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Following an unforgettable Royal Rumble debut,

Bad Bunny rolled into Raw in style, and still has the WWE Universe talking.

Hi, I'm Matt Camp for WWE Now with more on the conversation around

the rapper's incredible musical and aerial performance.


>> Can you dig it, sucker?

>> [SOUND] The multi-platinum recording artist rocked the WWE Thunderdome

at Royal Rumble with his performance of his new hit single Booker T.

And it appeared the large majority were feeling the rapper style as even

the Queen joined King Booker in paying respects to Bad Bunny's game.

The top streaming artist on Spotify in 2020 had the WWE Universe buzzing and

setting new records with an iconic WWE shop crossover that was

instantly a best seller.

There were a pair of vocal haters as the self-proclaimed icons of hip hop.

The Miz and John Morrison had their own opinions of the recording artist.

[APPLAUSE] >> And where the hell is he going?

>> He should have made a left at Albuquerque.

>> Are you kidding me?

I've heard of flying squirrels, but flying bunnies?

[INAUDIBLE] [APPLAUSE] >> A veteran of the WWE scene himself,

rapper Wale shouted out the fearless aerial assault by Bad Bunny.

After a dream night at the Royal Rumble, Bad Bunny echoed his own lyrics and

let the sports entertainment world know he's at his peak.

In a fashion true to themselves Miz and Morrison were far from finished

with the issue and join me on WWE watch along to voice their displeasure.

>> First he disrespects me.

Does he not understand his role as a performer?


did you go after his one's and two's?

>> Exactly, the one's and

two's because he doesn't know what's about to happen to him.

>> [CROSSTALK] >> I'm the next WWE champion.

>> Cha-ching, he's about to be a snack for MC M-I-Z and Johnny Drip Drip.

>> We are sick of being disrespected here in WWE.

Whether it's by celebrities or by the WWE suits or anybody backstage.

We're sick of it.

We are Miz and Morrison the greatest tag team of the 21st century.

>> We're about to bring the pain and

leave a Bad Bunny shaped stain all over the ring.

>> Sorry.

>> You got saved, pretty jealous.

>> The next night on Raw, Mr. Money in the bank was hoping cooler heads would

prevail and a record deal awaited the dirt sheet duo.

Bad Bunny had other plans though as he ushered in Damien Priest to provide

a different kind of hit for Miz and Morisson.

>> Damn. >> Gracias, amigo.

>> He popped him with the microphone!

[APPLAUSE] >> Bad Bunny hit Morrison!

Turn around Miz, or you won't have to get the mic.

You got a surprise waiting for you.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Look out!

Damian takes the reckoning!

And it is a reckoning for Mr. Money in the Bank,

Damian Priest wins his Raw debut.

>> Here's your winner, Damian Priest.

>> What a statement for Damian Priest.

Welcome to Monday Night Raw and

congratulations on your victory over The Miz.

>> So what lies ahead for

Bad Bunny in this budding rivalry with The Miz and John Morrison?

>> Stay locked into WWE social and digital channels for the latest.


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