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is intermittent fasting good for you a lot of people have heard about some

intermittent fasting benefits they've heard about some drawback they wonder is this natural is

it doable well there's a lot of different aspects to it but today we're

going to give you 36 benefits of why intermittent fasting may be good for you

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so that you don't miss anything so first of all what is intermittent fasting well

fasting is when you don't eat so eating is when you put something in your mouth

and swallow and fasting is when you take a break from doing that intermittent

fasting is just talking about different periods of fasting how do you structure

it how long do you go without fasting etc so when we're talking about this

today we're not making any distinction between different kinds of fasting so

there's things like 16/8 patterns there is ohm at one meal a day there's five to

eat normal five days change it up two days alternating days eating normal one

day and and fast or almost fast one day or you could also do extended fast which

means you're going 36 hours or longer with nothing but water so we're not

going to talk about the different types today but just know that the principle

of fasting of not eating allows some physiological changes and we're going to

talk about the benefits of those changes if you have any or several of these

issues then chances are it's a really good idea for you but if you are

underweight if you're undernourished if you're malnourished if you are growing

such as a child or if you're pregnant then those are times when it's not a

good idea to do a fast because you have different

nutrient requirements so please keep that in mind and also if you are on any

form of medication such as a type 2 or a type 1 diabetic then make sure that you

talk to your doctor about what's going to happen so that they can monitor and

help you regulate your medication better because if you start fasting and you

don't introduce any new sugar into your body then you are over medicated and you

run the risk of hypoglycemia so the first benefit is that when you don't eat

you reduce blood glucose anytime you eat something

it has to be digested and at some point enter the bloodstream and raise blood

sugar so if you're having high blood sugar then fasting allows that blood

sugar to drop when the blood sugar drops there is less or no need for insulin to

be released so along with draw blood sugar goes less insulin and if you have

high insulin a lot if you eat a lot of sugar over a long period of time and you

trigger a lot of insulin over a long period of time you get insulin

resistance so fasting helps reverse insulin resistance and as a result of

reversing insulin resistance we also reverse some of the things that are

directly associated with insulin resistance

number four fasting allows you to lose weight and that's sort of

self-explanatory if you don't eat you lose weight but more importantly it

allows you to lose weight and keep it off because 99% of diets fail because

they don't address insulin resistance if you restrict calories and you manage to

lose some weight but you're still insulin resistant the weight will come

back because you haven't changed your setpoint

so what fasting allows you to do is to lose the weight and reduce insulin

resistance and then your basic metabolic rate stays up number five it allows you

not just to lose weight but to lose fat and to lose the fat in

the place where it matters most because the fat that's gained around the

midsection that's the dangerous one that's the one associated with insulin

resistance it's called abdominal fat and it is

associated with all the problems associated with insulin resistance so by

fasting you drop insulin and you allow yourself to lose the bad fat the

dangerous fat it helps reverse syndrome X metabolic syndrome and in doing that

metabolic syndrome is associated with insulin resistance and associated with

metabolic syndrome are things like cholesterol so you can help lower

cholesterol you can help lower triglycerides you can help lower blood

pressure you can help lower inflammation and in doing those things you also

reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease heart attacks myocardial

infarctions and you reduce the risk of stroke so I think so far we've covered a

good amount of good reasons because these are all the top killers of mankind

especially in the Western world but pretty much in the entire world these

days and of course part of all of this metabolic syndrome and insulin

resistance the end stage or the the severe stage of insulin resistance is

type 2 diabetes so fasting is one of the most powerful ways to reduce type 2

diabetes and in doing that we also reduce the risk of getting blind because

type 2 diabetes is the number one cause of blindness it is the number one cause

of kidney failure it is the number one cause of amputations so people who are

on dialysis for kidney failure that's usually a result of type 2 diabetes

people who start getting their toes and their feet and their legs and their

fingers amputated that's a side effect that the consequence primarily of

type 2 diabetes so we're reducing the risk of all of those seventeen etaf adji

self eating fasting induces self eating or a toff adji and what that means is

the body gets really good at recycling all the stuff that you don't want in

your body their body gets much much better at recycling it starts eating the

stuff that you don't want in the body when you eat all the time the body

doesn't have to be so specific it doesn't have to be so meticulous in

paying attention to every little scrap and morsel that you eat but when you

don't eat the body has to get much much better at preserving the resources so

now it gets much better at recycling the debris so cells that break down and die

it gets really good at using all those materials and it goes much better at

going after those cells that need cleaning up such as cancer cells and

things that create problems in the body so number eighteen reduced cancer is a

result of that otology and some of the things that also helps clean up our

pathogens so it's not on the list but another benefit is actually improved

immune function 19800 G is associated with longevity just like they've done

Studies on calorie restriction and found that animals and people live longer at

otha G is a very powerful way to create the same effect it extends lifespan at

otha G and fasting also produces it's one of the most powerful ways to produce

two hormones called human growth hormone and BDNF brain-derived neurotrophic

factor and both of these are also associated with the longevity but the

really cool part about these two hormones is that they are necessary to

make synapses and what does that mean your brain has a hundred billion brain

cells each one of those brain cells makes an

average five to ten thousand connections or synapses with other cells so those

complicated connections are called neural networks and it is how your body

sends signals it's how your body learns things it's how your body remembers

things and the more BDNF and the more growth hormone that you have the easier

it is for the body to make synapses and new connections so in other words you

get better at learning and they found that fasting and high-intensity interval

training and thinks that improve growth hormone and brain derived neurotrophic

factor can even build new brain cells even 15-20 years ago they didn't think

that was possible but now they know that you can make new

brain cells but it depends on these two hormones so more hormonal benefits are

number 22 and 23 you improve your leptin sensitivity and you improve your ability

to use gralen and respond to grayling appropriately what does that mean leptin

has to do with fat storage and fat utilization so your body gets more

sensitive and better able to tell when is it time to eat what what resources do

we have in the body and gralen also is related to hunger so both of these help

you regulate hunger and you know your body knows better when you are actually

hungry and when you just have a craving so one of the aspects of long-term

weight loss is to teach the body what appropriate energy levels an appropriate

hunger is number 24 fasting just like a ketogenic diet improves ketones it

creates ketones in the keto diet we talk about reducing carbohydrates so low that

the body has to burn fat and a side effect that a byproduct of that is

ketone production well when you fast you're eating a zero carbs that's even

less than the ketogenic diet so the production of ketones is even more

powerful part of that means that there are some brain benefits and when the

brain gets happier when the brain starts running more on ketones than glucose

they have noticed benefits such as improved energy improved mental clarity

improved concentration and part brain benefit and part reduction in insulin

and inflammation is that number 28 fasting also reduces the risk of

Alzheimer's disease and dementia and associated neurodegenerative diseases

number 29 now we're getting into something a lot of people don't talk

much about because so much is on the focus of of blood sugar and so forth but

think about gut healing every time that you put something in your mouth and

swallow that means your digestive system has to go to work and if you do that six

times a day then that's six times a day that your digestive tract has to go to

work that doesn't give it much chance to recover and heal and regenerate so

fasting is a powerful way to allow some gut healing the gut the intestines the

membranes the intestinal mucosa all those sensitive tissues that have a

really high turnover finally they get a break and they have a chance to just

regenerate and take care of themselves as a result you can reduce leaky gut

which means you can reduce allergies and food sensitivities you can reduce

autoimmunity because a lot of immune reactions is because of leaky gut when

when you have leaky gut particles that are too large to normally get through

into the bloodstream all of a sudden the gut is leaky and

these large particles get through and now they become enemies they be

come foreign invaders and your immune system sets out to attack and eliminate

them autoimmunity can be a result of that number 32 pancreas regeneration

there's some exciting research that shows that the pancreas can regenerate

as well so part of that is because we're giving the digestive tract a break and

the pancreas is a digestive organ it makes both insulin and it makes

digestive enzymes to break down the food so because we're not eating it gets a

break from both of those activities and it has been there's some exciting new

research that shows that there's some hope to regenerate pancreas tissue both

in type 2 and type 1 diabetics number 33 now we're getting into a few more

practical benefits that fasting is simple it saves time if you eat six

times a day that takes a lot of time both food preparation and the time to

chew and swallow but when you're fasting now all that time is freed up whether

you eat once a day or twice a day or if you're doing and extended fast it means

you're eating a whole lot fewer meals you spend less time preparing less time

eating so very very convenient number 34 it can finally get rid of that sugar

craving so sugar is an addiction it controls many people's lives and

something as simple as fasting can take care of that once and for all another

aspect of sugar cravings is this fasting gives you more flexibility so imagine

that you can go out shopping you can go out and do errands you can go out in the

yard and do some work without having to worry about planning in your meals okay

if you miss miss a meal if you have to go six or eight hours without eating

it's not a big deal your body knows what to do you stay

level-headed and you still function and feel good number 35

it can save you so if you don't need to lose weight then

it's probably not going to save you that much money because you you eat a little

bit less during one period you're probably going to eat a little more

during another period but if you are trying to lose weight then think about

the weight that you have on your body that you want to lose whether it's fifty

or a hundred or 150 or 200 pounds that represents probably thousands of dollars

of food that if you fast and you start using that stored that bank account

sitting on your body then you could save thousands of dollars in the process of

getting rid of the weight and number 36 is that fasting can be very very

powerful it can be that last resort for the person who have tried everything

else and that just not getting the results whether what they're trying to

improve is brain fog or whether it's mental clarity or whether it is an

autoimmune disease or whether it's an ache or a pain who knows that a lot of

times they're stuck because their body has not been able to go through all

these benefits of auto Fujii and insulin resistance reduction and so forth

and a lot of people as as many people as I've had success on the low carb high

fat or keto diet some people do that and it still doesn't work they still don't

lose weight they still don't get any any health benefits because their bodies are

so insulin resistant that cutting the carbs is not enough you have to cut the

carbs by taking them to zero and fast for an extended period of time and for

some people a 16-8 is not long enough a 16-hour fasting window is not long

enough for the body to open up the the fat vault they might have to go to Oh

mad or even 36 or longer faster than that so it can

be very very powerful it can be the thing that finally crosses the threshold

that finally unlocks the body into moving toward toward a healing solution

and remember that fasting can be very very powerful but it can also be a

little bit dangerous for the wrong person at the wrong time so before you

get into any extended fasting make sure that you learn enough that you can do it

safely do it under the supervision of a doctor who knows what they're talking

about if you're gonna do any extended fast and especially if you are on some

kind of medication especially like a type 1 diabetic because if you start

fasting then you are over medicating your insulin or if you're on metformin

or something else and you start fasting then you are over medicating because

you're not putting any more sugar into the system so now there's a chance of

hypoglycemia and some stuff like that but a 16-8 should be perfectly safe for

everybody so start playing around with it watch lots of videos read up on this

and get really smart talk to your doctor and then you can do this safely and reap

some of these benefits if you're new to the channel and you enjoy this sort of

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share this with as many people as you can because there's a lot of people

suffering there's a lot of people with insulin resistance there's a lot of

people with any and all of these conditions that we've talked about and

fasting and more good health information could be just the thing that they need

so if you care about them share this they can get better too thanks for


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