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Hey lovelies, I'm Jenna. And I'm Caitlin. With Fleur & Bee.

And we're here to tell you about our refreshing Rose and Shine Natural

Rose Water Toner. Oh. What? Well, I thought we were talking about rosé,

so I brought some. Really? Well, let's not let 'em go to waste.

Absolutely not. Alright, so stick around everybody because at the end of

the video, we might have a little surprise for you. Alright. Cheers. Cheers.

So Jenna, what exactly is a toner and like what does it do?

So, basically, a toner removes the excess oil and dirt from your skin

and it also minimizes the pores on your skin,

all while hydrating.

Okay, so it sounds a little like a magical potion. Well,

it's not. Fleur & Bee does have a rose water toner and rose water

is an antioxidant that has been used for centuries.

And before people even knew what germs were, they would use rose water

to wash their hands before eating. What... Okay, so if it's cleansing your

skin, how is it also hydrating your skin? Well, rose oil is a

natural moisturizer, as well. So this is both? Yeah. And it also has

soothing properties, so it can help to tone down any temporary redness as

well. Okay, so what exactly is like in this toner?

Rose water. No, I mean like I know, but what else is in

it? Rose water. Okay, so it's just like the one ingredient?

Well, it's actually, technically, two ingredients. Hey, see I knew. I knew

there was like a catch or something. Yeah, yeah. So there's two of them,

not just one. So, it's pretty simple. So the first ingredient is rose

oil, and you get that from a steeped rose petals in water.

And then the second one is distilled water. So basically any contaminants,

minerals, heavy metals have all been removed, and this is the most pure

form of water and so it has a neutral pH level.

So basically, it's just like rose water? Mm hmm. Okay. Alright, so who

should be using a toner? Great question. So, everybody should be using a

toner, but it's especially good for people with very oily skin.

It's very helpful for them, as well as

sensitive skin since it has those soothing properties. It's great for those

people as well. Alright. So is it a really intense spray? Does it feel

like there's a giant waterfall right there, just like very intensely spraying?

No, it's more of like a light mist.

Okay. Yeah, if you'd like to try it, I have my Rose and Shine right here.

Don't mind if I do.

Alright, just a little like...

Yep, that's perfect. Okay. That's very nice. Yeah. It's like a light little

mist, as you said. And I'm getting the rose. You smelling that?

It smells really nice. Oh. That's super nice and very refreshing.

Alright, so how often are you supposed to be using this?

So you wanna be using it in the mornings and at night after

you've already cleansed. But in reality, you can use it any time you

want, like if you've been working out or if you feel like your

skin feels more oily and dirty, you can use it throughout the day

and any time you really want. Alright, and how long is it gonna

last you? So, it depends on how often you use it,

but if you're using it twice a day everyday, it should last you

about three to four months. Oh, okay.

Now let me get this straight. This will cleanse my skin,

it's gonna hydrate my skin, it'll soothe it,

it'll reduce temporary redness and then just overall refresh my face?

Yeah, plus Fleur & Bee donates 1% to charity to help provide menstrual care

and education to girls in need. That is amazing.

Okay, so I feel like I need this in my life

immediately. But it sounds like too good to be true. It's gonna be

expensive, it's gonna be hard to get. You have to go on some

type of quest to find it. So I don't know, I feel like

it's too much. It's actually really easy to find and super affordable.

You just go to Fleur & Bee's website,, and it's only $18.

What? It's only $18? $18, you heard me. Pardonne moi. Let me...

Alright. Wait, what are you doing?

I am ordering this right now. I'm just... I'm placing an order

right this moment. Oh wait, don't forget to use the code,

YOUTUBE, for 25% off. Oh my goodness. Done. It's already shipped. It's already

shipped. It's shipped already. We have extremely fast shipping. We

ship within one business day. What? Yeah, but Caitlin, you know you do

work here and you kind of just picked it up here. Yeah, but this is

more fun.

Well, thank you guys so much for watching. And please subscribe to our

channel for more fabulous beauty tips. And we'll see you soon. Bye. Bye

for now.

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