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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EXTREME Coin Flip Challenge! HEADS or TAILS

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- [Jared] Steven!

- [Everyone] Polar!

(water splashing) (laughing)

- Oh my gosh, it's so cold!

- [Steven] Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!

- [Derek] Snow angel! You did not snow angel!

- [Steven] You didn't do a snow angel!

- [Derek] Go back, you didn't do a snow angel!


- Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

Today, we're going to be doing something awesome!

We're going to be doing extreme heads or tails.

But, before I get started, subscribe to my channel

and give me a big thumbs up!

In this challenge, me, Jared, and Derek are going to be

flipping coins to see who has the best luck.

I normally choose heads, hopefully it's lucky today.

Let's go find Derek!

Derek, are you feeling lucky today?

- I guess.

- Are you up to an extreme heads or tails challenge?

- Sure

- Let's do this!

- [Steven] Jared and Derek, are you guys feeling lucky?

- Fairly lucky, yeah.

- Oh yeah, I'm lucky.

- Heads or tails.

- Tails.

- Heads, I guess.

- [Steven] All right.

- What's the punishment?

- Whoever loses gets their leg shaven.

(metallic thud)

- Ooh!


- [Jared] The real question is,

is who gets to shave my legs?

- I say that Derek does.

- [Jared] Whoever that won it, right? Whoever that won

it gets to shave my leg. - I mean, I mean,

Steven in the past shaved my - C'mon!

Leg and he didn't do a good job.

- [Jared] Look at that thing.

Shave her! (loud smack)

- [Jared] All right Derek, look at those babies!


That's some good lookin' hairy legs.

You get to shave it.

- Yup. - I think this might

be a punishment on Derek more than it is me!

- That might be true.

(laughing) - All right Derek,

shave her good.

All right, soap me up, buttercup.

- I've recruited some help.

Soap me up, buttercup! (growling)

- [Derek] Now use your hand and rub it in, Steven.

- [Jared] Yeah, I need it rubbed in.

That's enough soap, dude! - Steven stop!

- [Jarrod] That's enough soap!

- Yeager, rub it in! - That's, that's your job!

(water running)

- [Jared] Wow.

- [Derek] Maybe I should go against the grain.

- [Jared] Don't go against the grain.

Everyone knows that you don't do that.

- [Derek] I don't shave my legs.

- [Jared] As you can tell, we haven't done this much.

Just go again - It's not...

- [Jared] Just go again, it'll cut.

- [Derek] It's not.


- Okay, now pull up your hair. - Make sure you get it

like a baby bottoms.

- [Derek] And, we're done.

- [Jared] Wow.

- [Derek] Smooth as a baby's bottom.

- [Jared] Look at that!

- [Derek] Ew, it looks so gross on camera

- [Jared] Yeah, I know. Should we compare?

- [Derek] Okay, let's see the comparison.

- We got smooth, - That's the comparison.

- [Derek] Oh my gosh (laughing)

- [Jarrod] Do you wanna feel it?

- [Derek] No, Steven go feel it.

Tell me what you think.

(growling) (laughing)

- [Jarrod] Not bad, not bad.

- [Steven] You can feel all the pores.

- [Derek] Ew Steven, you're so weird!

- [Jared] Wow, that feels really weird.

- [Steven] I know!

- [Derek] That side of your hairy leg looks

like a piece of wood, with the grain.

- [Jared] I'm leaving it like that too.

I have a basketball game in the morning.

(laughing) - Oh gosh.

- [Jarrod] All right, I had to shave my legs,

but now it's my turn! I've got the coin.

- All right.

- [Jared] Who's feeling lucky?

- I'm feeling lucky.

- [Jared] What do you choose then?

- Tails. - Tails. No!

- Heads.

- [Jared] Derek got you first!

All right. - I knew you were going to

choose tails and I thought I would do it before you.

- [Jared] Oh, do you guys want to know

what the, uh, what the punishment is?

- Yeah, yeah. - Yes, yes.

- [Jared] Whoever that loses, has to do the polar plunge

in the freezing cold--

- Again? - Again?

- [Jared] water outside.

- Derek please, just...

- [Jared] Are you ready?

Steven's is heads and Derek's is tails.


(metal clattering)

Tails baby!

- Yeah!

- [Jared] Yeah!

- Yeah! You have to go on the porch.


- Yeahhhhhhh!!

- Aren't you just so excited?

- Yeah!

- Steven really though he won this.

- What were you doing? - I think he thought that he

had tails.

- Yeah, for a second I forgot what he chose.

- [Jared] He forgot what he chose!

(loud laughing)

- Go get your swimming suit on, hurry Steven!

Are you ready Steven?

- Yeah.

- [Jared] Polar plunge, let's go.

All right, Steven, are you ready?

- Yeah. I'm kind of ready.

- [Derek] All right Steven, ready?

- Is there like a certain time limit

I have to be in the pool for?

- [Jared] No, you just gotta jump in it.

- [Derek] You just jump in, come out, and get warm.

- All right. - Alrighty.

- Whenever you're ready.

- [Derek] Steven!

- [Everyone] Polar!

(water splashing) (laughing)

- Oh my gosh, it's so cold!

(laughing) - Get out fast!

- [Jarrod] Hey, give him--

- It's so cold I can't get out!


- [Jared] Hurry, hurry. Go in, go in.

Go get warm! Hurry!

- [Derek] Okay guys, heads or tails.

- Heads.

- That's fine. Tails never fails.

- [Derek] Oh a rhyme!

- Wow.

- [Derek] Okay.

- Well heads...

- You still cold from that polar plunge?

- Yeah.

- [Derek] Okay, you ready to hear your punishment?

- Yeah.

- [Derek] Whoever loses has to buy the other person

whatever they want from the store.

(Steven gasps)

- Well, tails is gonna win for sure.

- [Derek] K.

- Heads, heads heads heads heads heads.

- Tails never fails, I'm telling you.

- Heads.

- Tails never fails.

- Ready? - Heads.

- Heads? There's nothing that rhymes with heads.

- Just watch, I don't even have to look at it.

It's gonna be tails.

(metal clattering)

- It's tails! - Boom!

- I told you! Tails never fails!

Steven, let's go to the store.

Let's go see what I want.

Come on, let's go.

- Jared, please don't get anything too expensive?

- What do you think is the most expensive

thing in Walmart?

- No, no, not like, get something like--

- I'm asking you, Jared.

- Um... - Maybe like 50 buck at most.

- Steven, it's anything I want.

- [Derek] You can get a, a giant TV.

- No!

- [Derek] That's probably the most expensive.

- Like I'm thinking computers, headphones...

- [Derek] Um...

- Gaming systems, or--

- Wait, can't you only get one thing?

- Or like a legit computer thing.

- [Derek] Hm.

- All those are like the most expensive.

Let's go figure it out!

Steven, you get to buy me whatever I want!

- Owww!

- Should I get this Steven?

- No.

- 1,000.

- Uh, no.

- [Derek] Ohhh.

- I think there's more expensive things.

- No, not, no nevermind, come back, come back please.

- Actually, I think I know exactly what I want.

- No you don't.

- It'll fill up my room but, I know what I want.

- [Derek] Uh-oh.

- An 80 inch TV.

- All right. I got my huge TV. Let's go see

if this one will fill up my room.

You're hanging it too.

- [Derek] Steven? Steven? You just bought him a giant TV?

- Wait, wait wait wait. Let's think about our options here.

- You already said. You already said.

- What if we get something like, like, like.

- Nope, we're done.

- No, no, no!

- Go.

- [Steven] Wow Jared! This actually fits

really well in your house.

- [Jared] I know, like that was perfect.

- [Steven] Except I'm kind of mad

that I had to buy it for you.

- [Derek] Wow, Jared. That was actually a good buy.

Way to go!

- [Steven] Are you guys ready for the next coin flip?

- Let's do it. - All right.

- [Steven] Whoever loses has to do--

- Wait, wait, wait. First, we have to know

what we're choosing, right?

- Oh yeah, yes. - Tails, tails never fails.

- Gosh dang you. - Tails never fails!

- This is the time, this is the time

where heads is gonna win. I'll show you. Heads.

Okay, what are we doing?

- [Steven] Um, whoever loses has to

do snow angels in the snow.

- All right

- Heads is gonna win this one, heads is

gonna win this one.

I feel it, I feel it.

- [Jared] Wow, that was the most pathetic...

- [Derek] I can't see it.

- [Steven] Tails!


- Tails never fails! - That didn't even flip!

- Tails never fails! - That didn't even flip!

- [Jared] I call a re-flip!

That thing did not flip.

- One re-flip but you get no more.

- Nope, no, no!

- [Jared] Okay, one re-flip, one re-flip.

- No, no no no no no.

- Steven has the rules.

- I have more coins.

- It flipped!

- I have more. - Go Steven, go!

- Come on baby, come on baby, come on baby!

Hey that's heads baby, that's heads! See? Hey!

- If you wanna get technical I won.

- [Jared] This is, okay no. Dude we're one and one,

cause it had to be a re-flip. All right, Steven.

- [Derek] Oh so one and one? So this is a final?

- [Jared] Final, final flip, go!

- [Derek] Why are you guys looking at me like that?

- [Jared] Final flip, go!

- Oh, where'd that...? - Wow.

- [Jared] How? Where did you? Oh, what is it Steven?

- [Derek] Wait a minute.

- Tails!!!


- Tails! Never! Fails!

- [Jared] Oh gosh.

Get that, Steven.

- What was going on?

- [Steven] Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!

- [Derek] Snow angel! You did not snow angel!

- [Steven] You didn't do a snow angel.

- [Derek] Go back, you didn't do a snow angel.

- Now I'm safe!

- [Steven] Great.

- [Jared] All right you guys ready

for the next coin flip challenge?

- Mhm. - Yeah

- I guess so.

- I'm worried.

- I hope Steven loses again.

- [Jared] What do you choose? One, two, three,

choose! - Tails!

- I didn't even have time to think

about what I wanted!

- [Jared] He beat you to that one.

Watch it be heads though. - Steven, just don't get

excited if tails comes up again, okay?

- [Jared] Since we're inside the car,

I'm gonna open this guy up, that way

I could flip it out and then it come back in.

- [Steven] What?

- It's gonna disappear. - How does it open?

- [Steven] It's gonna go up and just not come back down.

- [Jared] Wooo, perfect.

- It's gonna hit this.

- [Jared] All right

- [Steven] Boom!

- [Jared] So Derek has tails. Steven has heads.

Now, the loser,

has to buy everyone dessert.

- Wait.

- [Jared] Whoever that loses has to buy everyone dessert,

including me. - So, so the person that loses

still gets dessert, right? - No, no, everyone else.

(Derek laughs)

- [Jared] Duh, you already think,

you already know you're gonna lose?

- See, I never accepted defeat.

He's already accepted it.

- [Jared] But it doesn't, that isn't the only thing, okay?

They have to buy dessert for everyone

and ask for the waitress's number.


Now we've got you thinking.

- [Steven] I really hope--

- [Jared] Now we've got you thinking.

- I really hope it's Derek cause these days are like...

- [Jared] Now if you lose, you have to ask for the

waitress's number for your uncle. For Derek.

- What the fudge is this?!

- [Jared] He's too young to.

Okay, are we ready?

- So either way, Jared, Derek,

not Jared, Derek loses?

- [Jared] No, he might get someone's number out of it.

All right, we're ready!

(metallic thud) (laughing)

- [Jared] No, no, no, you can't check. I have to check.

- Where is it? It's tails!

- [Jared] Is it tails?

- I didn't touch it. It's tails.

- [Jared] Is it really tails? Is it really tails?

- Steven give me your hand.

- [Jared] Is it tails, Steven?

- Give me your hand.

- Oh man!

- [Jared] It's tails?

- Go...

- [Steven] Yeah, it's tails.

- [Jared] Oh gosh, Derek won again!

All right Steven.

- I gotta find this coin.

- Has there ever been once where heads wins?

- I do-- - Yes.

- [Jared] I think the very first

one was and that won. - Then the one time I'm gonna

choose tails...

- I tried. - All right, but Steven, you,

you get to pick where we're going.

Where we going?

- Zeppi's!

- [Jared] Zeppi's it is.

- Zeppi's desserts are pretty good.

- [Jared] It is a little cold, but...

- It is cold, but... - Let's go to Zeppi's!

- Hot chocolate counts as a dessert.

- Can I get two regular hot chocolates

and one with salted caramel?

- [Waitress] So two chocolates and one with salted caramel?

- Yeah... (laughing)

- Anything else I can get for you?

- And your number for my uncle.

- I actually have a boyfriend, sorry.

- [Jared] Ohhh!

(Jared yelling drowns out Steven)

- I just want a hot chocolate,

I don't know why this happened.


- [Jared] Derek, how are you feeling?

You just got dumped.

- Well, I'm feeling pretty good.

I'm getting a hot chocolate out of it, so.


- [Jared] She said she had a boyfriend!

- Ouch!

- And also I'm pretty sure she was like

Steven's age so, I'm pretty happy.

- [Jared] Did you ask her,

you should of asked her her number for you, Steven.

That, that was good though, Steve, that was good.

I love how she asked "What else do you want?".

"Your number!" (Jared and Steven chuckle)

- [Derek] Okay guys. The final round

between Jared and Steven. - I'm pretty sure Steven has

lost almost every single round.

- Yeah, Steven's has lost a bunch.

- I have to point that out.

- [Jared] Okay, what do you choose?

- Tails.

- That's fine.

- [Derek] Okay

- This is the time when heads is gonna be real.

- I agree with-- - Steven finally gets his

tails that he's been begging for.

Okay. - It's gonna be heads.

It's gonna be heads. The last time I

said it was gonna be tails, it was tails.

It's going to be heads.

- [Derek] Would you guys like to know what's going

to happen if you lose?

- Well yeah, yeah.

- [Derek] If you lose...

I or the other person,

gets to smash--

- How about we both?

- [Derek] Whoa...

- I think it's the other person cause they win.

- [Derek] Okay, the other person gets--

- So I get the great...

love to do whatever you're gonna do.

- [Derek] Can I finish my sentence?

(Steven laughs)

Gosh! The winner--

- Yes I do. I'm having a--

- [Derek] The winner, gets to smash,

this egg on top of the other person's head.

- I'm winning cause tails never fails.

- [Derek] Ready?

- No, don't look, don't look. (metal clattering)

- No, I'm not gonna look! - Don't look!

- [Derek] Oh my gosh, it is heads!


- [Jared] Really?!

- [Derek] It's heads!

- Yes! I get to (mumbles).

- [Steven] I hate this game!

- I told you! Woooo!

- Nooooo!


- Why, why does this even happen to me?

- [Derek] Um, Jared, you grabbed the egg

a little too hard.

- I (laughs) got too excited, guys.

- [Derek] Well, um.

- It's fine. It's fine. - Top of the head please, top

of the head.

- [Jared] Here, let's go outside.

- [Derek] Jared, you ready?

- Why is this even happening to me?

- [Derek] He's coming!

- I thought tails never fails.

- [Derek] Three, two, one.

(egg cracking) - Awwww.

- [Derek] Ewww (laughs)

- [Steven] It went flying over there.

- [Jared] Oh wow.

- [Steven] Oh.

- [Jared] Oh, delicious!

- Well guys, this is the end for today's video.

I'm going to flip this coin

and see if I have to say the ending or not!

(metal clattering)

I forgot to guess what it was.


- Oh my god... - Heads, heads, heads.

- [Jared] Now you choose heads?

It's gonna be tails. It's tails!

Steven can't win, ever! Anything!

- I'm ending the video anyways!

Make sure you guys Subscribe,

hit that notification bell and give me a big

thumbs up! See you guys next time!

(upbeat electric music plays)

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