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Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know until you know

Hello, and welcome to go natural English if you didn't already know

I'm your American English teacher Gabby here to help you with your fluency and confidence in English now

I know you may have already studied English for many many years in a traditional classroom

But maybe you're still struggling when it's time to talk with native English speakers in real life

conversation when you leave your traditional classroom

And you go to speak English in the real world

It's totally different so many of my students have come to the United States

Or have to talk with North Americans for their work wherever they may be and they realize that

The way people really speak naturally is

Totally different than their textbook or their English teacher in the classroom environments, so now you're on your own

what do you do you need answers to your questions and most of them can't be answered by the

Dictionary and you need guidance how do you even begin to relearn English so that you can?

listen to native speakers and actually understand what we're saying and

Speak English like a native speaker so that other people will understand these are all big questions

But let me help you most people think that one-to-one tutoring is the best solution

For this problem and once one suturing is fine

But I don't think it's the best way so I disagree what you really need is to

Understand how to learn not just what to learn see most English classes don't spend any time on

Really teaching you how to be a better English language learner in fact in a lot of our school. We never really

understood how to learn we just did what the teacher told us to do so you have to take a step back and

Relearn how to learn English not only what to learn, but we'll get to that too

So you also want something that will answer your most frequent questions

So I have something for you to help so I made something for you to show you

how to learn English and also to answer your most frequent questions

I put my best work into the English fluency

Formula so the goal of the English fluency formula ebook is to help you to develop a learning mindset

Not just to tell you what to learn although the book does contain a lot of helpful information about

What will help you to understand native speakers and to sound more like a native?

Yourself we start with a learning mindset and how to learn English

And why you're learning English so that you can successfully achieve your English fluency goals

inside this book

I also share how you can develop fluent English habits so that English fluency becomes part of your life

Style it really enriches

Your life and not just something that you go to once a week when you have English class so after you read this book

You're going to really understand how to learn English and how to become fluent and let me give you a hint

It's not cramming for your next English test. You'll also find great

easy-to-read explanations of your most frequently asked questions

Or doubts about English and the thing is sometimes with English you know there's something missing

But you're not sure what to ask

so the English fluency formula is like a guide it actually shows you what you don't know because

Sometimes you just don't know what you don't know until you know

So you're probably wondering how can I get my hands on?

English fluency formula so I can read it and see for myself the English fluency formula is an e-book that you can

Instantly download or access from your web browser or your smartphone

So I'm going to show you how easy it is to get the English fluency formula go to

Slash ebook or you can click on the link in the menu ebook and

You want to click on

Buy Now and then you simply create your account by writing your name your email address

I'm going to write mine Gabby at


Then you create a password you click on next and then from here and then from here

You can fill in your credit card information on our secure payment

processor or you can skip that and click on checkout using PayPal

So you choose whichever way you want to pay and then as soon as you purchase the e-book you'll be able to access it

Instantly on the website you can click on members log in

Click on members log in and enter your same email address that you just used to

purchase your ebook and

Enter your password that you

Entered when you created your account

click on login and

Then you're going to see the English fluency formula

It says Oh welcome Gabby okay, I'm going to click on the English fluency formula

And then I can go chapter by chapter

Listening and reading at the same time or I instantly download the files if I want to listen and read

Offline so you have two options to access all of the ebook from anywhere anytime

So let's check it out

We'll just start at the beginning together

awesome, so I just click play to listen and

I can

Okay, so I can just listen and read along at the same time, which is really great for improving your listening

comprehension skills obviously

You're improving your reading skills and at the same time you're learning about how to become more fluent in English and getting your most

frequent burning important questions answered in this ebook you can also find the English fluency formula on

Amazon come if your preferred reading method is on your kindle

or if you would like to order a

paperback a physical copy of the book you can choose the format to be a kindle download or a

paperback so that you can have a

real copy just like this of course an e-book is real - but I know some people prefer to have a

Book in their hands that you can highlight. You can feel it. You can eat it now

You can't eat it

But if you prefer that there's that option as well

So also on Amazon what I love is you can see all of the awesome

Reviews that the English fluency formula has gotten like this is one of the greatest English books

I highly recommend you to purchase it if you want to improve your accent in general your speaking skills

Wow Gabi has been the best English teacher I ever had

What else here this book gives you many good ideas about what to do

Wow, this is awesome definitely one of the best books for English learners it really tells you not only just what to do but

How which is great for practice that you're going to need so there are over a hundred reviews

So I can't read them all but I invite you to go take a look

Check out the reviews you're gonna want to get the English fluency formula because there are so many awesome reviews

I love you guys so much who left a review, so please when you get the English fluency formula leave a review as well

I'd love to hear what you think about it. So thank you so much for watching

I hope that this is helpful to you. I hope that the English fluency formula helps you in ways

You didn't even know that you needed help

But I know that it will help you so let me know in the comments if you have any questions about getting the English fluency

Formula, or if you have it let me know what you think of it if you enjoyed it

I would love to know

So awesome you guys

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