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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE CRAZIEST KEYBOARD EVER

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What's up guys, Lew here back with another video.

And today I am genuinely excited.

Not that I'm not normally genuinely excited, but today, it's another level.

We're taking it up a notch,

and the reason is because this thing in front of me.

The Optimus Popularis keyboard.

Is something I wanted to get my hands on since I first heard of about it,

which was quite a while ago.

This is a keyboard, in which every single key is actually a display.


You can program this keyboard for whatever you want!

Now this thing is not cheap. If you click the link in the description, don't be appalled.

Here you can see it's configured with like...

Glowing pink keys, it can be like...

any number of 260,000 colors.

Now this will work on Windows, Mac and of course, it just uses USB.



It's kinda heavy.

I mean, they just look clear at this point.

You can't really make out the displays underneath them.

So, it has the USB, but then it has a separate power port there.

Let's see if we could make that out.

Look at that.


Here's the power brick and international adapters.

Okay. UK,


This guy always gets me going, I don't--

So, that just fits in there like that. That's it, that easy.

Jack. We need power, my friend.

Oh, it's coming to life!

I got the displays on now, I don't know if you guys can make that out

It's so damn bright in here.

There is literally a display

beneath every single key.

Wow, it's working straight away too.

Okay, so,

I finally figured out this app.

Essentially what it is, is like there's a few pre-loaded layers in there.

This entire display in the middle here,

it's showing me some, like... Some data. Essentially, my free memory, my free space,

my network traffic; up and down, in and out.

CPU usage percentage, the media keys show up in the top section here.

Where things get more intense is when you start looking at

the Adobe layer, like Photoshop. Look at that, look what happens when

I turn the Photoshop group on.

You know, the magic wand over here, zoom tool, stamp tool. Whatever you might use

is now default into the entire keyboard space.

Look at this.

World of Warcraft


Look at that, I don't know anything about World of Warcraft but

looks like, I don't know, potions, or magic, or...

They even have where you can like, import an image

and then map that image, visually, across the keys. That's insane.

The shift button immediately capitalizes everything.

Ohh, let's say I just want to change my command key, right?

Maybe I want it to look a little different,

some pictures in here, some options.

The Apple logo.

How about that?

Let me put like, one of the YouTube thumbs.


It's a thumb from one of our videos!

See your Gmail unread, message count in there.

I suppose the idea here is you're gonna set your thing up, you're really gonna spend some time

modifying it.

And then,

get it the way you like and then you probably won't have to--

be making too many mods after the fact.

It's just really crazy to think about your keyboard as this consistently, modifiable thing.

At least to this level here.

(TYPING) "I want to watch more Unbox Therapy."

I mean, like, I'm no Mavis Beacon, you have to really hit the keys. You know what I mean?

These are shallow, key presses, right?

And the keys don't actually stick up too much from the actual surface.

Codes, Math, functions, images, special symbols and so on to infinity.

You ever described a keyboard using the word "infinity" before?

It's not gonna be for everyone, it's insanely expensive.

But it's a piece of tech that you just don't see everyday.

Every. Single. Key.

Is a configurable display.

Let that percolate.

It's what you're in now, welcome to Art Class. Therapy.