Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We killed the Joker | The Dark Knight

Difficulty: 0

Yo Gambol, somebody here for you

They say they've just killed the Joker

They brought the body

So, he dead, that's 500

How about alive, hmm?

You wanna know how I got these scars?

My father was...

a drinker, and a fiend

And one night

he goes off, crazier than usual

Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself

He doesn't like that.




So, me watching...

He takes the knife to her

Laughing while he does it

He turns to me


And he says

"Why so serious?"

He comes at me with the knife

"Why so serious?"

Sticks the blade in my mouth

"Let's put a smile on that face


Why so serious?


Our operation is small, but,

There's a lot of potential for...

...aggressive expansion

So which of you fine gentlemen would like to join our team?


There's only one spot open right now so

we're gonna have...


Make it fast.

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