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Today I will be showing you guys

First of all, sorry for taking so long to film this

I just finished my first semester!

So my phone is an iPhone 8+

I bought it here in Japan

and every time I take a picture, the sound is on

which is annoying but

it's okay. Minor problems

It's too bright isn't it

Let's get started!

In my first screen,

I have the usual apps that comes

with the phone

There's not much here

I use this iMovie

to edit one of my videos

the one I went skiing

On the second screen,

The first one says "games" but it's not games

The first app is the app I use

well actually no, I only used it once and it was inaccurate

It's an app that you can input your

information and date of your period

and it will tell you when your next period is

But it doesn't work for me

It might for other people?

I forgot to erase it, cause it's actually useless for me

(so why do I keep it?)

So, the second app is a workout app

which I have only use twice

it's free, but if you want

the other workouts you need to pay

The free one is a "freestyle" one

and the one in the middle, you need to pay for this but

if you watch their video,

you can get the workout for free

(you see?)

It's a workout app that takes

7 minute (7.50 mins) for each workout

and it has different moves

for you to choose from

but I've only used it twice, so

I can't review or say if this app works or not

Okay, moving on to the next

photo editing apps

the first one is VSCO

So it's a photo editing app

whoops, my own face lmao

It's a cool app, I think most people already knows it anyways

The next app is Glitch

has cool editing tools

The next app is Picsart

I use this app to edit my youtube thumbnail pics

because it allows you to put texts and stickers on pictures

Next, this app call "Huji", not "Fuji"

but HUJI

It's an app that mimics film camera

I'll take a pic

this corner

And this app call RFV

I just use it to rotate my videos

This youtube studio

I downloaded it when

I was editing and posting videos through my phone

So I use this app to upload

was I?

wait no, I actually use this app to change my youtube thumbnail

This app is what I use to connect to my uni's wifi

Google docs, for doing my work

That's all I got, if I have new cool apps I might

film this video again

Oh and for my wallpaper

It's a

well if you guys know Drake

He has this album call

and this is basically

copying the album's cover art font and style

and it says if you're reading this everything will be ok

nothing else to show really

I just use this phone to take pictures


I don't have many apps on here

this phone is new. For my old phone,

it's an iPhone 5s

which also doesn't have a whole lot of apps

I'll show you

It's very similar to my new phone (in terms of apps)

Thanks for watching!

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