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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Talking About Sickness | Learn English

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hello this is Elliot from ETJ English

now recently I did a poll on my Twitter

and I asked you what you wanted my next

lesson on YouTube to be about or the

majority of you which means the most of

you within your group within the people

who voted the majority most of you

decided that you wanted a English

listening practice video and that's what

I'm here to bring you today it's a bit

of practice with listening but it's also

going to be some useful vocabulary that

I'm going to teach you within this I've

been away for about a week I was under

the weather which means I was sick I

wasn't feeling very well I had something

we call food poisoning and this is when

you eat some food which isn't

necessarily very good you know it might

not be cooked correctly it might have

some germs inside of it there's

something wrong with it which hasn't

agreed with my stomach it's it's not

made my body feel very good I won't go

into detail but your body doesn't accept

any food that you eat when you've got

food poisoning

so as you can imagine as you've probably

experienced yourself with illnesses it's

not a very pleasant experience I'll just

put it that way but I'm going to teach

you some useful vocabulary for example a

lot of us come to a point where we have

to what we call call in sick and this is

when we have to phone up or call our

manager who you know our boss the person

we work for and we have to tell them

that we're too sick to come to work

luckily for me I didn't have to do this

because I am my own boss so the only

people that I had to tell was my

students and I was very sorry that I had

to tell them and that I was sick and I

couldn't do lessons but when you're

calling in sick there might be certain

things that you'll want to tell your

employer and you might want to be able

to explain to a doctor for example what

your symptoms are what's wrong with you

why you are sick

so I have a collection of kind of words

first of all we'll start with aches now

an ache is when parts of your body hurt

you can have a headache when your head

really hurts you can have neck ache you

can have backache you can have turf ache

there's all kinds of aches that you can

have aches and pains we call them this

is a common thing you get when you're

ill when you're sick especially when

you've been throwing up this is another

thing throwing up I'm sure you know what

that means we also say to vomit this

lesson isn't really a particularly

enjoyable words that I'm teaching you

but it's they're useful ones and the

ones you need to know so we have other

types of illnesses you don't just have

food poisoning like I had you can also

catch a cold we say to catch a cold

means to get a very common illness which

almost everyone has you've probably had

it I've had it plenty of times

especially in school and this is when

you have a blocked nose you can't

breathe out of your nose a sore throat

and also you'll probably have a cough

and it might hurt to swallow because of

your store sore throat as well as having

a cold you can also catch the flu the

flu is a little bit more of a serious

version of a cold but this is also

something that I've had I know other

people that have had it also and with

the flu

you also get things such as I'm not a

doctor so I don't know all of this but

you do also get eggs and pains in your

body as well as possibly being sick and

sore throat again headache and other

things can come from this illness it's

just a lot worse than catching a cold

so those are just a few symptoms there's

other ones which are a little bit more

disgusting which I'm not going to

explain in this video if you want to

know the more the more gruesome words

then feel free to send me a private

message and I will

you on Facebook maybe because you know

it is good to know some of these words

especially if you have a British

employer and you need to be able to tell

them what's wrong with you also if

you're in England and you have illnesses

maybe you have to tell the doctor when

you go for a check-up now if you're

talking about being ill to people maybe

friends or someone like that there's a

few different ways we say in English of

idioms there's all kinds of ways you can

say you're under the weather you can say

that you have an upset stomach which

means your stomach isn't very happy it's

it's hurting and it's making you sick or

maybe at the other end and also you can

say a little idiom this one for you is

by saying you're as sick as a dog this

is something you could say to your

friends you probably wouldn't say this

to an employer then that's probably some

of the most useful vocabulary for you

when you're talking about being sick for

now if you have any other questions then

feel free to leave them in the comments

section below I want to ask you to

answer in the comments below have you

ever had to call in sick to phone your

employer and tell them you are sick do

you find it hard to do this is it

something you're scared of doing for me

it terrifies me when I was working in a

job when I had to call my employer my

manager to tell them I was sick it used

to terrify me it's quite a scary

experience telling someone your boss

that you can come into work that day

thank you very much for watching don't

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