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Hello, I am Dr. Charles Khoury, District Superintendent at Ulster BOCES.

These are unprecedented times that call for unique and innovative methods to respond to

the many challenges presented by this prolonged school closure.

However, while our buildings may be closed, our schools are open.

My staff has been busily preparing lessons and activities that can be delivered in a

variety of formats so that the education of our students can proceed in an uninterrupted


I encourage all students to participate in our daily programs as if our buildings were

still open.

This is critically important if every one of our students is to reach their goals.

I am confident that, working together, we can make the very best of this challenging


You are not alone.

Your teachers, principals, administrators, Board of Education, and the entire Ulster

BOCES team are standing strong behind you, ready to support you however we can.

Hi, My name is Dr. Jonah Schenker and I am the Deputy Superintendent at Ulster BOCES.

Over the last two weeks, our admin team has worked relentlessly to create a new model

of education that will allow learning to persevere during this extended closure.

Everyone at Ulster BOCES is committed to making sure that we can reach and connect to all

of our students and families and continue to provide meaningful and engaging instruction

until we can safely return to school.

The result of this work is the North Star Virtual Academies at Ulster BOCES, which is

a robust educational delivery system that provides engaging and relevant content, social-emotional

support, connectedness, and community for our diverse learners.

This distance learning platform hinges on two basic componentsvirtual sessions and

applied learningwhich are offered in a flexible A/B day schedule.

Virtual Session is a time where each student will be connected and participating in teacher-led


Over the last week, our staff has been working on becoming proficient with the baseline skills

needed for this new teaching model, as well as to ensure that we can deliver our programs

and services to all our students.

Next week, we will make sure that the platforms that we are using and building are working

for everyone and we will provide the needed support to all staff and students to ensure


I am confident that we will get through this together and emerge as a stronger school community;

one that takes care of each other and continues to do the amazing things we do at Ulster BOCES

each and every day.

Hello Families.

Greetings from our Home to Yours;

I am Peter Harris, principal at the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Ana


I hope this message finds you all safe and healthy.

On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know

that we deeply miss our students and are dedicated to remaining connected during this time.

Our BOCES leadership team is working closely with staff and your local school districts

to continue to provide learning opportunities for our students.

We remain committed to encouraging our students to develop their unique self, build their

individual capacity, and to stay connected to their learning community.

Today we will be discussing our approach to our new Ulster BOCES North Star Virtual Academy.

How is this going to look?

The following is an overview of our daily schedule:

Beginning Monday, April 6th: We will be operating on an every other

day schedule, usually referred to as an A/B schedule.

On A days, we will have virtual sessions.

On B days, we will have applied learning sessions.

To help students remember this schedule, our teachers will be frequently reminding and

providing support, including visuals, as needed.

During virtual sessions, our students will participate in community meetings, instruction

from teachers, engaging and creative activities, and collaborative discussions with peers.

During applied learning sessions, our students will have an opportunity to practice what

theyve learned with the support of the teacher.

This time of the day gives students an opportunity to explore, research, and apply skills to

real-life situations.

Teachers will actively support small groups and individual learning during this time.

We will be utilizing Zoom and Google Chat for our virtual face-to-face meetings.

We will be using Google Classroom to share learning activities with our students.

Our school social workers, psychologists, crisis intervention specialists, and other

support professionals are also working closely with teachers and will remain accessible to

students during this time.

We understand this new delivery may take time to get used to.

Rest assured, all faculty, staff, and administrators are here to assist you and your student.

To that end, if you are experiencing issues with a lack of technology or connectivity,

please let us know as soon as possible so we can assist.

Most importantly, we are interested in providing a supportive transition, which will enable

our students to stay connected to our school community.

We will be in touch with our parents and students regularly.

Please call or email any questions or concerns you may question is silly.

Thank you for your continued support and well see you soon!

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