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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: "Last Comic Standing and My Mom" - Gabriel Iglesias- (From Hot & Fluffy comedy special)

Difficulty: 0

Oh my God, yeah

A lot of things have been happening over the years...

This past year I had a...

The opportunity to be on a reality show

And things kind of worked out a little weird

But aye, I all i can say is the winner

The winner is the winner

And he did what he did, and he got what he got

You know?

But hey...

This ain't bad for sixth place is it?


I'm not the last comic standing

But I'm the only one with a Comedy Central special

I know my mom is here tonight

And she's like...

I love my mom

She's over here you guys, just say hi to her

Right there...

That little woman made me...

And she tells everybody

No, he came out of here

Aye nombre, this is the road to success

She is not shy

She cracks me up though man

Because she likes what I do

Because it's working

But she still doesn't get the jokes

It's not that she doesn't speak English

Cause she speaks perfect English

She just doesn't see me as a comedian

She sees me as her son

I can't tell her a joke cause then she questions it

And kills it, right?

I could tell her something like, ya know...

Mom, why'd the chicken cross the road?

And I'll get

Who let out the chicken?

It's a joke

It's no joke baboso

You know how much I paid for those chickens?

Never mind...

Oh you never mind

It's cool though man

She's seen me do a lot of things

A lot of people say well, you gave your mom a shout out

What about your dad?

Well he's not in the picture

My father


Might as well put some beans out there

My father... Was a Mariachi

Way... Oh I swear to God dude

He's one of those straight up you know...

And my mom hooked up with him about 30 plus years ago one night

And uh... ya know

Nine months later

Then I came out

So I have a vague memory of my father

I knew him until I was about, you know

Maybe four years old

And then apparently they got the band back together

And he took off

And I don't remember...

Exactly what he looks like it

And sometimes I'll take mom to dinner

And I'll go Mom just... you know

I don't mean to bug you about this but

You know... what...

What does he look like, you know?

Do you have any photos or anything, I can get an idea and stuff?

And my mom, she's funny

She grabs the hot sauce

He looks like that

That's funny!

He looks just like that

For those of you that don't know

There's a picture of a mariachi on a bottle of hot sauce

But yeah so uh... We're doing ok...

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