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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I'm very sorry, Boram [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2020.01.01]

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By the way, Mr. Bong must be very ill

to have canceled our lesson.

I wonder if he's being taken care of.

His sister is his only family.

This won't do.

Yeowon, take some silken tofu to Mr. Bong.


He's handsome even when he is sick and drawn.

Ms. Kang.

Ms. Kang.

Hang on, Boram.

There is no answer. Connecting to voicemail...

She's not picking up.

I was hoping Seonhwa could come get it.

Mom, are we going to Mr. Fish Bun's?

Yes, Boram.

He's not feeling well, so we're taking him

Grandma's silken tofu so he can get better.

Are you hurt?

Boram, are you okay?

Watch where you're going.

I was angry because of someone.

Nevertheless, you almost hurt a child.

Is that your daughter?




You're off to Bong's again with heaps of food?

You're something else.

Food and your child in tow.

Are you playing the pity card?

Ms. Hwang.

I just feel bad for your daughter.

She must be freezing from the walk.

See you at work then.

Mom, what's wrong?



very sorry, Boram.

Let's go, Boram.

The Description of I'm very sorry, Boram [Unasked Family/ENG,CHN/2020.01.01]