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So friends in today's video, I will just tell you

that how can you fix the problem of "App Not Installed"

often it happens that whenever we try to install any mod apk of gameloft games

then it shows "App Not Installed"

so how can we fix it?

today I'm gonna tell you about it


so let's begin

Let me open this app first (ZArchiver)

now i'm gonna open that folder

where I have kept a gameloft game "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"


this isn't modded version, so I'm deleting it

btw yesterday I made a video

I mean, yesterday I made a video on this game too

then someone commented on that video

He said that he is facing a problem in his phone like "app not installed"


So brother watch this video carefully to see what you have to do

Firstly I will extract this file


now it will ask for password

so the password is...


Then ok

Now it's extracting..

I won't show you gameplay in this video

I will just tell you solution of this problem


So now i'm gonna install this apk


I will Install it

(Installing started)

See what happens if I try to install it

still installing..


Now see, it is showing "App Not Installed"

(f*ck it)

So why is this happening? I'll tell you wait

So now i close it & come back to the main screen

And now all you have to do here

Just search for the gameloft games that you have installed on your phone

So at this time, as you can see

I haven't installed any gameloft in my phone

but wait, this one is installed (I didn't install it)

Actully It was already installed in my phone by my phone's company

So now we have to uninstall this game

Simply uninstalling this game can't complete our work

now we have to go in the settings


We have to go in the settings

And then we..

Will see an option here named "Apps"


so we have to open it

& here you'll see an option like 3 dots

we have to click on that

and then we...


We have to click on "Show System"

and after that..

Now listen to me

We have to find those gameloft games here

which are small demo

So what we have to do? just uninstall them

as here is a gameloft game "Bubble Bash 3"

So I have to uninstall it

(Uninstall finished)

Now there are more games like this

So we'll have to uninstall them too

(scrolling down)

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