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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Meet OHSU's Dr. Jae Cho

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JAE CHO: I always think about my childhood,

and how I got interested in research in the first place

for science or biology was spending time in the woods

or in the backyard finding bugs and discovering

stuff, or looking under a microscope for the first time

saying, wow, check this out.

Having a research lab allows me to relive those childhood

moments of discovery quite often.

Not only is it fun, but I think we are able to make differences

in the work that we do, that ultimately translates back

into the clinic.

I'm Jae Cho, I'm the head of pediatric neurology

at OHSU Doernbecker Children's Hospital.

I think medicine, just in general,

is incredibly interesting.

But also as a scientist, I think one of my goals

is to try and enter into fields where there isn't a lot known.

The brain is certainly this wide open territory

where a lot of our understanding is still to be discovered.

I get a lot of kicks out of showing

kids pictures of their brain.

A lot of the kids have an MRI before they

come into the clinic.

It's not every day you get to actually see

what's inside your head.

Being a father myself really helps

me put perspective on what parents are going through.

I'll be the first to admit, when my kids get sick,

all of my medical knowledge goes out the window.

But there was one patient that I cared

for who came into the clinic.

He was almost the exact same age as my twins at the time,

and was saying the exact same things

as they were, interested in the exact same things

that they were, even almost looked very similar to my kids.

But yet, he came in with these subtle symptoms

that indicated something was wrong with his brain.

And it turns out that he had a medulloblastoma, a brain tumor.

Being a parent myself, I always try

to put myself in the parents' shoes,

and remind all of the faculty in my division,

and all of the fellows that we train here-- no matter how

hard you're working, and no matter how

long of a day that you just had, try to put yourself

in the parents' shoes.

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