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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [Vlog] 같이 걸어요 #힐링 #강변 #산책

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Let's walk together

I'm going out because the sun is so good today.

I wear thick clothes because the weather is very cold.

I wore a hat, a mask, a neck-wamer, and a long padding.

I'm thinking of going out to the riverside.

It's a riverside just a short walk from my house.

I'm going to cross the bridge and walk on the other side of the street.

Today, we'll go to the end of the street

The river is so clear!

There's a cute baby bird floating around.

I'll go down to the riverside road.

Can you hear the birds?

The sun is the best today. (Sorry for the glittering screen)

There are ducks, too!

Ducks keep popping up.

I'll keep walking.

Aah! A cat!

The cat must be enjoying the sunshine, too

This road is really pretty when you walk on cherry blossoms.

There's a magpie's house, too!

I saw them a few days ago, but I can't see them today.

But there's another friend. Haha

What kind of bird is it?

I always envy the sight of birds flying away.

I want to fly like this.

There are also many bamboo trees on this road.

through the bamboo road

There's a riverbank road coming out again.

I think spring is coming already.

Shall we keep going?

The ducklings are swimming.

Let's go watch the ducks for a while.

I love the sunshine.

The sun was good, and it was hard, so I lay down. LOL

I feel like I'll sleep better if I close my eyes.

There is a resting place like this way. (I'm not lying on the floor lol lol)

I think nature has the prettiest untouched look.

Now let's just go to the whimsical bridge you can't

duck half water half





It's so cool.

I'll cross over!

I want to tell you the sound of the water, but it's too windy.

It's a little scary.

I love the sound of the water. a healing mood

I'm sorry about the wind.

Half the water and half the wind.

I'll just walk here today.

Let's walk again next time.

Thank you.

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