Practice English Speaking&Listening with: VP Biden on USA Soccer and the World Cup

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Vice President Biden: I'm here in South Africa representing the United States.

Unfortunately, President Obama wasn't able to make it so he

asked me to be present at the opening ceremony.

We watched a thrilling game.

We watched Mexico and South Africa play.

They played to a tie.

And I'm heading from here to the game tonight;

the first U.S. game.

You know, we're in the World Series and we have the NBA

playoffs and we have all these great events.

But this is really a World Cup.

I mean the whole world is here.

The enthusiasm around the world is staggering.

I've met this morning with the president of the World Cup;

impressive guy.

We've talked at length about what the United States had to

offer the World Cup, and what the World Cup had to

offer the United States.

About 25 million Americans are playing soccer.

80% of those folks are young kids,

which means it's only going to grow in the United States.

The United States has sold more tickets for U.S.

citizens coming to this world cup then any other country,

but South Africa; where there are about 130,000 tickets.

So it's really exciting to see, you know, the enthusiasm.

So I'm hopeful that we have a real clear shot that by the end

of this year were going to be picked as the site for one of

the next world cups.

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