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- People can be surprisingly creative and mischievous.

I'm Mike with List25, and to see some

of the sweetest revenge people have come up with,

check out these 25 perfectly evil ways

to get revenge on someone who did you wrong.

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25, let the world know about their wrongdoing.

Hopefully the Kisscam will notice.

- [Tristan] Wait.

- Pink on pink is hard.

- Do we need to know where her cheating husband is?

- 129 row 31 seats seven and eight.

Oh she has two husbands.

- Uh oh.




- Or he just takes up two seats.

- Oh, that's.

- Maybe.

- Rude on several levels.

- Or he's probably with the person

- Oh.

- Who cheated, he cheated on.

Cool, I love it.

Don't do pink on pink, that's very hard to read.

- That's the true crime here.

- Yeah, one of.

24, destroy their true love.

Ah, she's cleaning his Playstation for him.

That's lovely.

- That's.

- That's so nice.

- Good way to clean a Playstation.

- It'll wipe everything from it.

- That's true.

My Playstation stopped working without me

having to submit it in water.

- Already?

- Yeah, Playstation 3.

- Oh, I thought you were talking about the four.

I'm like dude.

- That's a Playstation 3 right there.

- I can't honestly see it from here.

It's really blurry and dark.

- No, it's definitely a Playstation 3.

- I'm torn.

Obviously, don't cheat, but I feel like

now you're just destroying property

and now you're just as guilty of something,

like, two wrongs don't make a right.

- I'm gonna say this ahead of time.

I did look ahead on all of these,

and some of these I honestly don't approve of.

There's a thing as being the bigger person, and.

- Even though this is 25 ways to get revenge, we get it.

- Yeah, we don't condone all of them.

- But there's still, like that lady with the sign.

- Yeah.

- Cool, that sucks, but she's not breaking any laws.

This is, you're destroying property.

- That's true, I mean.


- 23, put their name on every

spam mail list you can find, all of them.

- This one I could get behind.

- See, yeah again, that's just annoying.

- Mmhmm.

- You're not, nothing's illegal here.

- Yeah, no, I think that's good.

- Yeah it's fine.

- In fact, when I was reading that I was thinking,

"Are there people that I still want to do this to?"

- I've been getting spam mail recently.

- Well, who did you wrong?

- No one.

- And who is able to see the future and read our lists?

- Everyone.

- Ohh.

- [Mike] 22.

- [Tristan] Make sure he gets to know

that you're better off without him.

- [Mike] Or her.

- Well, I wrote this word for word.

- My cheating boyfriend is watching from couch instead.

- Yeah, apparently only men cheat.


Before you guys go and roast us in the comments for that.

- Hey, I've been saying they.

Go both ways.

- Whatever.

I mean again, this is a fine way.

I mean, not fine English,

but apparently I'm guessing that

she had tickets ahead of time to surprise him with.

- That's probably it.

- And then he cheated.

- [Mike] 21.

- I love this one.

My mom told me that she would buy me grapes,

and she lied to me.

She bought cherries.

I hate cherries,

so I popped some in the ice dispenser

so that when she goes to get ice

she'll get cherries instead.

- [Mike] That sounds great.

- Yeah.

- They tell you to do that with grapes

and stuff like that to make,

so you have 'ice cubes' that don't water down your drink.

You freeze cherries and stuff, or grapes instead.

You have cold, it's just the same.

This works fine, this is not revenge.

This is stupid.

- The fridge will lie to her.

- This is great.

- With her cherries instead, like she lied to me.

- Although it depends.

Are they like the maraschino sherries,

where it comes.

Maraschino sherries, got that wrong.

In the sauce, and you just dump it in,

'cause that's ruining the freejer?

The freezer.

- The freejer.

- I'm having trouble with cherries right now.

That's terrible, but if it's just the single whatevers,

like cherry, be it grape, be it whatever,

that'll be fine.

- I've never considered putting something

other than ice in the ice dispenser.

- There was that one dude who did it

with Totino's Pizza Rolls.

- 20, this guy will never park

next to the fire hydrant again, for sure.

Ugh, I don't know if this is getting revenge on someone.

This is firefighters that had to do their job.

- True, but firefighters can be, what's the word?

- Trying to save people's lives,

and they'll do whatever it takes, yeah?

- Something something, fighting fire with fire.

- They did it.

They fight it with water.

- I'm sure they paid for the damages to the car.

- Sure.

- Well, maybe.

- Again, not revenge.

I disagree with this one.

- Maybe you shouldn't block the fire hydrant.

- So unless you're a professional firefighter,

don't break people's windows to put your hose through it.

- What unprofessional firefighters do you know?

- Uh, there are people,

there are the volunteer firefighters.

- On weekends.

- Yeah, no there are volunteer firefighters

who I guess technically are still professional.

I really don't know how it.


- [Tristan] Mad at your wife?

Go to the kitchen and close all the jars really tight.

- I feel like this one's sexist.

- It is a little sexist, but.

- Only men can open jars.

- But speaking from experience.

- You have trouble with jars?

- No, after my girlfriend and I have had a fight,

there have been multiple occasions

where she's come to me asking me

to open up a jar because she couldn't open it,

and it was slightly satisfying, so.


- If your significant other cannot open jars, do this.

It doesn't matter in general.

- So yes, this is sexist.

- Oh man.

- But it has its moments

where it is kind of accurate.

- You just smack the jar on the counter, bops right off.

- Yeah, break the glass. - No you hit the.

- And then make sure

that your significant other steps on it.

That'll get revenge.

- That,


can't tell the blood from the pasta sauce.

- Oh, that's gross.


I opened the door and you walked in.

- Barefoot.

- No.

- 18.

Dear Sister,

As revenge for stealing my $20 I have hidden your project

in one of these folders, and guess what?

All of these folders have three sub-folders.

This should teach you not to steal from me.

So have fun trying to find your project.

If there's a lesson to be learned here,

it's don't steal from your big brother.

With warm regards and hateful loathing and vengeance,

Your loving brother.

Go die.

So what I'm gathering is all of those

were the names of the new folders.

- Yes.


Yes, they were all the names of.

- That's a good one.

- The new folders.

- It is kinda, you can make that one fun

and just have kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

- I like that!

I like that a lot.

I don't think she was probably in a fun mood.

- No.


- I imagine this project had priority.

- Probably, yes.

- I like the Go die at the end.


- Maybe that's his birth name.

Your loving brother, Go Die.

- Godie.

- Godie.

- It's pronounced go-dee.

- It is.

- No, I like it.

It's straight and to the point.

- Yeah.


- [Tristan] Never cheat on a tattoo artist.


- Ever.

- Okay.

- I can't tell what this is from here.

- That is.

- Is it a stupid face?

It's her back.

- No, it's a pile of crap.

- Is it?

- Yeah, flies and.

- I see a weird nose and two faces, two eyeballs I mean.

- See, I want to know, like.

- I'm too far back.

- I can't fully believe that this is vengeance here.

There's no way unless you drugged the person

and did something illegal to get this tattoo on them.

- Not necessarily.


- Oh God.

- No, hang on.

So, say she cheated on the tattoo artist,

and all of a sudden she's like,

"Aw man, you're a tattoo artist.

"You can tattoo me for free.

"Yeah, I wanted this thing on my back.

"This big, I don't know, New York skyline on my back."

You're like yeah, I'll do it for you.

You can't see what they're doing back there,

and they're like, ta-da I've done it,

and you're like No!

- Okay, that's true, that's true.

- So I don't think he or she tattooed her

without her knowing.

She just didn't know what was getting tattooed on her.

- I still think this is too far.

- Sure.

- Yeah, absolutely too far.

Don't do this.

- Tat-too far?

- Especially if you're not a tattoo artist.


- [Mike] 16, messing with garbage collectors

doesn't pay off either.

- So they've put all the trash

just surrounding the car.

They have mildly inconvenienced this man.

- See again, it's not terrible.

- No.

- Sucks if one of those breaks open,

now there's trash everywhere.

- It's true.

- But yeah, no, this is fine.

15, I am a thief.

Okay, wait before I begin.


This is, I am reading this.

This is not coming from me.

I am a thief.

I stole a girl's phone from a Panera Bread

I work at in downtown Evanston on Saturday.

Unfortunately for me, I was arrested

last night and the cops found the phone I stole

and got it back to the girl it belonged to.

Stupidly, I had logged in to the phone

to Facebook and Twitter so now,

the owner can type whatever she wants on my accounts.

Karma's funny like that, huh?

Maybe this will teach you some honesty

and you'll be smart next time to not

take things that don't belong to you, idiot.

So, I'm gathering this is her posting on his account.

- Yes.

- Yeah.


- And letting everyone he's connected with know.

This isn't awful, this isn't terrible.

- Don't steal things.

- Yeah, I wonder if he was arrested

for the phone stealing or something else.

- I'm gonna say something else.

- Yeah, it looks that way.

- That's my bet.


- [Tristan] Take advantage of her cheating

to make other people happy.

And he has put all of his


girlfriend's clothes out in the street for others to take.

- [Mike] Oh, well that's nice.

- Kind of illegal.

- No, it's illegal though, I think.

- It says, take advantage of her cheating

to make other people happy.

- Oh man.

- He kicked her out of the house

and now he's giving away all her stuff.

She's a size eight and 10.

Help yourselves, it says.

- I don't need any size eight or 10 women's pants,

so I won't be partaking in the taking.

- Plus, that's technically an accessory to thievery.

- 13, oh I get this one?

- You want me to?

- I'm gonna preface this one again

by saying, this is not me.

This is not a personal story.

When I was eight years old,

my neighbor's dog kept pooping on my yard.

So one day, I pooped on his yard.

- Why would you do that, Mike?

- Well I did not, so I can't answer you.

- So that's just an eight year old

at the time getting classic revenge.

Crappy way to do it.

- I'm impressed with the handwriting being so poor.

- Mmhmm.

- And neighbor being spelled correctly.

Oh no, I popped on his yard, sorry.

- Hmm.

Wait, does that mean, like?

- Can't spell pooped but he can spell neighbor?


- Well he spelt it right one time.

- Right, and not the other time.

- That gives me, like.

- Maybe like held his breath and went


on the yard.

- That's what I'm worried about.

Did he explode on the yard?

- Yup, he popped on their yard.

- Oh no!

- [Mike] 12.

- [Tristan] What's the word?

- [Both] Booted.

- [Tristan] All right, it is booted.

- If you're going to be someone who is supposed to.

- Okay, yeah.

- Keep people from, or not keep people from,

but making sure people uphold the law,

do it yourself.

- That's true.

- Like, sorry.

- Yeah, didn't even occur to me.

How about that?

- I've had too many times where

there's been a police officer speeding by me

but his lights aren't on or anything like that,

or I had one the other day, no turn signal on.

I'm like, look.

- Yeah, use your turn signal.

Not just police officers,

just use your friggin' turn signal.

- Yeah, if you're gonna.

Abide by the rules you enforce.

- True.

- That's all there is to it.

11, how's this for a story?


Oh man, I'm getting all the stories that aren't me.

- I know.

- I started receiving irritating texts today

from a number I didn't recognize.

I informed the sender that he had the wrong number,

but he,

oh man, I'm gonna have to step up,

these lights are too bright.

But he replied that he didn't care.

He was just having fun and told me

to shush and enjoy the ride.

So I pulled the Taken quote on him,

informing him that I didn't know who he was

or what he wanted, but that I had a special

sort of skills which made me a nightmare

for people like him, etc.

He displayed amusement,

but didn't detest in the prank texts.

Desist, sorry, in the prank texts.

Therefore, after giving him one more fair warning,

which I rejected, I took action.

Thanks to an online wake up call service,

starting one month from today he will receive

a phone call every morning at five am.

If he does not repent, this will automatically

continue every day until Christmas Eve.

Then I will relent and bequeath to him a

good night's rest as a Christmas present.

That, kids, is why you don't give

your cell phone number to people you don't know.

And did I mention that if he answers the phone

I will play the military bugle in his ear?

Because I will.

And for those of you who don't know the military bugle,

let's throw that in here.

- I think that's a free sound

- It should be.

- On YouTube audio.

(military bugling)

- Yeah, so.

- It's actually in the audio library.

- You're probably hearing the mulitary, mili, mulitary.

You're probably hearing the military bugle right now.

(imitates bugling)

If not, there.

- Just in case.


- Justice has been done.

You ass.

- Oh, it's a donkey behind him.

- Mmhmm.

- Aww.

- Also, his bunny ears suck.

- Yeah, he's not really trying.

- Yeah, well.

- What is that kid holding, a cardboard tube?

- Looks that way.

- All right.

- Maybe like a walking stick?

- I, too, bring cardboard tubes.

- He's all like.

- To the middle of fields.

- Hunched over too.

- Is he?

- He's like me in high school.

- Kind of looks like the dude's picking him

up by his shirt, but I know he's not.

Yeah, no, I mean, it's not really revenge.

It wasn't planned, but it's more of instant karma.

- Yeah.

- Than revenge.

- Oh yes.

Instant karma deserved by people


that do something as heinous as this.

- It matches the crime.

- Yeah, eye for an eye.

Ear for an ear.

- Two ears for two ears.

- Two ears for two ears.

Well two ears for two fingers.

- Nine, dear douchebag bike thief.

Fantastic! I've grabbed your attention.

Hi there!

You stole my bike last week.

Admittedly I was kind of ticked off about this,

but less so when I realized that

you left your face on camera at the station.

And also you have not realized,

but I this is not the first time I've had,

the first bike I've had stolen,

so I've put a tracer inside the bike frame,

so unfortunately for you I know where you live.

Please, dear bike thief, don't take this as a threat.

I'm sure you had your reasons.

I just want my bike back.

All I'm asking is that you return the bike

before the end of this week.

That will be the end of it.

If not, you'll be getting a visit

by our Majesty's finest.

Oh, must be Britain as well.

Also, could be Canada.

In case you've taken more than one bike,

mine was the gray Giant.

Have a good day.

They should hang out with the phone guy.

- Phone guy, yeah.

Sorry, I rewrote it word for word

what was on the initial post.

- That's fine.

- Mmhmm.

Don't steal bikes, otherwise this guy will

get His Majesty's finest on you.

- Don't steal things.

- I like to think that he was British

and the guy that stole it was American,

and he just.

- Rode the bike to America.

- Yeah, back to America and then.

- Cool.

- The British are after him.

- I'm sure the British are after him,

even if he is British.

- Oh yeah.

- [Mike] Eight.

- [Tristan] Make their life as difficult as you can.

- [Mike] Oh it's this guy.

- [Tristan] I have some reservations on this one.

- I have seen this one.

- Do you know the context of it?

- Uh, is this the electrical bill?

- It looks like, Communications, so.

- Yeah, oh no, there was one where there was

an electrical bill where he paid everything in pennies.

- Oh yeah.

- Like, he wheelbarrowed.

- Yeah, I know that.

I know that story but, I mean,

I hope this isn't just like some kind of person

trying to do their job,

like it's just dropped off.

- Oh no, the person who got this

is just someone trying to do their job.

- Ohh.

- You know this.

- That, that's.

- Same with the pennies person.

It's like, the person at the front desk

never has anything to do with

what you're upset about.

- I know.

- Unless you're literally upset

with the person at the front desk.

- I hate

(hands slapping)

the provider of Inter, not Internet,

well sometimes.

I hate the provider of electric in Gainesville.

- Oh.

- But, I am not gonna go yelling

at the people that are just doing

their job and trying to make a living.

- That's right.

- In fact, they're probably getting screwed over too.

- This video is sponsored by GRU.

- Well I wasn't gonna say their name, but yeah.

GRU, you suck.

- Anyone can look it up!

- True.

- You just said the electric company in Gainesville.

That's, oh.

- Well, I didn't think that they were

gonna go through that much effort,

but yeah GRU, ya suck!


- And our lights go out.

- Yeah, that would suck.

- Tristan's address is.

- No, don't.

- Seven, an artistic upgrade of his car can also work.

Aww, are those keys?

- Yeah, she keyed it.

- Oh, again, don't destroy property.

It sucks, and I admit it, but wow that's gonna be a lot.

- Yeah.

- Man, there are other ways to go about this.

- Also, they probably know it's you that did it.


- Yeah, ooh.

- Unless you're really a terrible person.

- Twist, he did it to frame her.

- Ohh.

- Yeah.

- Well, then you're a horrible person!


You're a double horrible person.

- Six, make some profit out of his mistakes.

- Very mad mother selling 16 year old

son's 1993 Ford Ranger.

Drove three months before son forgot how

to use his brain and got caught driving drunk.

$3,500 OBO.

- Or best offer.

- Or best offer, thank you.

- Call meanest mother in Wyoming.

- Whern!

Blur out her number before we put this.

- Yeah, I should probably blur out that number.

- Wow.

- Hey, I.

- Whatever you do, don't call 307.

So I read the top, I didn't realize the top

was probably that section for the For Sale,

and I thought she was selling 400 trucks.

I'm like, where did she get so many trucks?

- She already has made profit clearly.

- Oh man.

- Yeah, this is justified I guess.

- Yeah, no, that's just good parenting.

Like, hey you're gonna drive drunk.

First of all, underage drinking.

Secondly, illegal driving drunk.

Yeah, you don't deserve this.

- I don't condone drinking and driving.

- No.

- No, this kid got what he deserved.

- Yeah, oh yeah.

- Yup.

- So yeah, not even revenge.

This is good parenting.

- Mmhmm, it is.

Maybe he learned a lesson, or.

- [Mike] Five.

- Tell the world how bad they are

while taking away what they want the most.

So this is from a grandmother.

- Their grandma?

- Yeah.

- Somebody took away their grandma.

- She placed an ad in a bunch of magazines that said,

Yes, it is me.

I am sick to death of watching you lot fight over my money.

I am not dead yet.

So here you go.

I'm spending it.

- Oh damn.

- I am putting this message in every magazine I can find

and will be keep doing it until the money is gone.

Then maybe you can all stop bickering.

Shame on you all.

From Bernie.

- Grandma Bernie.

- Yup.

Grandma Bernie does not screw around.

- Wow, no.

That's awesome.

- Mmhmm.

- Oh man, I've never had to deal

with inheritance stuff like that,

but I've heard people.

- Yeah, no, inheritance gets rough.

- Whoo.

Only child.

- I haven't gone it through it,

but I do, I have seen it happen and it sucks.

- Man.

- Stopped being friends with those people.

- Again, I don't know if that's so much revenge as in.

- Good grandmothering, good grandparenting.

- I'm teaching you a lesson.


- [Tristan] She wrapped all his stuff in wrapping paper.

- [Mike] I can't even tell what I'm looking at.

I see gum and an iguana.

- [Tristan] No, it's just all of his equipment

and stuff in wrapping paper.

- I'm stepping up.

I'm coming in your living rooms.

It's a bookshelf and a Xbox, okay.

I saw Orbit gum, where the little pieces,

and you open them piece by piece

and you pull it out with an iguana resting on top.

- Is there actually an iguana?

- No, that's an Xbox I believe.

- Okay, well there's a difference between that.

It's like Christmas where all the gifts

are really disappointing because

it's stuff you have already.

- It's a weird version, or a different version

of the Jim-Dwight prank.

- Oh yeah, Merry Christmas Dwight.

- Except his stuff's actually in there.

'Cause wasn't it all just fake?

- It was all cardboard.

- Yeah, it was all cardboard.

- Don't open 'til Christmas, though.


Great prank, yeah.

Well, yeah this isn't,

you've mildly inconvenienced someone.

- And you've used a heck of a lot of wrapping paper.

- You've killed the environment.

- Wow.

- Mmhmm.

- How terrible.

- Merry Christmas, Earth.

- [Mike] Three.

- Not me, by the way.

Actually, I'll take credit for this.

- Oh, wow.

- No.

Tonight was the greatest night of my life at work.

There was this kid, like 13 or 14 years old.

Bit of a chip on his shoulder.

I was talking video games with him

and he asked me which system I preferred.

I told him I like Playstation and he said,

and I quote word for word,

No wonder you're working a dead end

retail job for Christmas.

You make terrible life decisions.


Don't take this kid's side.

I mean, clever, quick wit.

Yeah, it stung a little,

but this is where it gets good.

I hope.

He goes off to find his mom and he's

trying to convince her to buy him

Grand Theft Auto V for him.

She was unsure so I took full advantage of this.

- [Mike] Oh, I do know this one.

- I approached her and told her how violent the game is,

how much nudity, sex, drugs and alcohol there was,

but her mind was made up not to get it

when I told her you can steal 747 jets

and crash them into buildings in downtown.

Her disgusted face made me smile

and after the look the kid gave me,

I was expecting to find him waiting

in the parking lot after my shift.

Waiting to throw down.


- I mean, ugh.

- This is good revenge.

- Yeah.

- Good parenting.

- It is!

- From the video game guy.

- Yeah.

- He's like a surrogate father to the kid.

- Yeah, don't, like.

I guess it's really up to the parents, but come on,

there's a reason those games are rated Mature, come on.

- Yup.

- I love the parents that buy that for their kids,

and like, What?

It's like, you didn't do the research.

What are you doing?

- Which, to be fair, the minimal research

you even have to do is looking on the back of the box.

(hand slapping)

- Yup.

Two, FYI, To whoever stole my water bottle,

it had my estrogen supplement in it.

Have fun with that.

- This is on the teleprompter.

This didn't actually happen to him.


We're not shouting out to you guys.

- Well, my last name is Estrin, so.

- So, close enough.

It is him.



- Aaah.

Again, I don't think that's.

That's not even revenge, that's just hey.

You took.

- Coincidence.

- Yeah, well.

- That's lucky, how bout that?

- [Mike] One.

- But usually, venting your anger

on something he values gives you that best satisfaction.

- Yeah, until you're arrested.

- Yup.

I don't know why we're saving this for number one.

We've been showing destroyed property this whole time.

- Stop, and it's all cars for the most part.

- It is all cars, but.

- Stop damaging people's stuff just 'cause they wronged you.

- And she damaged the frying pan maybe.

- I doubt it.

- Maybe, I said maybe.

- I don't think so.

I think the frying pan's fine.

Maybe she scratched the kevlar coat.


Is it kevlar coating?

- No, no.

- I think it is.

No, I know kevlar's in the bullets.

Is it, it's not silicone.

Damn it, the coating, whatever.

- Yeah.

- Let me know what the coating is below.

- Yeah, stop damaging property.

You will go to jail.

- If that's worth it to you, I guess whatever.

Nothing we say is gonna change your mind.

- Because then they're the ones getting vengeance.

- Yeah, so.

- Honestly, I think they were right at the beginning.

The best revenge is just living a nice life.

- Yeah.

So, what's the silliest thing that you've done for revenge?

Let us know in the comments below,

or tweet your answer to us @List25.

- And if it's illegal we'll call the cops.


Maybe, we have things to do.

- Hello, cops?

- That's all I'm gonna say.

- You might wanna check out our comments section.

That's all.

- All the eveidence you need.

Book 'em boys.

- That's our revenge.

- There he is.

(funky music)

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