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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Professional Dancers React To Try Not To Dance Challenge

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- Oh, I wanna twerk! - (laughs) I wanna dance so bad!

I've never done this before, and this is wild.

♪ (industrial intro) ♪

- (FBE) So today, you're gonna be doing a Try Not to Dance challenge.

- Oh, god. (laughs) That's gonna be hard.

I literally will dance to anything. Someone can be clapping and I'm like,

Boom, ka-ka ♪ - (FBE) We think that this episode

might be especially hard for you guys,

because everyone in this episode is a professional dancer.

- Yes. It's gonna be hard. We all have slight ADD.

- We're dancing ever since we've been little babies.

I think we were dancing in the womb.

- I find myself doing a lot of contemporary

and commercial dance styles. - I'm a high school dance teacher.

I'm an entertainer, performer, choreographer.

- I actually just performed at the VMAs with Lil Nas X.

I've been a professional dancer for about eight years now,

and I think it's really cool just because some of my dancing

has actually been featured on the channel

such as Childish Gambino and BTS. - (Adam) Ay, wait! Will's in this!

- (FBE) So, the rules are if you start dancing at any point

during the video and even in between the videos,

including snaps, foot taps, or shoulder shrugs,

you will be X'd out. But you'll still come back in

for the next video. Singing is allowed.

Just no dancing. - Okay. I naturally just dance

to silence too, so this is gonna be really difficult. (laughs)

- Okay, at least I can sing. So, I can torture you guys

with my voice. - (FBE) Obviously, because this is

a Try Not to Dance challenge, you're gonna have to stand up

to do this challenge. - That makes-- I was like,

"This is easy. I'm sitting down already."

- We have to stand up. - Oh.

Five, six... - (both) Seven, eight.

- ♪ Are you ready? ♪ - Ohhh! These are my girls!

- ♪ What's going on? ♪ - (FBE) Oh, you're--

Oh, [bleep]. I just moved my head! - That counts? Dammit!

(buzzer) - I've danced to this

like eight times. Okay.

- (FBE) You're already moving, girl.

- I know! (laughs) Does that count?


- Ay. - (FBE) Are you bobbing

your head right now? - No. Am I?

♪ (brass interlude) ♪

Ay! Come on! (buzzer)

- It's okay. See, I'm good for this one.

- I'm okay. I can watch them dance. So, I'm like... Okay.

- (FBE) Was that a dance move right there?

- I think it was like an okay. (buzzer)

- (laughs) I wanna dance so bad. I've never done this before,

and this is wild. - They're dancing in the video,

and I'm just like, "Mm, I wanna do it."

- It looks like a Destiny's Child take.

- It's cute, though. It almost reminds me

of a little, like, Cheetah Girls. - ♪ Bring that bounce back

- Wooo! (laughs) That was hard, especially with Little Mix.

I love them so much. - That was hard.

I just wanted to be like... (snaps)

- (FBE) Oh! - But no.

(buzzer) - It was kinda cute,

but not really-- I'm not gonna be like, "Ooh."

I wasn't gonna give my life to it.

- (FBE) Uh-oh. Do you remember the rule

I told you at the very beginning?

If you dance in between songs... - Oh, right!

- (FBE) still counts. - Wait. So, I got one point

against me? Oh, okay! You guys are slick.

You guys think you got that. I got you, okay?

Here we go. I'm gonna stand still. (buzzer)

- (J Balvin & Willy Willy, "Mi Gente")

- Oh my g-- - You're dancing!

- (both laugh) (buzzer)

- Ooh.

- (FBE) Oh, your head's moving. - Oh okay, 'cause we gotta

dance to this! (claps) Ah. (buzzer)

- Ooh! - (FBE) You already danced.

- Oh-- (laughs) (buzzer)

- ♪ (singing in Spanish) ♪ - Oh my god. This sound, though.

The ding, ding. It's so catchy.

- So, you can dance. I'll watch.

- I'm not gonna move. I'm not gonna move.

I'm not gonna move. I'm not gonna move.

- I'm scared for the chorus.

- ♪ Dos, tres, leggo! ♪ ♪ (beat drops) ♪

- I have to dance. (chuckles) (buzzer)

- Ooh! (giggles) This makes you wanna move your hips,

ooh, and do that. - I think I'm good.

It's cool, though. It's cute, though.

- Oh, is she gonna hair whip? Oh, that's my thing.

- I know I'd dance to this, so this is really difficult.

- What if I danced near you? Would this count?

Not touching. Can't get mad. - If I'm gonna lose,

I gotta lose to a really good song. - The minute the beat just hit,

I was just like, "I gotta dance." I'm sorry.

This is not a game for me now. (laughs)

- ♪ Look around

- Oh, Madonna! The OG! Yes! - Ooh! I just did this!

This is my song! - ♪ Look around

- Oh! (sings along) ♪ Turn and tell me

How can you not dance? (sings along) ♪ ...where that you go

This is a classic. (buzzer)

- Uh-oh.

- Oh, no! - You can't not dance to this song!

- One of the most iconic things ever. Okay, you lost.

(buzzer) - This song's hard to dance to,

so I feel like I'm gonna do good. - I've actually never heard

this song in my life.

- ♪ If all else fails and you... ♪

- I just snapped. (laughs)

Ah! I guess that means I'm out, right? (buzzer)

- I can't do this. - ♪ When all else fails

and you long to be ♪ ♪ Something better than you are... ♪

- Come on! Come-- what are you guys doing?

(buzzer) - See, I'm good for the verses,

but not the chorus. - ♪ It's called a dance floor

- Ah! - ♪ And here's what it's for

- Let's go. - ♪ Come on, vogue

- Woom, woom, woom, woom. (buzzer)

- You know the whole thing. - Kinda. Sorta.

I think I-- I like to think I do.

- Wait. I just lost. Dammit. (buzzer)

- (sings along) ♪ Let your body go with the flow

- (FBE) Oh, we got a little movement there.

- (squeals) (buzzer)

- Wow, who would've thought Madonna would be the one

to get me. - I just have to--

'cause Vogue-- I do Voguing. Voguing's my thing,

so old way, new way, Vogue, flair, dramatic song.

- I've just listened to that so many times. I trained to that.

We did shows on that song. You can't make me

not dance to that song!

♪ (Twice, "Fancy") ♪

- Is this the K-pop? - This is K-pop!

Oh, no! Come on! - I've done some K-pop music videos.

They are so amazing.

- Wow.

- They're so amazing. It's so clean.

- This is really good, though. I'm not gonna lie.

They're really clean.

- Woo! They're fresh.


Ayy. (buzzer)

- Oh. (chuckles) It's like... I love that.

- (FBE) Jamie, you just danced. - I know! (laughs) I can't.

I really-- when you're watching someone do choreography,

you can't help but be like, "Oh." (buzzer)

- Oh, oh, oh! Wait! Does that count? (buzzer)

- I love this. - Come on, girl. (snapping)

- You just lost. (buzzer)

- I wanna learn it. I want them to teach it

to me after this. - Oh, I know this song!


- Yeah, we're good, y'all. I'm just not gonna move. It's fine.

- I didn't know the song, but the beat-- oh, shoot.

- (FBE) Oh, no! - No, that didn't count.

(buzzer) - (FBE) Who were you in videos for?

- A girl named Tiffany and Jessica from Girls Generation.

That was my first exposure to the K-pop scene.

I love their music, and I just-- yeah, it was a whole new genre

that I had no idea I would love. - ♪ Boy toy named Troy

Used to live in Detroit ♪ - Ohh, I wanna twerk!

- I can't twerk, so I'm good. - Okay, you can't not

not dance. - Our friend from New York

is in this video. - I feel like I might be able

to get this one just 'cause I'm not the twerking queen.

- ♪ Now that's real, real, real ♪ ♪ Gun in my purse

Bitch, I came dressed to kill ♪ - Woo! Come on.

There is no game for me. The game is you watch me.

Let's dance together. (buzzer)

Gun in my purse ♪ ♪ Bitch, I came dressed to... ♪

- (FBE) You're moving your head, though!

- No. That was my-- no, that was my hair

blowing in the end. (buzzer)

- She stayed with us literally

while she was filming this video. - She's the one sitting in front

of Nicki Minaj! - She's right in front.

That's our friend D. - (both) Hey, D!

- Ow! She's just like ow! - And then, she did the VMAs.

(buzzer) - Oh, man. Killing it.

- ♪ He wants something he can grab ♪ - I don't know.

I feel like this song is very twerking.

So, I can't even try to...

I can't even do it! (buzzer)

- You can't hear this and not wanna shake your booty.

- ♪ My anaconda don't ♪ ♪ My anaconda don't want none

unless you got buns, hun ♪ (buzzer)

- I'm gonna try it. - ♪ My anaconda don't

My anaconda don't ♪ ♪ My anaconda don't want none

unless you got buns, hun ♪ (buzzer)

- Uhhh... (raps along) ♪ Don't want none

unless you got buns, hun ♪ (bell rings)

- (raps along) ♪ Oh my gosh ♪ ♪ Look at her butt

Okay, you can't not do that. That is the best part.

(raps along) ♪ Look at her butt ♪ (buzzer)

- ♪ Look at her butt ♪ - That was fun to watch

but I think there was so much going on that I was like,

"What's going on?" - That was hard.

My butt just wanted to move. - It's just Nicki Minaj

as a whole-- as a human being. She's hard not to dance with.

- ♪ Bless my soul ♪ ♪ Herc was on a roll

- This is Hercules, right? - Ohhh, yeah! (chuckles)

This is my favorite Disney movie. - ♪ Bless my soul

- Oh! Hercules! Uh-huh! Actually... mm-hmm.

Ah, wait. I'm not supposed to dance. Let's just dance! Everybody, with me.

Six, seven, eight! (buzzer)

- ♪ What a pro ♪ ♪ Herc could stop a show

- (FBE) You're snapping. - Have you seen this?

I haven't seen this movie.

Oh, I just snapped my fingers. Oh, damn. Wow!

(buzzer) - ♪ He was a no one

A zero, zero ♪ (buzzer)

- ♪ Now he's a honcho ♪ - I feel like Disney songs

are honestly the hardest. - Follow the Mickey Mouse, okay.

(sings along) ♪ Hero in no time flat

- ♪ Zero to hero ♪ - (sings along) ♪ Just like that

(buzzer) - Animated movies have

the best music, I swear. - ♪ Whose daring deeds

are great theater? ♪ - No, no, no, no.

- What movie is this? - (FBE) It's Hercules.

- Oh. - They keep saying Hercules, Loretta!

- I'm literally watching it, so I'm like-- and my eyes

are glued onto it, so I wasn't even focusing

on dancing. - ♪ Hercules

- Yes. Okay. I got that one. That one was just easier,

'cause I didn't know it that well. - If you did all Disney songs,

I would lose 100%. - I'm literally about

to cry right now. I lost all feeling within my arm.

- ♪ All the single ladies ♪ - Oh my god. You cannot do this to me.

- Ayyy. (laughs) Who doesn't know this one?

Ay! (laughs) (buzzer)

- ♪ All the single ladies ♪ - Oh, come on!

You can't play this and have not someone dance!

- ♪ All the single ladies ♪ (buzzer)

- ♪ All the single ladies ♪ - Oh, come on.

You can't not dance to this. This video was one

of the most iconic dance videos. (buzzer)

- ♪ All the single ladies ♪ ♪ Now put your... ♪

- (sings along) ♪ Hands upSorry.

- ♪ Up in the club ♪ - Hey, hey!

(buzzer) - ♪ I'm doing my own little thing

You decided to dip ♪ ♪ And now you wanna trip

- That was almost a move. - I know this whole dance,

but I'm not gonna do it. - Y'all, this is the original

hot girls summer. - Oh my god.

- Beyonce, you're not gonna take me out.

She will not! - ♪ If you like it,

then you shoulda put a ring on it

Don't be mad once you see that he want it

- (sings along) ♪ If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it

Oh, oh-oh ♪ - ♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh ♪ - It's so hard.

They're bouncing. I'm bouncing.

It's like... yeah, it's not gonna happen. (laughs)

(buzzer) - ♪ Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh-oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh-oh, oh ♪ ♪ Whoa, oh-oh

- That's my favorite move of all time. If I'm freestyling in class,

I always start like this, ♪ Doo-dum, doo

So, there's no way I couldn't do this.

(buzzer) - Yeah, this is hard all right.

I wanna join her. You know what?

She looking like Thanos right now. She got her Infinity Gauntlet on.

- Nope. I'll do it when the video's over.

See? Ooh. Ooh. I made it through.

You weren't gonna take me out with Beyonce.

I was not about to let Beyonce take my life.

- I did it.

I'ma hold it on just a few more seconds,

so I don't get caught.

- (FBE) Take your time. - Okay.

- (FBE) All right, man.

It's over. (ding)

- YEAH!! Yeah! Yeah! Ah-ha-ha!

Just don't move. You know, if you stand like a statue,

you can't get caught.

- (FBE) Finally, as a professional dancer

whose job it is to dance, how hard was it to try

not to dance in this challenge today?

- Oh. I mean, it's impossible. You're telling us not to dance.

- That's my life is I'm dancing.

So, when I stop dancing, it's like I stop breathing.

- We interpret music with our bodies.

So, it's pretty hard not to when you've been dancing

as long as I have. - The hardest part about watching

these videos and quote, "not dancing" is the fact that I was standing up.

- It's a trap! (laughs) - Yeah. It's a trap!

- Most of the time, in classes and stuff,

literally, they always say, if the music's on, you have to dance.

So, that's definitely something that I have had in my mind

for like 15 years. - Whenever you hear a song,

you're just automatically moving your head to it,

and to not move was such a weird feeling.

In my soul, I was like, "This does not feel right."

- Thanks for dancing along with us in this episode.

- Shoutout to flashback mary. - Subscribe and hit the bell,

so you guys don't miss an episode. - Bye!

- Hey, it's Sierra, producer here at FBE.

Thank you so much to all of our professional dancers

who came in to shoot this episode with us today.

If you'd like to support them, you can follow them.

All the links will be down in the description below. Bye, guys!

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