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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Solucionar triángulos TrianCal / Triangle solver TrianCal

Difficulty: 0 (Triangles Online Calculator)

Write in the address bar of the browser Google Chrome

Use the cursor keys, the Tab key or mouse to move

Select a box that reads "Enter Value"

Enter a value within the limits given and press Enter

If the value is correct the border will turn green but red

If the value is incorrect, an error message is displayed

Pressing the escape key will return to the initial value

You can select the Spanish language or English

You can display and select maximum "≤" and minimum "≥"

You can copy "Ctrl + c" and paste "Ctrl + v" values

If only two values ​​are allowed the border will turn yellow

Press "Draw" the two triangles are displayed with GeoGebra

You can view each of the two triangles individually

You can display and select one of two possible values

All remaining values ​​of the triangle and the triangle type are calculated according their sides and angles

Select and angles [degrees (°) Radians, Degrees, minutes are displayed and seconds (° '") or degrees and minutes (°')]

You can also set the number of decimal places displayed in values calculated

Pressing "Draw" the triangle will be displayed with GeoGebra

You can display and view the remarkable elements of the triangle

You can copy "Ctrl + c" calculated the triangle link

Clicking on "TrianCal" a triangle is sample and calculated

You can display a detailed help on using TrianCal

If help is pressed when the language is English, the help displayed can be changed to a lot of languages

You can click "New" to initialize all values

TrianCal is developed under the license "Creative Commons" since June 2015

Jesus S. composed abstract work for child piano music "Melodies for Monica"

The Description of Solucionar triángulos TrianCal / Triangle solver TrianCal