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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 우기먹방:) 비빔면과 골뱅이의 조합!! 골빔면 먹방 (ft.엄마표파김치)ㅣbibimmyeon & Whelk, Green kimchiㅣMUKBANGㅣEATING SHOW

Difficulty: 0

Make 4 slices of spicy noodles.

Put it in the freezer.

It sounds good.

Make sure the sauce is salty.

Let's eat with Golbaengi today.

I'll have two.

Next is sesame oil.

Rub it on.

Finish it with seaweed!

I'll have it with green onion kimchi.


I was so hungry at dawn.

Bibimmyun and Golbaeng.

I've done combined bone marrowbones.

Would you like to take a look?

My friend needs to eat with me.

Sung Hoon!

We need to eat fast.

It's Sung-hoon!

My friend usually cooks for me.

I did it today.

It's been a long time.

Oh, well done.

It looks delicious.

I'll eat.

I get hungry every morning.

Is everyone like that?

I'll try it with Kim.

I made 4 bibimmyun noodles.

Four, two Golbaeng

Didn't you write it down?

You're crazy.

I did it, but it's so delicious.

I'll have a Golbaeng, too.

the sound of eating spicy noodles

the beautiful sound of music

It's cooked really well.

I'll have some green onion kimchi.

Let's eat seaweed, too.

a perfect combination of two

Kim was originally

Ha Jung Woo Style

be out of one's mind

It is so delicious.

Sung Hoon Yi


I'm serious right now.

so what

You bring it with you

You're nearby.

to be delicious

pretending not to hear

But a good friend who brings me back.

this pakimchi

Mom sent it from home.

pakimchi made by mom

Thank you, Mom.

If I'm not good enough, I don't bring it.

I brought it because it was delicious.

Pour some water. I'll eat.

Eating show?

Two thirds of the video is the essence.

It was so delicious.

a water-drinking broadcast

You're gonna have to eat a big bite.


It's the best bibimmyun I've ever cooked.


I can't express this. It's really yummy.


Everyone, bring water to a boil.

That's good.

I'll have a Golbaeng, too.

It's the best.

My face is definitely white.


I don't like it.

Admit it.

What are you doing eating?

Are you full?

to lack


I'm finally full.

The last bite!

I'm the last.


The end?

Eat it up.

If then,

I'll change the dishes.

I'm full.

Aren't you full at all?

I'm full

That's enough.

If I boiled one more, it would've been a lot, right?

Is it appropriate? One more?

If only there was one more.

Next time I'll boil five.

Who starved him?

Why do you drink? kkkkkkk

I'm done eating~

You eat well.

It's delicious.

It's really boiled, right?

With seaweed and sesame oil.

You did a great job.

Make me breakfast tomorrow.

Make me doenjang jjigae tomorrow morning.

It was fine.

the best

I had a nice meal.



a honey flavour

Make it and eat it. Guys.

We ate too quickly.

I finished it in 5 minutes.

How are you going to wrap it up?


an end

How are you going to end this?


How are we gonna end this?

It's over with the black screen.

This is how I write it.

Editor, you know what I mean?

How are you going to end this? Is there any scene you want to do?


It's like this, right? (Editor)

The Description of 우기먹방:) 비빔면과 골뱅이의 조합!! 골빔면 먹방 (ft.엄마표파김치)ㅣbibimmyeon & Whelk, Green kimchiㅣMUKBANGㅣEATING SHOW