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Hi, Ric here and this is the final part of a three part series marking out the layout

of theVerse, the solar systems of Firefly. So far, weve covered the inner colonies,

known as the core worlds, where the rich and prestigious live under the Union of Allied

Planets. We then looked into the Border planets that are separate solar systems that orbit

the White Star, dont ask me how. Then there is the first of the two Rim systems, Kalidasa.

The Border and the Rim mark areas of space with less of an alliance presence which is

both a blessing and a curse. Whereas the Alliance is seen as meddlesome

and forcing its will on others, the colonies could benefit from more of the Unions resources

and protection for it receives little of either. But the last Solar system to explore may make

you question the wisdom of having a strong Alliance presence. I feel like I should issues

a spoiler warning for the film Serenity here, even though its not exactly current but

there are people out there who have seen Firefly and not the film and because it wraps up a

lot, well spoilers? I guess. Outside of even the orbital path of the Kalidasa

system, lies the final star, the furthest system with human inhabitants; Qing Long,

the Blue Dragon system also called the Blue Sun. This system orbits at a tilt because

reasons. In 2420, Meridian was terraformed as well

as its moon, Burnet so only around 98 years before the start of the show. The next planet

out from the centre is New Canaan. It is a ringed planet orbited by Ugarit and Lilac.

Lilac was the moon seen in Serenity that was attacked by the Reavers during the Fireflys

bank heist and like many of the other border and rim worlds, is rather barren. Muir is

the third planet with two moons, Arminius and Shepherds Mission. Shepherds being

a name for a type of priest or monk from the Firefly lore suggesting this may be a point

of some significance, then again Weve seen names like Bob and Godfors Aken, so it could

be named ironically. Then there is a gas giant called Fury that

has not been helioformed. It has nine moons, Coldstone, Blackwood, Ataraxia, Seventh Circle,

Nipmuc, Genae, Iscariot, Katarina and Sakura, three of which are inhabited. There is then

an expansive asteroid belt, called the Uroborus, named after the snake that eats its own tail

forming a ring around 1.5 AU thick. Highgate is the next planet and has two moons. Perth

and Stonewall, the latter of which is connected to Highgate by a space elevator, the only

one in theVerse. Then theres a second gas giant, Dragons

Egg, with five moons, Yudhishtira, Bhima, Nakula, Sahadeva and Glynis.

Next was the planet Deadwood, which was the location of the Heart of Gold Brothel. Orbiting

Deadwood was Haven, which bore home to the community Shepard Book settled down on. His

settlement (and possibly others) was massacred on the Alliance Operatives orders in 2518.

Pour one out for the lost. Then there was this systems only Protostar,

Burnham. Orbiting this unnatural star is a completely insignificant planet called Miranda,

with nothing important its a failed terraformed planet that never worked out take my word

for it, dont go check. It had one moon, Caliban.

Surrounding this planet is a flotilla of vessel and derelicts occupied by the Reavers who

raid the rim and occasionally border from the space surrounding this furthest point.

The Reavers are savage once-humans who act out on instinct and primal violence. They

have memory and reason enough to be able to fly their ships and operate technology, but

lack the foresight or desire to maintain them. This leads to them constantly pillaging for

food and resources as their current vessels fail.

They mutilate their ships and themselves with the remains of their prizes and favour any

weapon that leaves a mess. Sufficed to say, these horrors quickly became the subject of

nightmares and rumour among theVerse with many in the core and some in the Alliance

not even believing in their existence. Of course it turns out the Miranda is the

origin of the Reavers, due to a failed and immoral Alliance experiment where after the

Unification War, the Union of Allied planets looked for a way to placate a population and

tested a gaseous compound on Miranda. It killed all its inhabitants but drove 0.1% of the

population insane. Therefore, Miranda is a quarantined planet with the cover being spread

of a failed terraforming incident. Failed terraforming can be disastrous and is not

an uncommon occurrence as seen in the last part, especially this far from the core, with

even successful conversion producing a myriad of unforeseen quirks. No one ever was able

to confirm this however, due to the Reaver presence.

These five systems mark out the knownVerse as well as numerous space stations along trade

routes run by the alliance and independent companies.

There are also a number of terraformed planetoids in key positions that act as relay stations

for the Cortex, theVerse spanning information network. It is on one of these that the self-termed,

Mr. Universe lives and sells his extracted information. These planets are surrounded

by energy fields caused by the intense flow of information and signals that can cause

a navigational nightmare and interfere with long range scans but can be safely traversed.

There are four in Boarder space and eleven orbiting the White Star at the same range

as the Kalidasa system for coverage into the Rim. Despite this however, connections are

spotty, even in the core with even planets such as Osiris having blackout zones, but

most common drop outs were experienced during deep space travel. Beyond all this is the

edge. Just more space, as Jayne Cobb puts it, but its from that edge that mankind

originally emigrated. So that is they layout of theVerse according

to Official Map and as you can see, theres plenty of space for numerous stories and locales.

The inner systems, known as the Core are older and far more stable with fewer worlds with

extreme climates while the Border and the Rim worlds have a far harsher, often dryer

climate. While you dont have to deal with alliance patrols in the rim as often as they

aught, you do run the risks of Reaver attacks which many agree is far worse.

But there we have it. The star cluster was picked for its high number of planets while

even more moons and such were discovered as they approached the systems. It all orbits

this singular White Star, the Core system, hence the name. Thanks for watching this vid

it took a very long time to put all this together and I hope you can see why I didnt want

to cram this all into one video and rush through it. So thanks for making this journey with

me and until next time, Ill see you all around. Have a shiny day, Capns. Goodbye.

The Description of Miranda, Blue Sun System and the Cortex | The 'Verse Part 03 (Firefly)