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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Coach Carter (1/9) Movie CLIP - First Practice (2005) HD

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and, most importantly, you will be winners. 最重要的是,你們將會是贏家

If you listen and learn, you will win basketball games. 如果你們肯聽肯學, 就會打贏籃球比賽

And, gentlemen, winning in here... 先生們,在球場上獲勝...

is the key to winning out there. ...就是在社會上成功的關鍵。

This contract states that you will maintain a 2.3 grade point average. 這份合同規定你們的總平均成績要保持在2.3以上

You will attend all your classes... 你們要去上你們的所有課程

and you will sit in the front row of those classes. 而且要坐在前排

- This is a country-ass nigger. -這是個鄉下蠢黑鬼,小子

- Excuse me. - 打擾一下

- Did you say something, sir? - 你剛才說了什麼嗎,先生?

- Worm was wondering... - 沃姆想知道

are you some country church nigger, with your tie on and all that? 看你打的領帶還有這副派頭 你是不是什麼鄉下教會裡的黑鬼?

- That's what you wanted to say right? - 對,這就是你想說的,對嗎?

- And what is your name, sir? -你叫什麼名字,先生?

I'm Timo Cruz, sir. 我叫提摩•克魯茲,先生

Well, Mr. Cruz and Mr. Worm... 好,克魯茲先生,還有沃姆先生

what you should both know is we treat ourselves with respect. 你們兩個都要知道 我們應該尊重自己

We don't use the word "nigger." 我們不會使用“黑鬼”這個詞

Are you some preacher man or some shit? 你是傳教士還是什麼狗屁?

God ain't gonna do you no good in this neighborhood. 因為上帝在這一帶可不會給你們什麼好果子吃

I live in this neighborhood, sir. - 我就住在這一帶,先生

Sir. Can you believe this uppity Negro, sir? - 先生 你們能相信這個傲慢的黑炭頭嗎,先生?

Okay, Mr. Cruz, leave the gym right now. 好吧,克魯茲先生 馬上離開體育館

For what? - 為什麼?

I'll ask you one last time to leave the gym... 我最後說一次,請你離開體育館

before I help you leave. - 不然我就幫你離開

- Before you what? - 不然你就什麼?

Do you even know who I am? 你知道我是誰嗎?

From what I can see, a very confused and scared young man. 從我看到的來說,你是一個非常 慌張和害怕的年輕人

Scared of who? Scared of you? 害怕誰?怕你嗎?

I'm supposed to be scared of you? 我應該怕你嗎?

Nigger, I ain't scared of nobody. 黑鬼,我誰都不怕

I will lay your ass out. 我要把你打個半死

I don't think so. 我可不這麼想

What you doing? Get off me. 你幹什麼?放開我!

Teachers ain't supposed to touch students. 老師不應該對學生動粗的

I'm not a teacher. 我不是老師

I'm the new basketball coach. 我是你的新任籃球教練

This ain't over! 這事(我跟你)沒完呢!

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