Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Story of Varian Wrynn - Part 3 of 5 [Lore]

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Hello everyone!

Last week we talked about Varian finally sat down with the Horde at theramore which was

interrupted by Garona Halforcen.

Tensions ran high between the factions and would only flare up with events like the Wrathgate

and the Battle for the Undercity.

Within Icecrown Citadel, Varian showed the first signs of figuring out that the Horde

were not all the monstrous murderers that he knew from his childhood.

The next part of his story arc is not that much shown ingame, but plays out in the novels

and short stories so lets begin shall we?!

First we have the novel Stormrage which as the name implies is more about Malfurion Stormrage,

but Varian did have his part to play.

The emerald nightmare was spreading across the land of Azeroth, both the alliance and

the horde had their victims, but this was not widely known at first.

A mist was forming outside of Stormwind and some of their people no longer woke up.

Varian believed the Horde to be responsible for it.

There was no proof, but to him it made perfect sense.

There were far too many elements among the Horde that could not be trusted to keep the


The orcs aside and they were also among those of whom Varian was suspicious the king

could not see any reason to believe in the honor of blood elves high elves who had

turned to absorbing demonic magic after the loss of their vaunted power source, the Sunwell,

and had subsequently become addicted to the fel energies.

NoR did he have any faith in the undead Forsaken, who claimed to be free of the lich Kings


Of all the Horde, the tauren were the only ones who did not immediately make the Stormwinds

ruler want to reach for his weapon, but since they sided with the orcs, that made them untrustworthy

as well.

Of course what Varian didnt know was that the Horde was suffering just as much from

the Nightmare.

Now like I said, a lot of this story shifts away from Varian and focuses on saving Malfurion

from the Nightmare and taking the battle to Xavius.

Eventually Malfurion was saved from the grasp of the nightmare, but there was still a war

to win.

The people of Azeroth were still trying to fight and defend their land against those

who were taken by the nightmare and now struck out against former friends and allies.

Malfurion made contact with those still resisting to stand together in the Emerald Dream to

fight back against the Nightmare.

Varian heard Malfurions voice in his mind and refused to lay down his arms and fall

asleep at first, but when one of his blows did not knock out the target but instead killed

the innocent sleep walker...he snarled and told Malfurion that whatever he was planning

to do, he should do it quick.

Under the guidance of the archdruid, Varian and so many more from all factions and races

entered the emerald dream.

It was Varian who was chosen by Malfurion to lead them all and of course, at first Varian

wants nothing to do with it.

The king looked outraged at the sight of the orcs.

I wont lead this filth.

Let the Nightmare take them and be damned As it took your son and so many others

in Stormwind city?

Only by defeating the nightmare can you ever hope to have Anduin returned to you...and

that can only happen if we all work together.

IVarian visibly struggled between his hatred and love.

Love won out.

Very well ... let it happen...

Now though, many of the Horde looked reluctant to join any force led by Varian.

But then the tauren leader Baine took up a place by the human.

I will trust that this one chosen by a friend of my people will act with honor toward all...

The taurens declaration shattered resistance and the forces of azeroth under Varians

leadership moved out.

The king of Stormwind raised his sword --- what was actually part of his dreamformand led

his host forward.

The archdruid stared at Varian as the king moved on.

Just for a moment, Varians countanance had seemed to change to something else.

A wolfs.

A name came to mind, an ancient spirit revered by many races, including the night elves.

Goldrinn...Malfurion thought, recalling the legendary ancient.

The white wolf had slaughtered hundreds of demons during the War of the Ancients before

falling to their great numbers.

Yet his spirit was said to live on, watching over those he favored.

May you be one of those, the archdruid concluded.

aware that he had likely imagined what he had seen.

May Goldrin watch over you and all those marching to meet our enemy...

And watch over them it did, yet the victory

did not come easy.

As the forces of Azeroth battled with the might of the nightmare, their physical bodies

were attacked causing their dream form to die with their physical form.

Images of their loves ones assaulted their minds and effected moral, but as the army

tried to hold the nightmares attention, people like Malfurion, Tyrande, Broll Bearmantle

and Thura, they worked on fighting to root of the corrupt and the nightmare lord Xavius.

The day was saved, Malfurion returned to lead his people together with his beloved Tyrande

and as he restored the dreamforms back to their bodies, he spared a moment to briefly

savor one sight, that of the king rushing to his son and the pair holding one another


The threat of the nightmare was dealt with for the moment and wouldnt resurface until

Legion, but of course this is warcraft and peaceful times dont often last for long.

Just before the cataclysm, the people gathered within the cathedral of light to remember

the thouands who had sacrificed their lives in the war against the Lich King.

Varian and Anduin were present during this, but even Jaina Proudmoore had made her way

to Stormwind.

2 night elf sentinels stepped into the cathedral to speak with King Varian.

Despite the treaty between the alliance and the horde, there had been an attack in Ashenvale.

This was no ordinary skirmish, the attack had been brutal, the victims hacked up in


They were skinned, the sentinels werent sure if they were alive during that, but their

skins were hung up and written in elven blood were the symbols of the Horde.

By now you can imagine Varians immediate response to this.

His Logosh side took hold, accusing thrall of being behind this and blaming jaina for

not letting him kill the orc when he had the chance.

Jaina did her best to calm the king of Stormwind.

She had fought besides the warchief, had been personally involved in the negotations for

the treaty.

They had no proof that Thrall had ordered this and it wasnt like he could be held

responsible for the actions of every single orc.

The defias are humans as well, should Varian be held responsible for their actions?

This blow struck him hard, for a moment she thought that she had reached him, but then

his brows drew together in a scowl that was made terrifying by the brutal scar across

his face.

He did not look like himself now, he looked like LoGosh.

What if you are wrong Jaina?

And what if Im right?

Youve been known to be a poor judge of character in the past.

Now it was Jainas turn to freeze, stunned, at the words.

He was hurling Arthas back at her.

That was how LoGosh played, how he had won in gldiatorial combat dirty, using

every tool at his disposal in order to win at all costs.

She took a deep breath and composed herself.

Many of us knew Arthas well, Varian.

Including you.

You lived with him for years.

You didnt see the monster he would become.

Neither did his father, nor Uther.

No, I didnt.

But Im not making the same mistake again, and you are.

Tell me, Jaina, if you had seen what Arthas would become...would you have tried to stop


Would you have had the guts to kill your lover, or would you have stood by, peace at all costs,

a mewling little pacifist whoFather!

The word, uttered in a boying tenor voice, cracked like a whip.

Varian whirled.

Anduin stood in the doorway.

His blue eyes were wide and his face was drained of color.

But there was more than an expression of shock on his face.

There was bitter disappointment.

Before Jainas eyes, Varian changed.

Gone was the coldly raging anger of LoGosh.

His posture shifted.

He was Varian again.

Anduin was disgusted and disappointed at his fathers reaction.

Again its his son thats able to reach the king as he spend some time with the sentinels

in a much calmer mind set and makes the decision to investigate this further and if Thrall

is behind this, then he will march into Orgrimmar himself.

Jaina promised that if the warchief of the horde was behind this, she would be marching

at his side.

Varian apologized for his behavior and he realises that Anduin yearns for peace where

it seems like simply yearns for war.

He wants his father back, not LoGosh and although the king had merged into 1 single

being again, the transition of finding balance within himself was still going on.

The king doesnt like having his boy around living with him while hes trying to determine

where the king ends and the logash side of him begins so they decide to give Anduin

a Hearthstone which he can use to visit Jaina at Theramore at any time he wants.

Varian also understands that his son isnt weak, in some cases he has shown more strength

and wisdom then most adults around him, but he does believe that Anduin is soft and that

some training with the dwarves could be good for his son.

He suggests that the prince should visit Magni in Ironforge and Anduin really warms up to

the idea.

He could check out the explorers league, stretch his legs outside of Stormwind and Varian would

make sure to talk to Magni and encourage Anduins training.

The prince had already shown great talent with throwing daggers and the bow, but his

fighting skills were simply not there, not even after the dwarves got their hands on


He did have an interest and affinity to the light as he meets up with High Priest Rohan

and dreams of a world where every city would welcome who ever stood at their gates with

open arms.

Anduin truly yearned for a world of peace, yet the world of Azeroth itself was in turmoil.

This was at the brink of the cataclysm, the black dragon aspect deathwing was about to

break out and try to bring about the hour of twilight and this did not come without


Earthquakes were already taking place, some had been crushed beneath their own homes and

Magni Bronzebeard decided to use an ancient titan ritual to communicate with the land

and figure out what was going on.

Instead of just communicating though, he literally became 1 with the land as his body was turned

into a crystal.

Anduin, his father and all those aware grieved for this loss and Varian insisted for Anduin

to stay in Ironforge during this time.

This was a chance to help the people, he had made some good friend there and the fact the

prince of stormwind is staying there throughout this difficult period would send a strong

signal about how highly they regarded the dwarves.

It wasnt a pleasant place to be right now, but not everything you do as a king will be

pleasant either and Anduin knew his father was right, and he did want to help, but the

place would become a lot more unpleasant as Magnis daughter and the dark iron dwarves

showed up.

Moira Bronzebeard had been kidnapped by the dark iron dwarves years before and although

her father believed that foul magic was at play, Moira actually fell in love with Emperor

Thaurissan, leader of the Dark Iron Dwarves.

He showed her kindness and affection and the respect she never received from her father

simply for being born a women.

They married, had a child together and now she had shown up to take her rightful place

as heir to the throne.

With the strength of her dark irons she placed Ironforge under lock down, held Anduin as

her hostage and although the way that she went about it was wrong, technically she was

in the right and she was the one to succeed her father.

Remember that Hearthstone Jaina had given to Anduin to visit her at Theramore?

That one was very handy as the prince could use it to escape the city and escape moiras


The timing could have been better since just as he showed up, Jaina was meeting with Baine.

The Horde was dealing with its own inner turmoil, Thrall leaving to Outland to figure out whats

going on with the world, leaving Garrrosh behind as warchief, Cairne challenging Garrosh

to Makgora since he believed the new warchief had ordered an attack on a peaceful meeting

with druids, but again like the attack on the night elves this was not by the horde

but by the twilights hammer clan.

Garroshs weapon being poisoned by magatha grimtotem leading to the old bulls death and

Baina losing Thunderbluff to Magatha.

He had shown up for aid at Theramore since he did not know who he could trust within

the Horde and Anduin accidently showed up at this secret meeting.

Apolegies for not going into full details, but this video is about Varian so I have to

do my best to keep it focused on him.

Anyways, Jaina uses her magic to contact Varian whos of course relieved to hear that his

son is safe.

The prince informs his father about what had happened within Ironforge, that her claim

to throne was legitimate, but that she didnt have to trap everyone like this.

No, she doesnt the king replied as he asked Jaina to keep Anduin at Theramore for a bit

longer while they would publicy pretend to be as baffled as Moira would want them to


Theyll let Moira believe that she succeeded in hiding her coup, while Varian has a plan.

He gathered members of the SI:7 to infiltrate Ironforge through the shut down deeprun tram

and forcefully remove Moira from her stolen throne.

When Anduin finds out about this from his aunty Jaina, he tells her that she must send

him to ironforge and of course the mage refuses at first, the 13 year old heir to stormwind

should not be send in the middle of danger.

Listen to me jaina, please.

If father carried out this attack, a lot of people are going to die, and the succession

will be thrown into confusion.

Instead of coming together as a people, the dwarves are going to find themselves in the

midst of another civil war!

Ive got to try and stop him, dont you see?

Make him understand that theres another way!

Anduins words are able to convince her, that his destiny is to rule stormwind one

day and that he cant face that destiny if they treat him like a child.

A quick portal later and Anduin found himself in Ironforge, just in time to stop his father

from making a big mistake as he had dragged Moira out of her bed into the open area near

the forge where crowds were starting to gather.

He hauled her to him roughly with one arm.

His other hand was at her throat, pressing the sword against the pale flesh.

behold the usurper!Varien cried, his identity no longer secret, his voice echoing

in the vast space.

This is the child Magni Bronzebeard wept countless tears over.

His beloved little girl.

How sickened he would be to see what shes done to his city, his people!

The gathered crowd stared.

Even the dark irons did not dare make a move, not with their empress in such immediate jeopardy.

This throne is not yours.

You bought it with deceit, and lies, and trickery.

You have threatened your own subjects wheb they have done nothing wrong, and bullied

your way to a title you have not yet earned.

I will not see you sit upon this stolen throne one moment longer!

Father!The voice cut through the haze of Varians rage, and for just an instant

the blade he held to Moiras throat wavered.

Then he recovered.

He did not take hois eyes from the dwarf as he replied.

You shouldnt be here, Anduin.

Get out.

This is no place for you.

The prince, once more the voice of reason, shared wisdom and truth with his father.

Despite what he might want, Moira was the rightful heir.

His father was not some vigilante, destruction was easy but creating something good, something

right, something that lasts that was hard.

Varian wanted nothing more then to make the usurper pay for what she had done to his boy,

his beautiful son... it was hard not to simply bellow in anger and plunge the blade into

the usurpers neck.

To not rejoice in the feel of hot, wet blood spurting over his hand.

To know that the threat to his son was forever ended.

He could do it.

He could do all that and how he wanted to.

The LoGosh side of him was roaring fiercely, it would be easy to kill her, but they had

to think of whats best for the people of Ironforge.

In the end his son calmed the wolf down and Varian decided that he did want to do what

was good, what was right.

She had shown that she was incapable of ruling Ironforge by herself so he came up with the

plan of letting all clans be represented by a leader.

The council of 3 hammers, with dark iron, Bronzebeard and the Wildhammer clan each having

a voice in the city.

Just like him, she had to do better then she was right now and the dwarves cheered around

them, his son was smiling and nodding with pride.

See, father?

Anduin said, pulling back to look up at him.

You knew exactly the right thing to do.

I knew you did.

Varian smiled.

I needed someone to believe that for me, before I could,he replied.

Come on, Son.

Lets go home.

So far Anduin has been a stabilizing force

for Varian, but you can tell that theres an imbalance within the king.

Onyxias magic separated and reformed him and the process did not come without complications.

Varian is struggling and so was the world of Azeroth itself as the cataclysm took place.

Deathwing made a return, the walls around gilneas crumbled too which they joined the

night elves and underwent a ritual to regain control over the worgen curse while warchief

Garrosh decided it was time to take charge of the Horde and lead it to a better future

by conquering the land.

War was upon them while Tyrande had a vision granted by Elune, one that showed her that

Varian was Goldrinns chosen and that he would stand in battle against the orcs.

She and her husband knew that the alliance would need a leader in the wake of the cataclysm

and with this vision, it seemed like Varian was meant to be that leader.

The people of Gilneas lead by Genn Greymane, the same Greymane that had joined the alliance

of Lordaeron and had complained about the gold spend on Nethergarde keep, they wanted

to rejoin the alliance and add their worgen strength and ferocity to the cause.

A summit at Darnassus took place in which all the factions of the alliance were represented

and they not only wanted to decide on accepting the gilneans, but they also wanted to see

if one would arise to guide the Alliance.

Now you might ask, why did the gilneans need to be accepted again if they were part of

the alliance of lordaeron?

Thats because some time after the second war, Greymane decide to build a wall around

his city seperating Gilneas from Lordaeron.

No one was allowed to enter Gilneas, not even when human refugees begged to be allowed in

during the where the scourge ran rampant across the lands of Lordaeron.

They had turned their back on the Alliance, got hit by the worgen curse, lost their lands

and now dared to ask for support, an alliance, from those they had refused to help.

I made some terrible decisions years ago, Greymane said.

I abandoned the Alliance for what I thought was the right course for my people.

That proved to be a sorry mistake.

What Im saying is that I thank you all for giving us this second chance.

The king of Gilneas regrets his actions and hopes to make the alliance see that their

worgen foricity and fury can be an asset to them, that the mistakes of the past will not

be repeated and at first it seems like most members of the alliance are warm to the idea

of letting them in, that is until Varian Wrynn spoke his mind.

Hel remembered was Gilneas had done.

It was true that Stormwind had not directly participated in the third war, but it had

been a strong supporter of the Alliance.

Stormwind has also been going through much more turmoil at that time and Varian had been

at the heart of most of that turmoil.

King Varian silently stood.

The effect was immediate.

The shouting died.

The two night elves and Genn stared at Varian, whose face revealed nothing of his intentions.

Members of the Alliance, my good night elf hosts, Id like to speak.

Even Prince Anduin appeared uncertain as to what his father planned, although he did not

seem worried, only curious.

Everyone knows that theres no love lost between Stormwind and GIlneas.

Everyone knows why.

Utter quiet fell upon the assembly.

Genns expression was unreadable as he waited for Varian to go on, but his ears lay flat

in concern.

The benefit that an ally such as Gilneas offers us is obvious.

While our skills in combat more than match those of the orcs and their allies, theres

always been a hunger that the Horde has thrived upon that we so civilized no longer

seem to have.

The worgen offer us that righteous hunger to overcome all obstacles in battle, to keep

the Alliance from splintering or merely sitting back as the orcs take one land after another...Genns

eyes widened, and even Malfurion could not help but feel his hope stir at such a speech.

I considered damned long and hard on this, I promise you, Varian told all.

Such an ally can help us easily hld the Hordes ambitions at bay, maybe even push

them back!

The king indicated Genn and the Gilneans.

An ally of such honor, of such courage, Id be more than pleased to fight beside!

His words brought cheer.

Even the worgen could no longer restrain themselves, several of the younger ones giving out short


Varian now turned his attention to Malfurion.


You called before for a vote by acclamation, a vote I interrupted!

My apologies for letting that happen!

Id meant to ask to speak sooner...Smiling, Malfurion answered, I would be happy to

call for it again, King Varian That wont be necessary.

The human monarchs expression went through a stunning transformation.

A dark cast spread over it as Varian eyed Genn Greymane.

Varian spat in the Gileans direction.

Calling for it again would be a waste of time, the lord of Stormwind snarled at

his counterpart below, for Id never give consent to allow these mongrels into

the Alliance!

Shouts of consternation erupted, especially among the worgen.

The one that was Eadrik took a step toward Varian, but Genn grabbed the young warriors

shoulder and pulled him back.

The two worgen bared their teeth at one another, Eadrik quickly becoming cowed.

Honor and trust!

These are what the Alliance needs, not these beasts that even when they paraded as men

were lacking in both!

What happens if they choose to cut themselves off once more?

Will they even bother to give us warning?

Can we trust them even to do that?

Varian snapped his fingers, and his retinue joined him on their feet, Anduin the last

and most hesitant.

As Ive already said to many, I find nothing worthy, nothing honorable, in this

pack of hounds...and so I will never vote aye to their admission back into the fold!

And with that, Varian led Stormwind out of the summit as chaos erupted among the other

representatives and Malfurion Stormrage watched all his hopes crumble before his eyes.

As you can tell, Varian isnt too happy with the gilneans and the summit seems to

be a bust, but Elunes vision had shown them that Varian was the one and Malfurion

was not about to give up.

He went over to talk with the king of Stormwind who refused to listen to his words and his

son Anduin overheard everything they said.

He realised that if a 10.000 year old elf cant convince his father to see reason,

to stop living in the past and think about the greater good of their people, then surely

he himself has no chance of suceeding.

He has made up his mind and decides to join propet Velen and the draenei for a while to

learn more about the Light, something he had a great affinity towards, something which

he had spoken about with Velen.

The boy turned to leave.

Something snapped in Varian.

He saw his belovedTiffin again with their infant son snoggled in her arms.

Tiffin faded away, leaving only the child...and then the child began to fade away.

Varian could not let that happen.

Without thinking, he lunched forward, snaring Anduins arm.

The prince let out a cry.

Some of the overwhelming fear faded, and Varian realized that he was crushing Anduins arm.

IIthe king released his grip.

Anduin, his face filled with shock, grasped at his injured arm.

He knew as well as his father that Varian not only could strangle a foe with one hand,

but had several times.

Few men there were who could match the strength of the legendary LoGosh.

And now, in a fit of utter madness, he had used that same might, however briefly, against

his defiant son...

Despite his desperate attempts, this act only pushed Anduin further away and he left his

father to join up with Velen, while Varian took to drinking away his sorrows.

Reports had come in about Garrosh and the Horde attacking within Ashenvale, but to Varian

that meant very little right now.

He had lost the one thing that meant the world to him, the rage and fury that had kept him

alive in the arena seemed to destroy everything worth living and a solution had to be found.

It was Malfurion who suggested to the king that rather then staying and drinking further,

he should join him for a hunt.

This actually interested Varian, something to focus his mind on and as luck would have

it, the appointed hunting grounds by Malfurion were also the hunting grounds of the worgen.

Greymane and Varian ran into each other and ended up in a contest on who was the better


Varian wanted to win and embarrass Genn infront of his own people.

The gilnean would see that their vaunted leader was still a failure who would only bring them

to further ruin.

The idea that by shaming genn varian wanted to lessen his own sense of failure had crept

into the lord of stormwinds mind, but he had quickly and soundly buried that thought deep.

They were tracking down a boar which lead them right infront of a big bear ready to

maul them to pieces and nothing bonds people better then fighting for their lives.

Together the king of stormwind and the king of gilneas were able to bring this mighty

beast down A quick killing blow, varian complimented Genn.

I simply finished your work, the gilnean ruler returned.

This kill is yours.

The hunt is yours.

Varian shook his head.


I was hunting a boar.

A man who hunts a rabbit and brings down a deer is applauded.

A man who hunts a boar and brings down a bear should be acclaimed.

And with that, Genn looked to the sky and unleashed a powerful howl, a howl that honored

both the kill and the one who made it.

His call was taken up by the other worgen, all saluting the skills of the king of Stormwind.

Genn finally finished, the howls of his followed ending with his.

He faced his counterpart again.

Only...Varian was no longer there...

Varian did not believe he deserved the honor they were giving him so he left them to think,

to reconsider his past assumptions about the gilneans for his love for his son, his people

and for his hopes for redemption.

There were others struggling hard with the darker side of their nature, perhaps even

in a way that he never had and there for he needed the help of Greymane.

Genn was confused at first.

They had no lands or gold to offer, Varian had everything but not everything.

The worgen had learned to deal with their ferocity, learned to control their worgen

side and Varian needed help with controlling his.

Genn not only nodded in understanding, but even showed some sympathy rather than disdain.

I always wondered how anyone could survive what you did and stay intact inside...I


And so Genn lead Varian to the ritual site where so many worgen had gone before and he

would be the one to guide Varian into the ritual.

First he had to eat a moonleaf, a symbol of both nature and the Mother moon.

It would help prare his mind for the ritual.

Next he drank from 3 wells, one of tranquility which would rekindle the peace and joy lost

so early in his life.

One of balance which would keep his mind and body as one thus enabling him to stand with

both part unified for the struggle he was going to take on and one of fury, which would

enhance the first two mugs he took and also build within the strength needed to confront

and hopefully command that which most risks this ritual ending in failure.

They sat down together as Varian plunged himself in his memories, those points most revelvant

to his life and the choices he made because of them for good or ill.

In the first vision he was a child again, learning to ride his first horde from his

father king llane and being encouraged during his training.

Varian realized then that he had handled a blade barely better than his own son, but

Llanes encouragement had helped Varian better learn from his instructors.

The tranquility of those days softened Varians heart.

That was when the assassing Garona Halforcen struck and llane fell dead.

The capital of Stormwind was taken over by the orcs and everything wonderful about his

childhood vanished.

No peace.

No tranquility.

But unlike in times past, Varian now realized that the good memories had always remained

with him.

Even though violence had taken his childhood, it could not erase what he had lived prior...not

unless Varian allowed it to do so and that was what he had always done.

But not now.

Despite what had happened to his father and Stormwind, Varian at last embraced what had

been before.

His father had never ceased loving him and had proven that time and again.

He would always have his childhood, the past could not be changed, but that meant for the

good as well as the ill.


The next memory was that of his beloved wife Tiffin who was a calm and wondrous golden

spirit contrasting sharply wish his wild, dark self.

Varian loved her for the first time again as she strode toward him, even though the

first thing he did when she spoke with him was to brush her off in such an arrogant manner

that any other person would have rightly fled.

But Tiffin did not.

Again she danced with him, laughed with him, and brought out the good in Varian to balance

the unchecked.

In some ways, even more than his father, Tiffin helped Varian become the king the people loved.

And yet...the people were the very ones who killed her.

She lay dead at his feet, slain during a riot.

An innocent victim of a time when everything had gone mad.

Reliving it, Varian nearly slipped back into his darkness, but that would have been the

ultimate disdain for his beloved.

Tiffin had made of him a better man, a worthy leader.

Varian finally saw that he had constantly insulted her memory with his later actions.

Tiffin would never acted as he had.

She had always forgiven, always sought to do her best for those she loved.

If Varian hoped to redeem himself to her memory, he would have to do the same.

Varian steeled himself against the images of her death, doing instead what he knew she

would have hoped of him.

He was right to grieve, but he also had to move on...and learn.

Most of all, he could continue to learn from her life, use it as an example of how he should

confront all of the issues he continued to face as a father, man, and monarch...Balance...

The final vision was that of their beloved child, Anduin.

He was all that he had left of family, the most precious member of all, for in the boy

was his mother.

It had been difficult to be the father Llane had been, especially without Tiffin, but he

called times when he and Anduin had laughed together.

He also recalled the fear he had of losing him of people harming him, the fear that drove

him to rage which in turn made the king the very thing he tried to protect his son against.

He again saw himself grabbing Anduins arm and was suddenly reminded how that rage and

the fear fueling it had sent Anduin from him.

With that realization he now turned on his own rage.

It could be a powerful, devastating force, a powerful tool in battle but a double-edged

sword, one that had to be kept under control.

And so Varian held tight tot he rage as if it were a horse needing to be broken, and

worked to master it.

It would no longer aid in further ruining his life; it would have purpose.

Varian knew only one purpose too.

If battle was the single place where his rage did him any good, then it would be where he

would channel that force.

He would let it fuel his strength against the dragon Deathwing and the orcs and their

allies...The rage surrendered to his will.

He had broken its hold over him and now it would serve Varian, not the other way around.


What had started when 2 became one has now been finished as Varian took control of his

inner demons and became the true champion of Logosh, Goldrinn.

He litteraly became empowered by a demigod and he and the worgen focused their power

on Garrosh and the Horde who were trying to take over Ashenvale.

The worgens timely arrival and added strength combined with Varians leadership turned

the tide of battle while Garrosh and Varian got a chance to resume the fight they started

within the violet hold.

This time the orc had Gorehowl to match the legendary Shalamayne, but Varian brought the

power of Goldrinn with him.

Its possible that the king of Stormwind would have won their duel, but we would never

find out as their battle was interrupted and Garroshs korkron dragged their warchief


It was clear that they had lost the battle, but one battle did not make a war.

Garrosh envisioned again the realm he would build and, in envisioning it, once more knew

that it would happen.

He led them off, already making plans.

This was not over...not until he had won....And not until Varian Wrynn was dead.

That encounter would have to wait as the day was won and the alliance reconvened to vote

on the fate of the gilneans and their acceptance within the Alliance.

This time all voices, including that of Varians voted aye too which the worgen howled of pleasure.

Varian also apologized for his unreasoning, unfocused rage that had brought calamity on

him and all he held dear and only served to divide the alliance stating that the Varian

Wrynn who reigned with such rage was dead.

But in dying, he learned that it wasnt the rage that was at fault, only he!

The fury, the anger, must have purpose.

It must be the righteous anger of one defending his family, his home and his friends.

It must be the fury that keeps all he loves safe from those who would rip them from him

be it deathwing, the horde or what ever might try to stand against the Alliance.

The faction leaders cheered, Tyrande and Malfurion watched as the vision granted by Elune had

come true.

LoGosh, Varian Wrynn, champion of goldrinn was already speaking to the other leaders

as to what they should do in terms of Ashenvale and beyond.

Never again would he be able to turn from his allies for the mistakes that they had

made, not when Varian could at last see how theirs were so insignificant compared to his


Ill do what I can...he whispered.

I swear I will...Anduin.

And thats where well leave it for today as next week well conclude to the story

of Varian since theres still so much to cover.

The high king of the alliance had found his balance, has been restored, but the world

around him is still in turmoil.

Garrosh Hellscream has a vision for the world, for his horde and will let no one stand in

his way of achieving it while the black dragon wrathion warns the world of the coming Legion.

That however is for next week so for now thank you very much for watching everyone!

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The Description of The Story of Varian Wrynn - Part 3 of 5 [Lore]