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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to say: message, massage, | Learn English Live 72 with Steve Ford

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hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford and welcome to your English

lesson today we have a great lesson to help you improve your pronunciation so

that you can feel more self-confident if you need it for your work if you need it

for your studies I hope that this lesson will really help you out so let's go

alright so hello everybody thanks everybody who came today on this Easter

Sunday happy Easter it is an Easter Sunday here in North America and I can

see we've got lots of people in the house so we'll do a little house music

just a little bit yeah what about this

rack in the house France in the house

Mexico in the house Morocco in the house anybody else in the house we're all

those Brazilians are they in the house Russians any Europeans in the house

Asians South Asians so many people in the house well welcome was a shirt in

the house Steve yes there's a reason for it I'm going to be watching a hockey

game the team from my home town is playing in the championship long story

long story but I've got a great lesson here prepared for you and this lesson is

about syllable stress and this is something that there are many rules for

pronunciation in English but not all of them are practical or easy to remember

especially when you're when you're speaking so you can see that in my

example here for example the difference in pronunciation between

these two words here so let's jump into it and we're going to figure some of

these out together so my first question for you well actually before my first

question I have some messages yes I have some messages from all of you and I just

wanted to go through a few of these so for example hi Steve I enjoyed the video

I have two questions did you compact did you compose the

lyrics of the rap song what's the name of the city in the background this is

from a recent video I did on dialogues really good video from 2018 I will post

a link for this I thank you very much cool the Nala kudiye Nala for your

question yes I often make the music for my videos

for pronunciation to help you remember for vocabulary to help you remember

there's no better way to learn English than through singing for a lot of people

so yes a lot of that music is mine if you go back to my videos all the way

back to Stephen Brazil Stephen Paris the funny honeymoon a lot of that music is

mine I made it yes so thank you very much for the question let's go to the

next question here this is from Bushra Syria I like your

picture I think that I know that person please Steve I need a video about vowels

in English I don't find any good videos about vowels on YouTube I don't like how

they explain it and since you're my favorite teacher please please could you

explain that for me lots of flowers there thanks a lot you're the best I

love your way of teaching and I'm using YouTube only for your channel thanks

from Syria okay well first of all bullshit up thanks so much for your your

request and also for your comments you can't imagine how

nice it is to receive comments and questions like yours from people like

you it means a lot to me it really warms my hearts and I will post again I posted

on our whatsapp groups the link which has the playlist for all of my

pronunciation videos and on that playlist there are many videos to help

you with the pronunciation of vowel sounds so I can post one or two videos

of those vowel sounds after this lesson but if you go to my whatsapp group you

will find that I have posted the entire playlist there's a lot of videos there

last I counted there's 60 video pronunciation lessons for me so that

should definitely help you next question yeah we've got a lot of

questions here today this is from da teen cucumber and da teen says why are

English words sometimes why do they confuse me

it is spelling and pronounced differently and this is this is very

true that een something that I tell my students all the time

I almost apologize I almost say sorry for the English language because we

write one way and we pronounce in another way many of my students asked me

Steve are there spelling rules in English

there are but I only have one or two that actually work most of the time all

those other spelling rules it's impossible to remember those rules when

you're speaking it would be impossible for me to remember those rules when I'm

speaking another language so there are a few and I know it's difficult hang in

there yeah she gives the example here as like nuts cut but and then put yeah why

why is that one we're different and all I can say is that memorization

repetition is the way to go really is throw all of those rules most

of them out the window I that's my best advice to you and you mentioned that

here so obviously you've been watching my videos for some time and better but

you say better better better and many many more you know that I learn English

start from words writing reading and have to remember the meaning to so I'm

going to forget about writing and grammar then going to start from the

beginning as like a kid I don't think that's such a bad idea da ting really

don't just through my teaching experience repetition and just trying to

remember what you hear maybe using a few rules but not too many is the best

strategy it's worked for a lot of my students listen and pronounce first ha

ha ha cor Khun kha gracias thank you very much

teacher well you're very welcome there and last one is from lolly lolly lolly

lolly Bonjour lolly lolly yes ah ha hello Steve I've decided to review all

your videos ok well that's that's fantastic and it's always nice to get

messages from people that are watching my videos from so many years back

because in case you don't know in case you're new to my channel I have videos

and playlists all the way back to 2007 yes back in 2007 when YouTube was a

small community ah yes the good old days it's worth to improve my pronunciation a

big thank you for that in B's de la France

okay well in in B's just Steve yes Jay tell brass okay and enough with the

messages thank you very much I always read your messages and for

those who sent me messages that I have not answered yet I have read them I just

don't have enough time in my lesson to answer them right now they could be used

in a future so keep on sending those messages and

let's go to our lesson first one do you like your job talking about this on a

Sunday hey I love it be it's okay can't complain in case you don't know

this is a good expression I can't complain means not so bad more or less

yes come see come saw can't complain see not so much but I need the money

give me the money I hate it but I need the money I need the money what do you

think and I'll leave a pause here check the live chat yeah and we've got some

not bad I can't complain comments and which is always nice it's better than

hating your job somebody loves her job there that's table Tabarrok yeah and

Bella Bella and taboc yeah so maybe because we're doing this life maybe

Bella and taboc maybe you can type in the chat and tell us why you love your

job so much what do you do and what why you love your job what is it about your

job that you love because I think it's important that we get a whole lot of

positive going on here and for example Bella is typing here that it's because

of the place where she works okay I mean that's bail love which is

beautiful okay wonderful yeah and for those of you who don't like

your job so much I hear ya I hear you I understand but hopefully my lesson on

word stress will help you feel more confident about speaking English for

your work in your life in general yeah

now a lot of people have and we have two choices here we have whatsapp or

whatsapp can you hear the difference whatsapp whatsapp which one do you think

is correct only one of those is correct

and for those of you who thought that the answer was what's app that is

correct so a few things here first of all you can see that the loud part is on

app if you do a quick Google of with whatsapp you will see that it's spelt

that way that app is in all caps lock another thing that you want to remember

I have a video on this talking about famous name brands and products is that

we say what's up we don't say what's up this is a play on

words where it sounds like what's up hey what's up but it's not that's not the

way native speakers pronounce it and I was mentioning this to one of my

students this past week and they're like really I always thought it was what's up

I'm gonna message you want new it's what's app so syllable stress on app and

also try to open your mouth more like Apple what's app you see how my mouth is

opening very very wide so if you got whatsapp high-five let's go to the next

do people from your work your boss for example have your what's app a no way be

yes but they never contact me thank God yes but I have to

owns D yes I need to be on call all the time so already we're getting we're

getting some feedback here from some of the live viewers that no way there's

just no way that my boss is going to have my whatsapp number that's not

happening but I have another answer here from Sita from Brazil

alas heed that Allah bless you who says that yes I need to be on call all the

time so that means that Sita's boss could contact her even during this live

lesson poor thing it happens Luqman same thing Luqman there in iraq is saying

that his boss could contact him right now yes can can you imagine look one

hello Luqman it's your boss well boss it's Sunday yeah it doesn't matter

Luqman I to come into the office today could happen okay

and Vladimir a Vladimir saying no way that's not happening so I guess in

Russia they kind of separate the two okay okay good to know

thanks for sharing and let's go to the next one yeah that that's a good point

there Luqman is that in in some countries sunday is the first day of the

week soompi we'll need to be on call that is always

a available be available see available

can you hear the difference I'm going to say it again for you a available be

available C available


okay so a lot of people were in doubt on this one there was a there was a mix of

answers here in this case you want to say available available always available

so if you got that wrong don't worry this is a mistake that a lot of my

advanced students make my one-to-one students my private students so yes we

would say available some jobs are very stressful while others are actually fun

this person this person is getting a massage this person is getting a massage

which one did I say A or B one more time this person is getting a massage

and if you thoughts now my question is do you hear the answer or would you like

to get the answer maybe both and the answer is letter B getting a

massage so we try when we borrow words from other languages like French to

preserve the syllable stress that comes from that language it sounds complicated

in this case we say massage massage we try to pronounce it like the French

massage massage the other one is message so the syllable stress would be at the

beginning message which would you prefer to get a message or a massage it's up to

you yes some jobs have some advantages or advantages

and in this case if you thought that the answer was advantages that is correct

some jobs have some advantages which of the following company benefits would you

like to have we have social security we have perks and bonuses we have pay raise

employees allowance achievement award health insurance paid vacation meal

breaks so there are many benefits that some companies offer sometimes we just

hope to get a few benefits that would already be good

now for a lot of you paid vacation is like oh yeah and a lot of them you're

saying all of them so interesting the feedback here now paid vacation seems to

be a popular one

voqal well as you can see there are many benefits there is a big a variety or B

variety those sound very similar I will say a and B again there is a big variety

there's a big variety didn't you just say the same thing no there's a big

variety B variety

okay if you thought that the answer was variety excellent give me a high five a

lot of my advanced students doesn't matter where you're from that word that

the syllabus dress in that word is really really uh for a lot of people uh

so yes we would say variety some people especially nowadays enjoy doing

something different every day which can include traveling a few times a month

their schedule can really sorry okay let's do that again their schedule can

really vary or be ver I which do you think is correct their schedule can

really a very beaver I

haha very tricky so if you thought that the answer was very give me a high five

so that's very tricky the verb is very and before we had variety so try not to

confuse those variety and vary in terms of syllable stress now some people

especially nowadays enjoy doing something different

would you prefer to work a at one fixed location be travel a few times a year

see travel a few times a month because I have students that do both I have some

students that travel a few times a month or a year and I have some students that

sit in front of the computer all day long and they just work at one location

which would you prefer I'm curious to know

people would like to travel I see here travel a few times a month okay so

travel a job where you can travel is good that's good maybe you would like to

have a job where you you really like to socialize and have get together or get

together in case you don't know a get together or a get together is a friendly

meeting which would you like which do you think is the correct way to

pronounce it get together or get together have a get together or have a

get together then any say the same thing twice No

so answers are really divided here and this is a tricky one here you would have

a get-together and I'm going to tell you why phrasal verbs can be pronounced in

two ways one when the verb is stressed it is a noun get-together

so that's a thing again together and two when the preposition is stressed it's a

verb get together get together so that's very very subtle that difference there

but native speakers will understand the difference between get-together noun and

get-together verb maybe you don't have much time to have a get-together at a

nearby restaurant and prefer to order

mmm would you order takeout or takeout well as you can see I've underlined the

answer here it would be the noun to order takeout yes maybe you would like

to order some takeout pizza today okay

hopefully if you have a job that varies a lot you'll have a wide variety of

places to see mmm I'll say that one more time hopefully if you have a job that

varies a lot you'll have a wide variety of places to see okay everybody I'm

going to show some bonus but one more bonus point but I just wanted to mention

that you are more than welcome to subscribe to my youtube channel and also

you to share this video you can follow me on Facebook Instagram or whatsapp

English with Steve those links are below the video and I haven't

one more bonus point for you which is the following something for you to

remember there are let me go back and do a spell check I need to run spell check

on these things because there I think that was my only typo today which is

pretty good considering that this is live okay let's go back to it there are

many rules for word stress however in my experience only a few are worth

remembering one is nouns and verbs which have the same spelling so here we have

something and would this be a present or a present this here is this a present or

a present

that's right okay for those of you who thought that the answer was and very

very good everybody who got this correct this is not easy yeah present it letter

B is the correct answer high-five excellent

you got it you got it okay everybody I hope that you enjoyed my lesson today on

syllable stress maybe I'll do another one next Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Eastern

Standard Time you're more than welcome to come share this video share this

lesson share and care and you can also follow me on what's app for free quizzes

and all my most recent announcements about my new videos and I hope to see

you in our next lesson bye for now

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