: Bro, I'm gonna call the cops.

Leo: What? No! You're not calling the cops!

Bruno: Sure!

Leo: Bruno, we gotta have to do that!

Bruno: What do we have to do? Killing the guy?!

Leo: Yes!

We get kicked out of uni, okay?

Bruno: Dude, if we kill him we walk straight into jail!

Do you rather wanna kicked out of uni or go to jail?

Leo: Fuck, I can't do that.

Bruno: I'm gonna take a look, okay?

There's nobody.

Leo: Is he kidding?!

Bruno: Leo

Leo: What?

Bruno: Freddy is a hamster.

That's a fucking hamster, man! It says Freddy on there!

Bruno: Why doesn't this fucking asshole tell us that he's a hamster?!

Leo: I'd kill a hamster.

Bruno: No, man.

Leo: What no, of course!

Bruno: I'm not gonna kill a hamster!

Leo: I'm breaking his fucking neck, I don't care.

Bruno: Yo, chill, dude!

Leo: It doesn't matter!

Bruno: Leo, you gotta chill!

Leo: I'm not getting kicked out of uni, because I didn't wanna kill a hamster!

Bruno: Leo, give him to me, really.

Leo: Take him, take him now!

Bruno: Leo, you're not gonna kill a hamster!

Leo: The question is HOW do we kill the hamster.

We hang him.

Leo: Push him, push him off the thing.

Bruno: Why shall I push him? Just let go.

Wipprecht: Hurry, somebody is coming!

Bruno: Leo, think of something! Quickly!

Leo: Give him to me, I'll kill him now, okay?

I'll step on him.

Three, two, one

Bruno: And?

Leo: He's gone.

He's gone, dude!

Bruno: Over there!

There he is.

Leo: He's gone!

Bruno: There he is!

You got him?

Come here.

Bruno: Or we take him home, okay?

Leo: We keep him.

Bruno: Put him in your sweater.

Leo: Put him inside.

Lea: So we just did some warm up

and then there were two boys that wanted to join.

Thought it was cool that they had the courage in a girls-only group

and then they danced along a bit

and I also danced with one of them

Wipprecht: He could do that?

Lea: Was okay.

Anyway, doesn't matter, then they left and I also had to go to the washroom, that's why I followed them.

Then I heard them talk and you wanna know why they actually wanted to join?

Only to hit on girls.

Lea: Hi.

Bruno: Hello.

Bruno: About to leave.

Lea: What are they doing here?

Wipprecht: Only getting their jackets.

I assume we are even.

Bruno and Leo: Yes.

Lea: Why even?

Why are you even? What for?

Bruno: Nothing.

Lea: What do you have there?

What do you have there?

Leo: Nothing.

Lea: Show me.

There is something!

Bruno: Nothing.

Lea: Dad!!

What the fuck??

Dad, did you lose your mind?!

That's my hamster!!

Wipprecht: He is mortally ill!

Lea: He is dead, oh my god, what did you do to my hamster?!

Wipprecht: You're moving out in two years anyways! Do you wanna take him with you wherever you go?

Bruno: Oh shit.

Leo: My daughter will never get a hamster.

Bruno: Mine is gonna get a turtle.

Leo: Why?

Bruno: They live longer.

Quit smoking.

The Description of INTIMATE. Folge 15 - FREDDY (English subtitles)