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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Xenomorph Homeworld - Accounts of the Earth War

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The coordinates had been discovered.

The trek to the alien homeworld had been complete.

And for the first time, at least to the knowledge of the Earth government, man had set down

on what seemed to be the planet from which the xenomorph originated.

This was a government endevour, however, Bionational Industries, in an operation led by Executive

Assistant Patrick Massey, had taken over the mission.

Aboard the USCSS Benedict, in the planet's orbit, Massey remained, along with Corporal

Hicks, lead their squads to land on the surface.

The APC sensors gathered information on the planet: gravity, atmosphere, lighting, weather

conditions, all kinds of readings, and spewed it into the Benedicts recorders.

Offhand, it didnt look like a world that was going to become a vacation spot anytime


Gravity a bit higher than Terran Standard, maybe a gee and a quarter.

The local star made most of the planet tropical, at least weather-wise.

There were small ice caps at the poles, but even the more temperate regions would give

you body heat plus a couple degrees.

Vegetation was sparse, the oceans were full of nasty salts, and there didnt seem to

be many places where an unprotected human could survive even without killer locals prowling

for supper.

The poisoned air would require full-time niters or implants.

Under the cloud cover, the land below was dull and gray, scraggly trees or what passed

for them, lots of young igneous rock exposed to the air, sharp edges, and dirty colors.

Massey watched from the remote hovercam as the marines marched out onto the surface of

the alien world, in full gear except for weapons.

Six of his own troops floated in three small open-air pod craft over the walking marines.

The androids in the pods were armed and the marines below knew they could either do as

they were told or be cut down.

Bueller and 1st Squad approached the mound cautiouslywalking knowingly to their deaths.

The moundnest?


whateverloomed like an apartment-building-sized anthill.

The surface was ridged and convoluted, a dull blackish-gray with bits of lighter color here

and there.

As they drew nearer, Bueller saw that the lighter bits were bones, a lot of them skulls,

all blended into the surface.

There was an oval-shaped entrance with a beaten path leading to it maybe a hundred meters

ahead.The six of them moved toward the entrance of the mound.

Once they were inside the place, maybe they could just squat down and not go in any deeper.The

group reached the entrance.

Bueller flicked his shoulder light on and took a deep breath.

He stepped into the mound first.

Massey had theorized that the xenomorph may not be the only lifeform inhabiting the mysterious

planet, that surely a foodchain may exist - predators and prey...wherever the xenomorph

may be placed in this ecosystem, it would soon become clear that they did not live on

the planet alone.

Massey was staring through the holographic readouts when a tiny chime called for his


He focused on the screen.

The three air pods were holding over the entrance to the first mound; the other marine squads

hadnt made it to their destinations yet.

What was—?

Doppler showed aircraft closing on the air pods.


He thought.

There wasnt any civilization on this world.

The aliens didnt have, couldnt have flying devices!

Then he realized what was wrong with the images.

No heat signatures, no power leakage, no radio or radar or Doppler.

Either the craft were so primitive they had to be gliders, or

Massey blinked.

Team One,” he said.


The first wave of flying creatures dived on the air pods.

The cameras caught and recorded the images.

They looked reptilian, with grayish, scaled skin.

They had delta-shaped wings that spanned at least ten meters, short, sleek bodies and

elongated heads with rows of pointed teeth.

Carnivores, definitely.

There were a dozen in the first group and they attacked soundlessly the three pods.

The pods spiraled down toward the ground, four or five of the beasts following them

in controlled dives.

The first pod splatted against the ground, shattered, and hurled the two androids away

from the impact.

Almost instantly the flying creatures were upon the androids, tearing at them, ripping

limbs from torsos, spraying circulating fluid up in thin white fountains.

Bueller and the rest of Hick's squad had sought shelter from the attack inside the structure

that they referred to as the giant ant-hill.

They were, however, trespassing.

And were not alone inside.

In this series, I'm recounting the Earth War, as depicted in the Aliens comics series, and

the events leading up to it, as well as its aftermath.

The accounts are explored as originally published, despite certain names, locations, and other

events having been altered over time.

If you missed it, the previous video in this series is Operation Outreach.

Stay tuned for the next video, about the Anthill Skirmish, a crucial event in the trajectory

of the War.

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