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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Vamp-Opera / This Haunted House is Closed

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We were normal vampires In Transylvania

Like the other monsters On every block

Till we packed our things And we flapped our wings

And we got a case Of human race culture shock

Whoa, oh, oh, Vampirina

I may be blue With pointy teeth

Whoa, oh, oh, Vampirina

But I'm not so different Underneath

It's true that our tasteMay be a little offbeat

But we're the battiest Monsters you'll ever meet

Whoa, oh, oh, Vampirina

A ghoulish girl In a human world

Whoa, oh, oh, Vampirina

It may seem strange But it's true

I'm just like you

Whoa, oh, oh, Vampirina

[Vampirina] "Vamp-Opera".

Stringy cheese

I love pulling you apart

Stringy cheese

You're a cheesy shot To my heart

[all laugh]

That was really bad.

So bad. Stringy cheese?

I know. I couldn't think of anything else.

[all giggle]

But the block party is tomorrow night,

and we promised everyone a brand-new song.

I know. We just don't seem to be coming up with anything good.

There was that one good one.

You mean, "Popcorn stuck in my teeth"?

Oh. Yeah. Not that good.

-Plus, it made me want to floss. -[sighs]

Guess we have a monster-sized case of songwriter's block.

What are we going to do?

The whole neighborhood is coming,

and we promised them a new song.

Wish we could just do one of those spell-a-majiggy's

-to get a new song to sing. -Good idea.

We've had some..

you know, problems in the past.

True, but I did love when you accidentally gave us horns.

Okay, I didn't.

But this is just one little original but catchy song.

How hard could that be?

I guess we're going to find out.

I just don't see a perfect spell for writing a perfect song.

Hmm, well, I hate to do it,

but I could do a hybrid spell.

What's a hybrid spell?

It's when you put two spells together.

I know they're supposed to be kind of hard to control,


I saw two that might work.

This one's a spell that makes

your enchanted songbird more musical.


And this puts a spell on your bedroom furniture

to tell you a bedtime story.

"Once upon a scream..."

Well, let's do it.

Tell your story from squawk to sing.

Let this spell spook everything.


That's for a spell about furniture.


Yeah. Everyone.

Try coming up With a song now


That felt strange somehow

How can we rock

With an epic case Of writer's block? ♪

Our songwriting's Way too tardy

To be ready For the big block party

What is going on? ♪

Why does everything we say End up coming out in song? ♪

Did I mess up This old spell? ♪

Yes, I must have Done it wrong

And now one thing here Is clearly indisputable

I have made the world into

A great big musical

A musical

Wait, what?

So the whole wide world's A musical? ♪

All my dreams Are coming true

Will you tell me, tell me Pretty please

Will I get a pony too? ♪

I really Really doubt that

Me too

But honestly, for reals

What are we gonna do? ♪



The ghostest With the mostest

Has appeared at your behest

So tell me, Vee Just you to me

What's your monsterific Request? ♪

What's going on here? ♪

What was that? ♪

And that

And that, and thatAnd that, and that

Sing it, sister

This is getting scary

What'd you do to make me sing Like a spooky stone canary? ♪

I was trying out a spell I thought I'd do it well

It didn't go exactly As I planned

I may have modified it

The spell, it was a hybrid

Now singing is the only way To make you understand

A hybrid, a hybrid

What's a hybrid again? ♪

Just asking for a friend

It's when two spells combine

And come out doubly strong

They're twice as tough To break

So we're doomed To speak in song

Doomed, doomed To a lifetime stuck in rhyme

Could be, unclear

A day, a week, a year

Or it might disappear

Now that it's bedtime



I thought that you could use A little backup

And we could have A nice duet

What do you think? ♪

Here's a fact

This gargoyle's a solo act

Now, as I said It's time for bed

And maybe By the break of dawn

We will wake up And the spell will be gone


Demi, focus.

We've got to wait out This hocus-pocus


And that's no joke-us

Let's get some sleep

And in the morning We will speak


Demi, please.

Good night.

Uppity uppity, up

-♪ You sang ♪ -♪ He sang

-♪ I sang ♪ -[all] ♪ We sang

This spell, this spell We're still under the spell

My plan to fix this mess It didn't go so well

It's time to face The music

And get us back To talking

We've got to tell Your parents

Let's get to walking

Mama and Papa

I have to tell you something

What is it, batkins? ♪

Why are we singing? ♪

Oh, no, this spell came out Stronger than I could tell

[both] ♪ Darling, what spell? ♪

I tried my hand At a hybrid spell

And now it seems You're singing too


Sacre bleu

Gosh, they're hard to undo

But don't worry, batkins The spell can reverse

We'll fix this most powerful Curse

That sounds fangtastic

But, please Breakfast first

How about some lox And scream cheese? ♪

Oh, I'd really love some Thank you, please

No, not for you These are Vee's

I don't mean To bring you down

Or to be the malcontent

But I feel a sense of doom Way down deep in my cement

We have a problem

[all] ♪ We know

I'm not the only one

Who's stuck in song

It's worse than We all thought

You should hear my mom

Hear your mom

-♪ Oh, no ♪ -♪ Oh, no

[all] ♪ Oh, no, oh, no

She doesn't seem aware

Of all the songs and melodies That fill the air

Hello, neighbors

Hello, Edna

Are you getting ready For the block party tonight? ♪

I am cooking something That is sure to be a fright

Wait, not Edgar? ♪

Yes, Edgar

I'm making a video To show behind the scenes

And if I'm really lucky

I will catch Some monster screams

That hybrid spell Was not fooling around

I really hope it didn't hit The whole entire town

[both] ♪ The whole entire town

[all chant]

Every day

Another catalogue

Every day

Another barking dog

-[barking] -♪ What a day

Nothing can go wrong


It's like life is a song


Leash your beast

Dribble and swish

I could sure go For a nice knish

[all] ♪ Hear the tune

Playing sweet and strong

It's like life is a song

Hey, girls I'm getting giddy

Can't wait to hear Your brand-new diddy

And I feel so tippy tappy

I don't know why But I'm just so happy

[all] ♪ So happy

Bats and frogs Things are less than fine

Our neighborhood's become A chorus line

[all] ♪ Let's join hands And dance and sing along

It's like life is a song

It's like life is a-- ♪

All right, enough That's more than I can stand

If this goes on much longer I'll be dreaming in jazz hands

Vee, since you're the one Who thought to brew it

You're the only one Who can undo it

Can you tell me What would happen

If I blew it? ♪

You don't want to know

Well, ready set, let's go

A smidge of this A drop of that

The right amount of fright

I'll surely be a brainy bat

I hope I get this right

I'll say in the clearest Vampirese

With this drop I ask for No more singing, please

[all] ♪ No more singing, please

[clears throat]

Check one, two, three.

Is this thing working?

I'm talking!

You're fabulous

-[all gasp] -Oh, no.

But you're still singing.

Ahem, no.

Just got excited there and, you know,

sometimes that makes my voice get a little trilly.


Ah, the sound of my own voice.

I will tell you, that is music to my ears.

Great job with the potion, batkins.

[Edna] Boris? Oxana?


Anyone home?

Oh! You startled me.

We like to be welcoming.

Just wanted to see if everyone was ready for the block party.

I just can't wait to hear you girls sing.


You have a new song, don't you?

You did promise everyone something

other than, "Living the Scream".

Man, that song is sticky.

You know, we do have a new song.

-Really? -We do?

You know, we were kind of having a hard time

coming up with a new song.

Just a little bit.

But we realized you can make a song out of anything.


We were stuck Without a tune to share

Till we learned There's music everywhere

All you got to do Is sing along

Because life is a song

[all] ♪ Because life is a song

[crowd cheering]

[Demi] Go, Ghoul Girls!

[Vampirina] "This Haunted House Is Closed".

Thank you so much for staying at our Scare B&B.

Come again soon.

-[both] Whoo! -It's nice having humans stay,

but my wings are worn out from hiding all the spooks.

No time to rest.

Our next round of guests are all monsters,

so it's time to re-spook the B&B.

Finally. I need to get this human food out of my kitchen.

What else do we have to do, Mama?

We have to re-hang the cobwebs,

re-creak the stairs, put dust in every room.

Don't forget to put eyeballs on all the pillows

and wash the sheets.

Ah! Wait! I may be soft and snuggly,

but I do not belong in the washing machine.

Oh, and don't forget to add the coffin softener too.

Really nice.

Oh! We really have a lot to do

before our monster guests arrive.

Don't worry, Mama. We'll all help.

Vee's right. We can put the scare back in Scare B&B

in no time.

Then let's get spooking.

-[doorbell rings] -Ah! What was that awful sound?

Jumpy human guests require a human-friendly doorbell.

Another thing we have to re-spook.

Gobliny greetings, Hauntleys.

I am Griff Gooberton.

I'm a spooksperson

from the Transylvania Haunted House Commission.

It is time for your haunted house test.

A haunted house test? What's that?

All Scare B&B's must pass a test

of spooks and scares once a century to stay open.

And our test is today?

As in now?

Indeed. The tests are always a surprise.

They jump out at you, like a good spook.


Yep, that was surprising.

Excuse us for just one moment.

[laughs nervously]

This is a bat-tastrophe.

Boris, did you order the spook-splies

from Tombs and Tubs?

You see, batty-boo, I was put under a spell, and--

Oh, bats. That's not true. I forgot.

Oh, frogs and fangs. So did I.

I'm sure our house has enough spooks and scares

to pass a haunted house test.

Our house is plenty haunted.

Every day is a spook and a scare for me living with this ghost.

Oh, you love me.

You really love me.

All we have to do is go out there

and show Griff what we've got.

Vee's right. Keep calm and scary on, as I like to say.

You're right. Let's go.

Mr. Gooberton, right this way to our very haunted living room.

Allow me to create the "zombiance".

-[playing] -As you can see,

we've got haunted ghosts, haunted pianos,

and haunted portraits-- Aah!

Great ghouls! What is that?


That was left over from our human guests.

But we do have haunted plants.


We didn't get around to re-spooking Penelope yet.


Maybe we should show you our creepy kitchen.



Welcome, Mr. Gooberton.

It is an honor... for you...

to step into my haunted kitchen.

We will see.

The haunted part is for me to decide.

No, no! Stop! Do not open the fridge.

-I have not cleaned out all-- -[gasps]

Human food?

Including a horrifying amount of macaroni and cheese.

Yes, well, you see,

I usually have spookghetti, scream cheese, and--

There is nothing haunted about this menu.


Hmm. No ghosts in the walls?

Ah! I missed my cue!


I had one job to do and I blew it.

No mummies in the closet.

We have a great house mummy, Manny.

But I gave him the weekend off.

If there's one haunted house thing we definitely have,

-it's creaky floors. -[stairs creaking]

It's true. I can never sneak down the stairs

for a piece of scareberry pie unnoticed.

No creak. Not even a squeak.

That one must be a little sticky.

This ghost is on it.


Did I get a creak?

More like an "eek".

The downstairs needs some mummifications.

Let's hope the haunts really horrify upstairs.

Oh, this haunted house test isn't going well at all.

What happens if we don't pass the test?

Oh, I'm not sure.

All I know is I'm--

Oh! Feeling very batty.

Hold on, Griff hasn't seen the whole house yet.

Leave it to me.

-[gust of wind] -Ooh.

So far, so ghoul.

A little ghoul fog always makes our guests

feel hauntingly comfy.

Fangtastic, batkins.

Is this what you call an under-the-bed monster?

Sorry. That's another thing left over from our human guests.

They sure love pink and fuzzy.

I can assure you that everything else in our guest room

is spook-on.

Then why is that shadow so...

-[panting] -...ugh, adorable?

-[barks] -[Vampirina] That's Wolfie.

Our pet werewolf.

But he's so small and, ugh, cute.


You see, since this is Pennsylvania,

Wolfie has to stay in dog form most of the time.

Don't want to scare the neighbors.


Interesting. Oh!

Very interesting.

All right, the final portion of your haunted house test:

the backyard.

This we've got.

Right over here we have Mama's famous snapping monster pods.

They're extra nippy.

Yep. They're nippy, all right.


Huh, what is that?

Whoops. That was also left over from the humans.

We want them to feel right at home.

We've been busy as bats, as you can see.

All I see is that human waving at us.

Hi, Vee. I'll be over for band practice tomorrow.

Oh, my, my, my, my. I think I've seen enough.

Are you sure you don't want to see more, Mr. Gooberton?

We've got a haunted dungeon full of spooks.

And I've got haunts for days.

Boo! Shriek! Spook! Splat! Roar! Eek!

-[giggles] -[door opens]

I regret to say you have failed the haunted house test.

There's simply too much human and not enough haunt.

[all gasp]

You have until the full moon

to re-spook your house,

or your B&B will be closed for good.


[Oxana] Our spookiful B&B closed?


Oh, no.

Wolfie always does that the night of the--

[all] Full moon!

That hardly gives us any time.

Then let's get our feet moving.

Well, you know, everybody else who's not made of stone

can get moving.

Can we get it all re-spooked by tonight?

Well, we'll need some spook-plies, but let's see.

Bats! The mummies can't be here until tomorrow.

The creaky floorboards and the spooky shadows

are out of stock.

And the monster food won't arrive until the morning.

But we need those things to pass the test.

We'll have to tell our guests

their reservations have been canceled.

Griff will be back soon enough to close our doors for good.



Our Scare B&B is officially...


Mama, Papa, does this mean we'll have to go back to Transylvania?

Or maybe we stay and open up a pizza shop instead?


Never mind. Too much garlic for vampires.

[sobbing] This is terrible!

I'm not sure what we'll do, little Vee.

But remember, we're a family,

and we'll always have each other, no matter what.

-[doorbell rings] -Oh! My ears!

You know, we really need to fix that.

-[doorbell screams] -Oh, thank you.

Wait a second. Who-- Who did that?

I don't know. It was spooky, that's for sure.

Mary-Margaret? The Ravensons?

Narcisa? Cleo?

Our favorite Scare B&B guests

I'm not sure if you've heard,

but we didn't pass our haunted house test.

So we had to close our B&B.

We're afraid we can't host any guests,

monsters or humans,

unless we pass the test.

Well, that's exactly why we're here.

We were all so surprised when our reservations were canceled.

My wraps were in knots about it.

We couldn't let our favorite Scare B&B close down.

We've brought everything a haunted house needs.

That is, if we're not too late.

We have until the full moon tonight,

so we just might make it.

I've got plenty of spooking charms.

I have a monster-load of groceries.

And I've brought the best spooky shadows from Transylvania.

I can't believe it.

I can.

We have the best monster guests in the whole spooky world.

Oh, we're more than guests, Vampirina.

Monsters are family.

We're always there for each other,

no matter what.

Monsterkind is all agreed

When you find A friend in need

You extend A tentacle or paw

We are all one family

Bound by ghoulish unity

We adhere to one Hair-raising law

[all] ♪ A monster always lends A helping claw

If you're in A prickly plight

Don't go down Without a fright

Call your friends They'll always understand

Zombie, ogre Witch or ghoul

They'll obey The ghostly rule

We're all part of one big Beastly band

[all] ♪ A monster always lends A helping hand


Don't despair Just wait and see

We'll save our favorite B&B

With a little spooky Shock and awe

[all] ♪ A monster always lends A helping claw

The spooks are back.

-[doorbell screams] -Ooh, great goblins.

And I really mean goblins, because that must be Griff.

Welcome to our Scare B&B.


[floor creaks]

Care for a flappetizer?

What do you think, Mr. Gooberton?

My, my, my. I must say.

This is the most haunterific house I have ever seen!

Does that mean our Scare B&B doesn't have to close?



You have passed your haunted house test

with flying bats.

[bats squeak]

Your Scare B&B is back in business.

-Whoo-hoo! -We did it!

-[all cheer] -Wonderful news.

[all laugh]

Any chance you have an opening for another guest?


I'd love to stay.

Of course. Our home is always open to any monster.

That's because monsters are more than guests.

They're family, and family's always there when you need them,

however scary or not so scary things might be.

[all chatter]

All right, team!

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