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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Korean Hanwoo - Beef So Tender It MELTS in Your Mouth! Hongcheon, South Korea

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today we're traveling to the nearby city of Hongcheon, South Korea.

we're setting out to find some the famous Korean Han woo beef. join us as we

experience one of the most rare and expensive meats in the whole world. I'm

Paul and this is Tastes Seoul Good. ok so what's really cool about this restaurant

is it's kind of like a butcher shop. so they are butchering everything here.

then you come in and choose your own meats depending on what you're

interested in. you can get the different cuts of meat and different portions

and different sizes. and they all have different prices. alright so here is the

1++ guys. this is the highest level - the highest grade of hanwoo beef here.

so look at that nice marbling. it looks incredible. what you do is you go

ahead and purchase it here. then you take it into the restaurant. and for a

small fee you will get all the side dishes, as well as the charcoal to grill

it up. and then you can order other things. alright so who doesn't love

Korean barbecue? so what we have here are three different dishes. so this is their

new menu that they are serving here. this is called the SAMHAP SET. so it

has three different things. here we have mushrooms, scallop, then we have ohsamgyup.

so the key to this is to eat it all at once.

guys I wish you were here to smell it. it smells incredible. so I'm ready to dig in.

I'm gonna take a piece of that mushroom here with this scallop and then a nice piece

of this grilled beef. bon apetit!

I just want to savor that for a little bit longer. I'm not a huge fan of

mushrooms usually, but these mushrooms, combined all that beef oil, and then you

get it the chewiness of this scalloped here...

then that beef is just perfect as is. It has a really rich beefy flavor.


alright guys. here is here is the main star of this show. I'm so

excited for this so. here we have three different cuts of the Hanwoo. so we

have ANSHIM, which is like the rib eye... you've got GALBISAL- which is like the

rib meat... and then something else I'm not quite certain what part of the cow comes

from. I couldn't find an English translation for it, unfortunately. one great thing about this

restaurant here, Hongcheon Hanwoo-A, is that they're selling the meat at a little cheaper prices.

first I'm gonna try the anshim. oh it's incredible.

that's something you really want to savor in your mouth.

such a beefy flavor. it's really rich and

different than an american-style steak. It has a lot more flavor. it's so tender.

It just falls apart in your mouth. this is one of those meals and I'm going

to remember for a long long time.

after all of that amazing hanwoo beef, it's time to end our meal here, unfortunately.

so what is considered dessert here is this.

So this is hanwoo yookhwei bibimbap. so it's a mixed rice dish with a whole

bunch of healthy vegetables and sesame oil and gochujang - red pepper paste.

but the key to this though is the raw beef. yesc don't be put off by raw

beef. I know it sounds a little scary, but you guys - trust me! it is amazing... hmm

There's so many different vegetables in here - as well as that sesame oil and that gochujang.

It all works together in a great combination of flavors.

So the last thing we're going to try is this. This is YookHwei. so again this is just raw strips of beef.

It has sesame oil on it. there's a raw egg on top.

So it's raw beef with the raw egg and then it is topped with this. this is one of my all-time

favorite things. this is Korean pear. It is so juicy.

hmm there's a party in my mouth with this. I prefer this over the bibimbap, personally.

It's a yummy way to end our meal here. there's a little sweet pear that makes it taste like dessert.

i'm totally satisfied after this.

I'm starting to feel like a cow because I have eaten so much. I'm so full. But it has been well worth it.

alright guys so that hanwoo beef was pretty darn good. so again I recommend

this place because it is cheaper. it is not in Seoul, but it's not too far away.

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